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Seen a lot about buffing crossbows, but that's not the issue... buff enchanted bolts while also expanding on elemental interactions in combat.

2022.01.29 02:16 Borchert97 Seen a lot about buffing crossbows, but that's not the issue... buff enchanted bolts while also expanding on elemental interactions in combat.

A lot of people seem upset about the ZCB being a tad "underwhelming", which isn't so much a ZCB issue as much as it is a crossbow issue, but I don't think crossbows itself are the issues, but the bolts they use. A lot of the bolt effects right now as they stand, can be categorized as anywhere from being dead content to being passable and even BiS in a handful of cases, those ones being ruby and diamond, dragonstone and opal see a lot of use in PvP situations, onyx sees seldom/extremely niche case uses, and the rest are basically teetering on dead content.

The unfortunate thing is I think A LOT of the bolts are great in concept, but are just outdated as effects in regards to where OSRS sits right now. Let's take pearl bolts for example, these have one of my favorite effects. They read on the OSRS Wiki as follows:

" Enchanted pearl bolts have a 6% chance of triggering the Sea Curse effect. This will cause a mighty bolt of water to hit the opponent. This ability is negated by opponents wielding water staves, but increased by opponents wearing fire staves or fiery monsters.

The Sea Curse effect affects damage only, adding 1/15 of the player's Ranged stat to fiery units, and 1/20 against other targets; ranged boosts are taken into account as well. "

It's similar in style to dragonstone bolts, it's just that it's still very niche as very few things that are relevant count for their effect as fire-wielding creatures.

I think if the procs and activation percentage values were buffed on a lot of bolts, they'd see A LOT more use, which would give crossbows more use. This same kind of change can also extend to buffing dead content spells. If water elemental attacks were BiS in raids 3 on some fiery creature as an example, pearl bolts and water spells (as well as related items like the tome of water) would instantly gain a lot of use, this would cause items like the ACB or ZCB as well as the Harmonised staff and Tome of water to see a ton of use in brand new content, buffing magic and ranged at once in areas where they certainly need the buff.

They can do a lot more with elemental interactions in general, there's a reason the very concept of elemental or rock-paper-scissors interactions are so common in works of fiction, from novels to movies, anime, games, the #1 media franchise in the world (Pokemon) thrives on a complex interaction of different types being very strong or very weak against specific types. There's really a lot of room for Jagex to work harder on such a concept. There's the four elements of the basic magic spells (wind, water, earth, fire) as well as a few items you could classify as a fifth lightning element, like Saradomin's Strike or the Opal bolts proc. They could do a massive expansion on Magic, adding Lightning spells above Fire at levels 15 for Lightning Strike, 38 for Lightning Bolt, 61 for Lightning Blast, 78 for Lightning Wave, and 97 for Lightning Surge, and then increase the variety of water-based creatures that Lightning could be super strong against, for example. Then do the same with a healthy variety of elemental monsters so that all of these elemental bolts and spells see a lot of use against monsters of a certain element or players wearing elemental gear (like the fire/infernal capes for example).

Obviously this effect can be extended off of standard bolt procs or spells, like the special attack of the Saradomin sword could be a Lightning-based attack and be the best melee spec weapon against a water boss, this doesn't only benefit magic and ranged in the form of bolts, but this can extend to various melee applications too, really adding a whole new layer on top of our existing combat system, without actually changing the combat system. The building blocks for such uses already exist in the game, we have the foundation in the form of the pearl bolts effect on some fiery monsters + others wearing fire equipment, fire spells being especially good against ice monsters, notably the ice demon in Chambers of Xeric, among some other obscure interactions like such.

A full list of things I'd like to see reworked/Tl;dr version:

-An increased variety of elemental interactions, like water-based attacks being strong against fire creatures for all elements
-Opal bolts reworked into being a lightning-based attack
-Dragonstone bolts reworked into being a fire-based attack
-Pearl bolts reworked into being a water-based attack and having the effect buffed
-Jade bolts reworked into being an earth-based attack and having the effect buffed
-Topaz bolts reworked into being a wind-based attack and having the effect buffed
-all remaining bolts (besides Ruby and Diamond) having the effect buffed
-add Lightning spells to the standard spellbook sitting right above the respective tier of fire spell
-changed the affinities of other miscellanious items, like the infernal cape being fire-based, Saradomin's strike and the Saradomin sword special attack being lightning-based, and so on
-create more relevant content where such interactions would be extremely effective for damage output, like the ice demon from raids with fire spells, or water spells being used to free people at Olm.

I do hope Jagex has already thought of doing a massive rework/expansion along these lines in time for raids 3, because if not it would probably certainly be too late for them to do it last minute, but just as a design idea in general for future content, I'd really love to see such interactions like certain bolt procs being extremely effective in certain situations, or elemental-based attacks. Oh and on a final note, since Olm's fire is nullified by fire spells, Nex should be changed to where fire spells nullify her ice prisons instead of melee weapons.
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2022.01.29 02:16 Jaredinblizzard Promise last earnings post for awhile, but I just had to today😊

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2022.01.29 02:16 PeAcHeS_308 reel 4 just changes

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2022.01.29 02:16 jestagoon Why are soccer players so driven?

They have goals.
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2022.01.29 02:16 Classic_Ad9642 @Emily Lynne 🤤🤤🍑🍑🍑

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2022.01.29 02:16 Despacitowen anyone else thinks the imagine dragons maps suck ass?

as one of the 4 imagine dragons fans in the world, i think the maps do a severe injustice to the songs. the best map is machine and thats a 7/10 on a good day imo.
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2022.01.29 02:16 madrid311 Camping, coffee and a dynavap hit please

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2022.01.29 02:16 Oneupp Just started, current list of characters. Would love to know who to focus first and on moving forward.

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2022.01.29 02:16 Calm_Coconut How do I go about this (read comments for the story)

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2022.01.29 02:16 Anime_llama is it so hard for me to get a girlfriend ?

like holy shit i just wanna be cuddled by a female 1 fucking time. JUST 1 TIME. what does god say? he says shut up dumbass
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2022.01.29 02:16 sodiumboss AORUS X360 WATERFORCE AIO not recognised by software

Hardware isnt recognised by Aorus engine or RGBfusion
It is plugged in correctly via 5pin SATA (only single use of cable no SDD's sharing same cable)
And VIA USB 2..0 (I have tried both ports)
When I turn the PC on the AIO screen lights with with the team up fight on animation then turns into "CPU MODEL NAME 3.8Ghz" so I know its plugged in correctly
I have put a FAT32 micro SD into the AIO with only the firmware on it
I have reinstalled aorus engine and rgb fusion 3 times
I have tried 3 different SATA cables connectors
The BIOS is up to date
Mobo is Asus TUF X570 PLUS WIFI
Why isnt this working? Im going insane with this
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2022.01.29 02:16 ry_odiclas Any advice for a community college transfer student?

A little context. I am currently in my freshman year at Mt.Sac community college and for a while, I have been interested in pursuing a career in the forestry department (specifically a managerial position). I have been told that HSU is the place to go for something like that.
I have done some previous research on campus life but what I could never find any information on is the personal real experience of attending students so I'm not really sure what life is like at HSU. I wonder mostly about what people love, hate, could live with or without at HSU.
Any and all information will be greatly appreciated and would be super helpful. Anything from the big important must-knows to the things most people would overlook.
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2022.01.29 02:16 Tiny-Ananas [Tw: self harm] Should I Talk to my School Counselor

F(16) I was wondering if I should talk to my school counselor about my self harm or not. The problem is that my parents are SUPER religious and don't want me to get therapy. I think I have depression and perhaps derealization too. I started self harming when I was 13 and my parents found out but didn't do anything about it. I kept doing it on and off again. After 2 months being clean a I relapsed. I want to stop feeling this way and I want help from someone outside my family. I'm worried about what would happen if they found out or if my counselor would have to tell my parents what is going on.
Does anyone have any experience with this?
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2022.01.29 02:16 ZireInIncognito H: trade W: courier

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2022.01.29 02:16 ConsistentClassic1 First month for $5 plus free phone with code CMBdR

When you use my friend code, CMBdR, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5!
Follow this link: https://www.visible.com/get/CMBdR, it has all the info you need to know about joining Visible.
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2022.01.29 02:16 akpak Question about the CheatMenu Mod on MP

We've set up a dedicated server, and enabled the CheatMenu mod. But our admin characters don't have the menu option.
Is there a step we missed?
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2022.01.29 02:16 Glads0001 Second Time Achieving 30K!!

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2022.01.29 02:16 chris_soto_dating I found an old letter I wrote to myself

The following is one of the many writings I made while going through my hardest breakup, back then in 2018 when I was 33 and thought I had lost my last chance with love. It just popped out in my mind one day while I was commuting to my work. It might seem a little chaotic and disorganized – that’s because I’ve decided to post it here almost just as it is, no filters. The sections in parenthesis are notes I added some months later.
Ok, you crashed and burnt. Well, shit happens! But what you do in the upcoming months will hugely determine if you’re gonna end up like your brother-in-law or your uncle (old and hopeless single).
Yeah, she will always be “the one” (now I know she wasn’t), but you still can find “another one”. Also, what says you can’t become “the one” for someone new?
You’ve always liked to help or fix other people. Well, here’s a guy who needs fixing ungently, you! Let yourself be your next project!
Now, as you suffer from anxiety and are losing a ton of sleep lately, it seems like the best course of action is to develop a quieter, focused mind. So cultivate your discipline and little by little start working on those goals you dreamt with.
You think about all the things you could have changed. But what if she had kept bitching, no matter how much you worked on the things she wanted you to change (as in certain ways you did change)? Would you still be able to love her the same?
Remember that grieving is not a sprint. It’s not about who gets back on their feet faster, but to do it properly. So take your time, do your thing and don’t think about how she is doing, either if she’s crying or already banging another guy. It’s just not your business anymore.
Remember what you’ve learnt: women and men usually have different grieving processes: they sprint more, receive more empathy, but miss from many lessons in the way, while we guys face the cruelty of isolation and face the lessons either we like it or not. You know deep inside that you’re carrying a core transformation process. So ENJOY that process and love yourself for every improvement you make.
In this moment, feelings are still there in your heart. Let’s be honest: you’re not gonna start dating anybody in the short/mid-term; neither you’re getting her back, AND THAT’S OK. You have you work in yourself, develop healthy routines and, again, FUCKING ENJOY THE PROCESS, so if one day things work out well and you have another opportunity to be happy, either with she her or someone else, you’re gonna be a different guy, you’re gonna be better and you won’t make the same mistakes.
Yes, it is painful to see her new photos, but you’re gonna be wondering about her anyways, how’s she doing with her life and if she’s dating somebody already so there’s no point in resisting the urge of checking her socials (a month later, I’ve decided to go full NC and it has been a great move). Well, if she’s dating somebody else already, you’re gonna feel terrible, but I guess it’s gonna be your sign that it’s time to let her go and move on.
Still, keep in mind that she also has her flaws, issues and shortcomings. So if things are to have her back, you gotta keep your standards high and stay at the top of your game, so you can see through and notice if she has improved herself and if she is the best pick for this new project of yours called CRISTIAN.
Finally… c’mon man!! If she wants to be single, so be it!! She’s the one who quitted on you, not the opposite!! You’ve already begged too much!! Now you’ve found new goals and a purpose and she doesn’t want to be part of that… it doesn’t matter, FUCKING GO FOR THEM!!!
Fast forward: I actualized and improved myself beyond my wildest dreams, 6 months after the breakup I was going out on dates again and 4 months later I met a great woman who has been my current partner for 2 and a half years already. It is possible, fellas! Don’t give up! Don’t give up! Don’t give up!
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2022.01.29 02:16 2DeadMoose Certifications

How many do you have? Are they mandated by your employer or your union? How much time and money do you think you spend on certification upkeep?
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2022.01.29 02:16 hcfhippo Sims 4 & Smoke Seshin' // 420 Friendly :) 18

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