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no, THIS is frank sinatra. all of the chairman of the board’s biggest hits, best b sides, and rare gems.

2022.01.29 01:04 sunrchive no, THIS is frank sinatra. all of the chairman of the board’s biggest hits, best b sides, and rare gems.

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2022.01.29 01:04 Dancaire Gaybros who have a big IG presence, do you care if someone you're talking to doesn't?

I am not the most active on IG; in fact I have less than twenty pictures after 5 years of using it. I still use IG to connect with friends, indulge in the occasional eye candy, follow cool artists, etc. I just don't share pictures. As a result, I have under 300 followers, which honestly doesn't bother me at all.
Some guys, however, have a ton of pictures, a couple thousand followers, and a really well-curated feed. It doesn't hurt that many are reeaaally attractive. I'm not talking influencer levels of IG fame, just enough to be considered a lot by "normal" standards.
I worked up the courage to message a guy just like that, thinking that the worse that could happen is he'd shoot me down. It got me thinking if my complete lack of social media presence would be a turnoff for him.
If you're the type of guy who enjoys using IG, does it help tip the scales if the other guy does too? Since it may very well be the first impression you have of the other person, do you prefer to start talking and potentially go on a date with someone who can match the your IG "clout"? Or if not match it necessarily, have more of a presence than 20 pics (like yours truly)?
I'd love to hear about some of you guys' experiences using IG or any social media app as a way to connect with others. Thanks for the
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2022.01.29 01:04 Irish-Hercules Making a hate deck to play hate/salt decks

So going with a divine theme and avoiding blue. It's an existing deck I'm editing and the maybe board are cards I want to add. Looking for help on what to remove and maybe some better suggestions for the hate. I know land needs work and there are better options out there, I'll get to it eventually more focusing on everything else. I don't want to add more tutors as am trying to make the hate well rounded. I don't feel like combos are really hate but if everyone feels they are I'd be open to adding one or two.
Angels are Dicks and God Hates you
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2022.01.29 01:04 reconninja I'm staying fully hydrated as we wait for liftoff. Kenny's fire sale let me become an XXX hodler this week! Cheers!

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2022.01.29 01:04 jbzfrench Trends, Evaluate your Apparel, Legendary, Legacy, Plans, Armor

In this sub with # 01 The M76 Tribune February 2022
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2022.01.29 01:04 gig_worker123 Gray Maynard confirms his first title fight against Frankie only came with 26k guaranteed from the ufc

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2022.01.29 01:04 jeeiekeoekenekek Trying to play ranked but it crashes to my last game rewards. Fun.

Is this game in a playable state or am I unlucky? Literally can't play the game in ranked.
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2022.01.29 01:04 VoxVerse Cleaning out my uber TBM grandmother's things and found this in the scripture drawer, lools kind of like an old relief society pin. Any idea if that's what it is?

Cleaning out my uber TBM grandmother's things and found this in the scripture drawer, lools kind of like an old relief society pin. Any idea if that's what it is? submitted by VoxVerse to exmormon [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:04 yoshismuffin Need help finding a song from TES

In the Steve Berman skit from The Eminem Show an Eminem song starts playing, does anyone know what the name is?
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2022.01.29 01:04 Martman200 X Dive question

So I finished the final levels of X Dive on normal and hard modes. My question is: are new levels going to be added in the future, or is that it?
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2022.01.29 01:04 wballard8 What did you eat for breakfast?

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2022.01.29 01:04 Samchangcs Ios or android

I was always an android user but now using an ios for a little over 2 weeks using an old iphone X while i decide which to buy.
Im planning on hetting either s20 fe or xs max. I was sure on getting the s20fe but after all those groups i joined i keep seeing they have this issues on the screen like greenscreen and ghost touches even when its only been a year. This ipx im using was bought when it came out, aside from battery everything works well even after 3?4? years. I was planning to keep a phone for a year or two for my next purchase. So far really liking the ios but still undecided.
Insights would be nice from former android users.
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2022.01.29 01:04 Sea_Individual1999 T-1 hour to GT decisions

Probably deferral/reject, but that makes three just today!
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2022.01.29 01:04 blisterbabe23 We need fresh faces

This single life reunion was like watching the island of misfit toys. Asolutely everyone, except maybe Debbie and company, felt fake, like they absolutely planned to be their most outrageous selves so they can keep that tlc check coming. I am ready for fresh faces. If they don't find any, these people are just gonna turn into characters and we are going to see them twist themselves into pretzels coming up with fake drama for their lives.
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2022.01.29 01:04 Big_Forever5759 Can we push to densify downtown?

We are getting random 4 story cheap wood apt complex all over the place and even changing zoning laws and pissing people off. Then we have jobs on the other side of town and schools on another. Cities like wood fin and weaverville are starting to merge to avl… guess what will happen? LA type sprawl where not only a car is a must, but traffic and rent are extremely high.
Building very tall residential mixed use tall concrete buildings w parking underneath that are middle class would help lower traffic, help housing supply and help avl tourism. It just seems urban planing is very short sighted here in avl for not seeing this and not forcing developers to use downtown and make them tall 8-10 floors concrete buildings instead of those crappy drywall buildings where you can hear your neighbor fart. Having a cool nyc style downtown will attract turist, arts, culture and better public transportation and lower housing prices. Yes, developers will try to grab the high at first I’m sure but the more there are the price will eventually come down. And having yet another big chain hotel is a lot more risky as they make hotels building and it’s 3 big hotels chain making all the buildings and they go under guess who’s left w the empty useless buildings which cannot be changed to apt.
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2022.01.29 01:04 BetaAlpha07 Where can I buy a big order of coconut meat alone? Thanks for future help!

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2022.01.29 01:04 lRunWithScissors [H]25 gamestop[w] 20$ steam or paypal

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2022.01.29 01:04 MaximalAnarchy OpenSea Reimburses Over $1.8M to Users Following Cyber Attack

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2022.01.29 01:04 Jealous_Ad_9468 India Bought Pegasus as Part of Larger $2 Billion Deal with Israel in 2017, Claims 'NYT' Report | The media report notes that Pegasus was the 'centrepiece' of a 2017 deal between India and Israel

India Bought Pegasus as Part of Larger $2 Billion Deal with Israel in 2017, Claims 'NYT' Report | The media report notes that Pegasus was the 'centrepiece' of a 2017 deal between India and Israel submitted by Jealous_Ad_9468 to librandu [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:04 SuperSwissy Tranx 201hg

Does anybody have a lead on any Tranx 201hg’s? I’ve been looking desperately for a few months with no luck, including eBay and Craigslist .
Called Shimano and they said it would likely be 4+ months before restock since their priority is replenishing right hand Tranx and they don’t even show any in production overseas.
I’m specifically looking for the 201hg, if anyone has a lead on one (or a few) from a local shop or even used, I would be ever so grateful.
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2022.01.29 01:04 MarionClaude Anime Thighs...

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2022.01.29 01:04 griff-zax TF fans make a toy line, part 10: WAVE 3 deluxe class

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2022.01.29 01:04 WetCmenRag [WTS] Troy HK fixed sites (IA)

Small scratch on the rear one $90 shipped
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2022.01.29 01:04 bcao223 (WTB/Norcal) GBB M4 CQBR (10.5”)

Looking to buy a GBB M4 CQBR, preferably GHK or WA tech, preferably w mags and/or upgrades, PayPal ready!
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2022.01.29 01:04 SquawkaZ Whale Spotted in James Bay, Governor's Swim Trunk Trade | The James Bay Outlook, Ed. 1

Whale Spotted in James Bay, Governor's Swim Trunk Trade | The James Bay Outlook, Ed. 1 Whale Spotted in James Bay, Governor's Swim Trunk Trade The James Bay Outlook, Ed. 1
  • Rose Family Suffers Embarrassing Defeat, James Bay Left Shocked by SquawkaZ At the brutal hands of the HBC's renowned Third Company, the Rose family, under the hardened leadership of NusicXXIII, has been decisively demolished in a swift 2v10 victory at the foot of patrick's peak. This horrible loss has become, for many, a sign of the lack of morale among Rose troops, with it having not only brought forth the incompetence of the once prosperous family as a fighting force, but has also brought to light the true bravery and valor displayed by some of the brave men and women serving in the colony's militia, risking their lives in battle each and every day.
Celebration image taken by fluhfi following their impressive victory
The pair, comprised of former Rose members fluhfi and RobbieSmokes, were able to crush Rose's entire force in a swift and monumental victory, charging the force five times their size head on with seemingly no delay or reconsideration. This incredibly impressive victory seems to have marked a new era of HBC dominance across the frontier, one where their rule once again goes unchallenged.
Statement given by NusicXXIII regarding the loss
  • Governor Caught Smuggling Swim Trunks into Canada by PrimNeon As has been looked into and confirmed by our swim trunk industry informants, famed statesmen and longtime HBC Governor Lazarus has opened up a swim trunk shop rumored to sell swim trunks that turn people into "icons of masculinity", something nearly all on the frontier seem to want a piece of. While this is, by itself, something wonderful, this new swim trunk company appears likely to completely crash the industry with its unbeatable styles and prices. Aside from the obvious economic concerns there are many more important issues at play here than just that. Lazarus was caught on the Canadian border by Border Patrol officers attempting to smuggle swim trunks illegally from the british-held land further south. He was found to have been hiding them underneath his hat, underneath his beard and one was even found stuffed inside his sunglasses - an impressive feat, showing his expertise in the business and abundance of experience. Border Patrol have confirmed to us in an exclusive interview that Lazarus has "done goofed", and that the swim trunks were likely created as a product of child labor, however this final detail lacks definite confirmation. Lazarus has since been arrested and imprisoned in the british-held 13 colonies outside of his realm of jurisdiction, where he will likely remain for some time. Our reporters will remain on the case as it continues to develop, and we will provide you with an update to the situation as soon as we can.
  • Ellesmere Whale Spotted in James Bay, Critics Remain Skeptical by SquawkaZ The Ellesmere Whale has seemingly escaped it's cage of ice in Ellesmere's central glacier, making un unexpected appearance in the middle of James Bay harbor just this week. The whale seems to have been able to do this without disturbing the glacier, too; the whale appears to be back in it's place already, frozen deep within the glacier's bowels, again sitting in it's majestic position as the centerpiece of the appropriately "whale cavern" deep within the glacier. Although the image taken by the event's onlookers may be viewed by some as concrete evidence of the legitimacy of the sighting, others haven't been convinced by just this. At the root of the skepticism for many is the sheer size of the whale; many claim that such a large creature would have difficulty swimming in and around James Bay harbor; an area just deep enough for the passing of the transit ship. While I will not personally be providing my opinion on if or if not this event really took place, I do believe that the images don't lie, and that this event will go down in the history books of James Bay as the only recorded sighting of a whale anywhere even near the harbor to ever be made.
Alleged photo of whale in James Bay harbor
  • MFP Cameras Found on Walls of Numerous James Bay Homes by Birb Man An anonymous individual has located and identified countless cameras in James Bay homes, with the cameras quickly being found to belong to Military Foot Policemen. With locations ranging from bathrooms to basements, the MFP force has likely witnessed all parts of your life, and may very well know more about you than you do as a result of their constant surveillance, which has likely been ongoing for some time. MFP claims to have done this as a security precaution for the safety of companymen patrolling James Bay, however this has not been confirmed with many remaining skeptical of the legitimacy of the statement. Additionally, policemen have placed cameras along the exterior walls of homes, allowing them to easily keep on eye on the locations of players. The anonymous individual who discovered the cameras concluded our interview by stating that this development has "brought a whole new meaning to MFP operating in the area" - this is out of the scope of even their most ridiculous acts in the past. While many of the cameras have already been located and removed, many will continue to be found and extracted throughout the coming weeks. Although this may be simply a result of the Military Feet Police living up to their name - hunting down hostile individuals and arresting criminals - we still advise our readers to remain vigilant and alert at all times: these cameras are difficult to find, so there may be one surveying you at any moment.
Above is an example of a common type of camera used by Military Foot Police's surveillance units. These may be difficult to spot, so it is advised that you check your houses and fort for these the next time you are there
  • Dylan's Scoop and Closing Remarks by Dylanscoops200 and Editorial Staff The Scoop - My legs have been shaking since I received intelligence that a supposed "whale" was spotted in James Bay Harbor. Colonists of the frontier think this whale is just visiting, but friends, this is no Birthday Party! You may think of me as "unstable" or "foolish" but trust me, you will thank me later! I have spotted 3 Hudson's Bay Company members smuggling loads of iron and other unknown supplies into a nearby cave. I have also received intelligence that Hudson's Bay Company's funding on weapons has increased drastically, 67% to be exact. So my theory, this "whale" is really the first baby steps towards modern warfare. Once again, you may think of me as stupid, but I assure you, the Governor is funding a secret organization created to invent the next super-weapon! Now, obviously, if you fit the pieces together, you will come up with a fully iron diving ship! God... I fear for my family and friends. The Governor finally has us. Does auzziepop really own the Flying Dutchman? Editor's Note - Thank you for taking the time to read through the very first edition of the James Bay Outlook. This idea of a Northwind tabloid has been in my head for some time now, and with the help of our writing team, Dylan, and our parent company Boswell, it's here. Expect releases every couple of weeks from here on out but know we will not be following a strict schedule. Please, let us know your thoughts on this format. This, being our very first release, is obviously still experimental. We are extremely open to your feedback, so feel free to share it with us.
Disclaimer: This a tabloid and hence is made to be complete nonsense. Take none of what we say seriously.
Feel free to join our discord server: https://discord.gg/YFp9tnZzUh Or if you're looking to trade, join our parent company, Boswell's: https://discord.gg/dpC27ejzBC
Special Thanks To:
Birb Man, Creating & designing our logo along with various other pieces of branding. Monumental to our initial creation. NusicXXIII, Helping us with a fake interview. Zedrexx, Assistance with the creation of various pictures. Dylanscoops200, Co-Founding the James Bay Outlook, and assisted with the polishing and eventual completion of this ridiculous idea of mine. Instrumental in ensuring it's timeliness and quality.
Thank you for reading the First Edition of the James Bay Outlook, and have a wonderful rest of your day.
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