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Still can't deposit or withdraw flux, it's been almost 1 week.

2022.01.29 00:49 idnawsi Still can't deposit or withdraw flux, it's been almost 1 week.

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2022.01.29 00:49 lanilantern Hi, sorry if this is to much to ask for but anything helps… here’s some proof.

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2022.01.29 00:49 TheStockyScholar Say you meet the guy of your dreams but the only way to make him cum is to role play as a boa constrictor, hissing and tightening around his neck..: would you do this every night for the rest of the relationship? (Yes, you need the costume.)

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2022.01.29 00:49 pingxuepx Advice for water clarifier

Hi all, Good day! Is water clarifier safe or recommended for shrimps?
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2022.01.29 00:49 juniormastr01 Thoughts on Pet Training Clicker?

I successfully used this for my Scottish Fold Cat and just wondering how well it would work for puppies? I recently found Kikopup’s channel and it looks like this is being used effectively as well.
I’ll be getting my mini poodle Louis tomorrow! Woohooooo and I’m beyond excited to start this lifetime journey with her.
Any thoughts? Please share yours.
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2022.01.29 00:49 OneTwoThreeFour3333 33[M] Looking for a weirdo BFF.

Hello everyone,
So just like the title states I am in need of a friend who will be constant in my life, someone where we can just be complete weirdos and be silly and have lots of fun and talk about anything and everything. I enjoy people who are extra chatty and have lots to say. I would enjoy the kind of friendship where we can say and do as we please and just laugh off what just happened. Someone who is not afraid to speak their mind and say weird random things... everyone wants to but they just don't because theyre afraid of being judged.
But fear not my friend! For this is a safe space and you can let your little weirdo flag fly high and be proud.
I like friendships where we don't have to try to be something we're not, so comfortable with one another anything goes. You can be your true weird self and I can back you up and be a weirdo too lol.
I have not had a true connection with a friend in a very long time and I think that needs to change.
If this sounds like you or you want this kind of friendship shoot me a chat or message and we can get to that point once we get to know one another.
Adventures are fun and getting to know someone is an adventure.
Sincerely, your weirdo friend.
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2022.01.29 00:49 WinterIsComing-- PSA: Plutosphere is allowing everyone access to Cloud VR Gaming PC through the weekend

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2022.01.29 00:49 Minimum-Ad-3629 Recently I had to take a LOA due to Covid. Sedgwick says it was approved for pay but I was wondering if that goes on my upcoming check. Or if it would come at a later date.

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2022.01.29 00:49 Thebiggestg3y How should this plug in?

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2022.01.29 00:49 Intelligent_Trifle18 Hey does anyone know what this means? Thanks

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2022.01.29 00:49 LexJordanParker Girlfriend's (19F) mom hates me (19NB) and I don't know what to do or how to repair my relationship

About six months ago, I (19NB) got into a relationship with Brie (19F). For both of us, this is our first "serious" relationship. We started as friends and I thought it was one sided. Things changed when she suddenly moved cities because of COVID and got stuck and unable to return because of border closures. We started texting for the first time, and things were instantly different. Brie was flirting with me constantly. I ignored it for months until one night it became pretty evident to me that I was upsetting her by doing this... and I told her I'd had a crush on her for about 4 months...
At this point, neither of us are out to our parents (me for both gender and sexuality), but she told her mom pretty quick that we were dating, and her mom wasn't exactly the greatest about it? She had this whole life pictured for Brie, and part of that was being straight because this didn't fit Brie's mom was invalidating about it. Brie told her mom that we had been dating for six months when we had only been dating for three because she knew that her mom would invalidate her even worse if she knew that we hadn't seen each other in person since the relationship became official. But her mom got mad about not being told sooner.
Her mom was just not super okay with the fact that Brie's queer, and she also refuses to try to understand my gender identity at all. She has never once got my pronouns (they/them) right. If Brie corrects her, she will scream at and lecture her about it and is invalidating about how I describe myself with the term "girlfriend" instead of something gender-neutral like "partner," but this is my preference.
As soon as we were allowed to move between cities again (a Wednesday), I went to visit her for a day (only one day because I had to take the day off work, but I had plans to go down Friday night after work too). Her mom was working on Wednesday, so we didn't meet her then. While I was leaving, her mom pulled into the street. Brie's mom was super upset to have just missed me, but Brie mentioned that it was probably a good thing that we left because her mom could have outed me to my dad, who was with us. Her mom then proceeded to yell at her because I'm not out to my parents. She was uncomfortable that I was in their house and my parents didn't know I was there as her girlfriend. She also went off about how unfair it is that she has to get my pronouns right if my parents don't and tried to convince Brie that I am manipulative and a liar. If I can be a different person with my parents, how can Brie ever truly trust me or know who I am?
Brie had been warning me for weeks that I should expect to be interrogated about our relationship and my gender when her mom meets me, and I was dreading that. But when I went to spend the weekend with her nothing happened. Her mom almost seemed like she didn't even care that I existed. I didn't talk to her particularly much because she would only talk about people I didn't know whenever she was around. I felt hesitant about opening up about myself to her at all with what I knew about her. That weekend was excellent, and I honestly had never felt so happy.
But recently, I think her mom's hatred of me has started to impact our relationship. She came to visit me for a week over new years, and everything was great. I had never felt better about our relationship, and then it went to shit so quickly. She had a family holiday about a week after returning from her holiday with me. One part of this holiday included Brie's mom ripping into her about almost every aspect of her life and how disappointed she was. She attacked her appearance, personality, decisions to study, her friends, and our relationship. Her mom said that all of her friends have such loud personalities, and I'm more quiet and reserved, and it makes no sense and couldn't possibly work out. (She also said we seem like we are friends and not like we are dating). She doesn't understand how Brie could be attracted to me (she is more attractive than me, but eh, not her mom's place?) She said I wouldn't even make the top 10 thousand people she expected her daughter to date. I must be manipulative and a liar because I haven't come out yet and don't intend on ever telling anyone about my gender apart from a few select close friends. She was mad that Brie had marks on her neck when she returned from New Years (I had Brie's permission to leave them visible). Her mom thinks I was rude by not talking much to her while I visited. I didn't speak to Brie's siblings much either, which was rude. I didn't "pay for enough" while I was there for the weekend. (I paid for food for us both at the movies, entrance to some clubs for us both, some of my own food, and honestly, I didn't think this would be a huge deal because I was there for only about 48h and Brie was coming up to visit me for a week during which time I paid for all of our food, all of our transport, all of our drinks for the new years party, and entrance to ice-skating). Her mom got mad that we were constantly texting and calling when Brie should be spending time with her family. She said she never wants to see us texting or calling again. She also accused Brie of missing me more than she will miss her family when she moves cities again, hopefully in the middle of February. Her mom hurt her with this lecture cause this was only 5% of it. Brie told me she doesn't know what's real anymore and was upset by this and that we couldn't call anymore. (usually, we call during our lunch breaks at work, and also each night, and we leave the call running while we sleep and through the morning as we get ready for work)
Right after this, Brie got cold and mean.
I let her take out some shit on me cause she was hurt. But it scared me. In the first month of dating, there was a similar time when she was hurting. She was treating me like shit. She was starving herself as punishment for existing?? At one point, she told me she physically couldn't care less about me at that moment. I told her to stop pushing me away and that I think she does care. She told me that I was wrong and then detailed precisely why, and it was so apparent to me that she meant everything she said at that moment. She was acting different, and now whenever her body language changes a bit to match how it was that night, I slightly freak out and spiral cause I didn't understand how she could lose all feelings so quickly and be so mean. So after her mom had yelled at her about everything and she was hurting, I was freaking out and spiraling a bit internally because it bought up all the old feelings from months ago.
I told her about this a week later when she seemed a little more okay, and honestly, I think it snapped her back to reality a bit. She didn't seem to think her actions could have impacted me at all and that I wouldn't have noticed or cared, and like yeah, there was no way she could have known about the old things it was bringing up. She still could have thought about some of it. She feels awful, and we've had a few weird days because, especially while being long-distance, neither of us know how to fix it. I feel way better having talked about it. I think she feels worse but just about different things now. She asked me if I wanted to break up after I told her how I was feeling. And then she threw up before being able to look at my reply cause she didn't understand how I could still love her because she hated herself so much for the way she had treated me. When we talked about it, she told me that her mom wasn't the only thing that scared her. It was her mom's timing for saying she's too attached and spends too much time with me. Brie's been hurting badly for months about the whole COVID and being stuck in another city until she can get an apartment.. she thought that that pain was just about missing people in general. When she stayed with me for the week, she said she was happier than she had been in a long time. It got worse for her when she had to leave. It hurt so much. The other times one of us had had to go, we knew when we were next to see each other, and it was always less than three weeks. This time we had no date, and we still don't know. Then one of her other friends, who was in a third city for the summer, went on the holiday with her family, and Brie found she was still hurting. It became painfully apparent that it wasn't about her friends. It was just about missing me that hurt her so much and scared her. The fact that she cared about me so much freaked her out, and I think she felt like she needed to prove to herself that she wasn't dependent on me, so she was treating me like she didn't care at all and somehow failed to think that this could affect me at all. Her mom's timing did not help cause she had so much going on.
Things have improved since we talked, but we still have so many somewhat unresolved complications hanging over us, and it just feels so weird. We both want to make it right, but neither of us know-how.
What should I do? I'm not sure how to make it right with her mom or if I can even try. I feel like maybe I need to see Brie in person, but I know she can't come here until she moves, and I'm terrified of going there cause I genuinely am afraid of her mom. (My heart rate increases whenever she comes into the room while face-timing). And I also don't know how to make it right with Brie. Things have improved since I talked about how much she hurt me, but they are not like they were over new years. I had a panic attack one night thinking about Brie coming back to my city because I freaked out thinking that I wouldn't be able to go and see her. I'm terrified that things will still feel weird when we can be in person, and I'm frightened that maybe when we are together in person, we will feel like we can't fix it or one of us won't want to anymore. I think the panic attack was more about thinking that I wouldn't be able to do it and go and see her in case it was weird, and I was thinking about how she would react if I told her that I couldn't do it. I felt extra vulnerable that night because I am a lot more secure now, but the fear is still slightly there. It feels like we have both experienced so much pain from being long-distance, and now the fact that next time I see her is most likely going to be when she is back permanently and we are no longer long-distance, but things have never felt worse between us which kind of sucks because we've been waiting to be together for so long. Any advice on resolving or working through anything with Brie or her mom would be much appreciated.
TLDR; My girlfriends mom hates me and has hated me since before she even met me. A few weeks ago she attacked almost every aspect of my girlfriends life including weaponizing our relationship and this contributed to my girlfriend feeling really weird and hurting me. We've talked it out but it feels like there is so much unresolved tension hanging over us because she did really hurt me and she doesn't know how to make it up to me and her mom still hates me. Looking for advice on working through or starting to resolve any of this.
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2022.01.29 00:49 katastroffy Possible spoiler basé sur un post Instagram (BBC)

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2022.01.29 00:49 PianoDaddy O Hasina Zulfon Wali Sargam Notes Teesri Manzil

O Hasina Zulfon Wali Sargam Notes Teesri Manzil Available On Sargam Book.
AshaBhosle #MohammedRafi #TeesriManzil #Sargam #Harmonium #Flute #Notes #Notations #Lyrics #Classical #IndianMusic #Sitar #IndianClassicalMusic #Learn https://www.sargambook.com/o-hasina-zulfon-wali-sargam-notes-teesri-manzil/
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2022.01.29 00:49 yoursIIf Is it gay to try dick once

Does it make you gay to try dick once to see if you like it and if you try it and you don't like does it make you gay
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2022.01.29 00:49 h0tB0xing Outpost rush is dead on my server, nobody has pvp on in the open world where do I pvp ?

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2022.01.29 00:49 lonelyhouseshow good ol jonsi greenwood

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2022.01.29 00:49 FweFwee Order always wrong

I really wanted to love Instacart but I either get really slow delivery even when paying for Express or the shopper is just trying to run my grocery as much as possible to get the best of 20% tip.
Today, for the 3rd time trying to add meat. I chose 1 qty of 1lb, and my shopper bought 3 ribeye at 1.99lbs.
I get it I can eat these later but really should I feel bad if I was to request a refund? This seem to happen whenever I buy meat. It’s typically okay when buying baby products or simple items.
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2022.01.29 00:49 Snoo61441 What is Bitcoin Halving?

You all must have heard about the Olympics, World cup of Football and Cricket. That's correct, I am from India, and I can find a way to incorporate Cricket in every discussion, right? These events unite us all to celebrate hard work and passion. You know, these events have one common link among them. They all take place once every four years, and you know what else happens once every 4th year? #Bitcoin halving.
To read more about Bitcoin halving, click on the link below.
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2022.01.29 00:49 Juveleo10 Anyone want to play Top Spin 4? Apparently servers work when you create or join a custom match. PSN: Figo7Ronaldo

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2022.01.29 00:49 jingylima Now we know that EE writes on old school MS Word

EE: hmm what aspects should he have?
sees the undo, redo, and save buttons next to each other
EE: hmmm…
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2022.01.29 00:49 c6ime só amizade ou interesse?

Conheci uma garota no meu serviço a mais ou menos 4 meses, então convidei ela para ir no cinema com segundas intenções hehe, quando a gente tava no cinema trocamos uma ideia e assistimos o filme, até tentei colocar o braço atrás do ombro dela,ela aceitou mas não estendeu a cabeça sobre meu ombro, acho que não gostou da ideia, quando saímos do cinema estava frio e ofereci meu casaco para ela, depois comentei que estava frio e então eu fui até o carro dela, lá trocamos uma ideia bem bacana, até então falei que tinha interesse nela e queria saber dela, por nós trabalhar na mesma empresa ela falou que no trabalho nossa relação seria complicada,eu disse que não, seríamos bem profissionais, (detalhe ela tem 20 anos eu tenho 17 hahaha) quando perguntei se ela tinha interesse ela meio que ficou sem resposta mas dava de perceber que ela tinha interesse, eu até falei que caso ela não trabalhasse no mesmo serviço se teria uma chance, e ela falou que sim então eu acho que o verdadeiro problema seja o trabalho?
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2022.01.29 00:49 RomancingSugar 到底波罗的海三国比德支能处多了

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2022.01.29 00:49 SLEDGELIFE NBA 2k22 PS5 MyCareer - Did The Wolves Get Swept?

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2022.01.29 00:49 Z3R0-FUCK2-G1V3N How I made over £1000+ this past month (maybe unethical??)

Good evening fellow beermoney hunters, I've seen a lot of posts recently asking "I need to make X amount in a month or weeks etc" or "I'm new how can I start", well I'm not saying I'm the best but here's my little guide to how I've almost doubled my girlfriend's normal wages this month from just doing offers and surveys for about 4-5 hours a night with only a little bit of mindwork.
I will not add any links as you can do your own research into these websites/apps and make your own judgements as I make enough from doing this guide not to need referrals
Firstly how started is by doing the sign up offers listed in this sub such as luno's free £10 for registering and sumup.io, you can just press on the freemoney flair in this sub to easily find the offers after that you can do the transfer offers and you can easily aquire the £100+ mark from them. and if you have multiple devices and IDs/driving licences from old addresses etc you can sign up multiple times, I've done coinbase learn and earns through separate topcashback accounts 3 times also earning the cashback on all three occasions, I did the deso offer 6 times as I've moved 5 times in my life and kept all my driving licenses and used my passport for the 6th time, cashapp can be done multiple times provided you have multiple bank accounts (but you can do some of the offers on here such as kroo etc to gain some extra beermoney while preparing for the multi accounts).
The best earners for me are offerwalls and survey websites:
Qmee- I've made over £670 on my main phone the last month and £430 on my spares collectively.( I only do surveys £1 or over it may not seem like they pop up but use an android and open it in chrome selecting desktop mode in your chrome side bar and it'll load much higher paying surveys) payout is of any amount and is instant
Attapol- it's good but intermittent, usually I make the £3 threshold to cashout on PayPal quite easily but find the app is quiet for a day or two after so I aim to make £5 every 3 days so that's about £50 a month (Pays within 15 seconds they send a push notification a few seconds after requesting confirming)
Polpay- its a bit of a grey area for me as the same as attapol when I reach the threshold which is £10.50 (they charge you 50p) I get soft banned for 4 hours, I'm hoping it's a server fault and will be rectified as they quite often have £3+ surveys providing your again a CEO OR higher member of staff in a company with 5,000 employees with influence in the tech, finance and operations areas (pays within 30 minutes) I made around £50 last month as I didn't quite give it as much effort testing other sites.
Inbox pounds- quite a good earner from the get go but painfully slow now. For me they started with a survey of £10 and another £10 survey popped up to me I'd say by luck tobe honest, they do offers and cashback but I've only used the surveys so far and they've dried up after first cash out it seems. £20 made then account burned
Ipsos i-say - this site is very easy to use for me and I can rake up £5 in about 45 minutes doing the smaller surveys as their all mainly over 50p and I never listen to the time scales because even when I read thoroughly in surveys that excite me I still usually finish in around 3-7 minutes when surveys are claimed to originally be 15-25 minutes. Mainly towards Fridays I've noticed the £5 visa cards are taken down and only the £10 are available but for just over and hour and 15 minutes for me I can hit that threshold. I always cash out with a visa card and link it to one of my spare paypal accounts to send £10 to my main account it's always worked without fail!!.
It's heavily not recommended but a tip I stumbled across is when you start a fresh account you'll always get given higher paid surveys to reel you into the website, make multiple accounts if you have the spare devices, sites like qmee are made so you can only have 1 PayPal account linked for cashout for life, so making extra verified accounts on PayPal using bank accounts and cards from previous beermoney offers can help you so you can always look for the highest paid surveys and deleting your cookies and cache every few hours also draws out the surveys, sometimes the same ones you've done but that comes in handy as you'll be able to skim the duplicate surveys and know when trap questions will arrive, also if your going to lie on a survey about your job make sure you remember what you've chosen as some surveys ask to clarify your job title or how many people are employed by your company etc to catch you out, if you get given open ended answers just turn on speech to text and make some waffles around the lines of the subject usually a full sentence works best with over 40 characters so just use complex words to elongate the characters used as in some cases I've been terminated on a survey for literally 1 character so a full stop or comma would've saved my ass
Finally my holy grail
FREECASH.COM- I've religiously used this site the past month and have made the £700+ mark and still climbing from pending offers.
This site uses points and 1000= $1(75p) Hopefully you can start with £200 in your bank from previous beermoney offers
Free cash points confirmed payouts I've done

-Mansionbet casino (Adgem), 47,000 coins for £10 deposit, was credited in 45 minutes, made one bet of £5 to be safe, available payout was instant
-betfred(offer Toro), 20,000 coins for £10 deposit, had trouble tracking but sent an email with screenshot proof, was promptly responded in 2 days with an email stating they messaged Betfred to confirm purchase and was credited in 3 days so 5 days total to credit but was available to payout immediately
-Deezer 3 month free trial (lootably) 7,458 coins was credited 5 days later and payout available immediately
I heavily completing these offers first before starting surveys on this website as they make your level on the website higher and unlock higher paid surveys from the get go, when signing up to these survey sites no matter your occupation or age I recommend selecting being a CEO OR C-suite executive in a financial or technology institute with 5,000 employees aging around the 30's area as I've completed multiple 4,999 coin surveys being in this role across multiple offer walls, however in my experience the best players are CPX research, Peanut labs, Bitlabs and your surveys in that order.
If your struggling to get groceries etc I recommend spending a little to save a lot, you can buy sim cards for £1 (the best in my opinion is EE as I've not had to pay any top up to activate the Sims I've used, so far at least) you can continually sign up to deliveroo for the £10 per new customer offer and if your savvy like me I connect them all through my referral links so I make another £10 on my original account per extra used, getir usually has a £16 spend for £15 discount offer and for saving using the promo 3FOR50 on GOPUFF also gives you 50% off your first 3 orders
I've done a few research groups but I've not actually signed up to a site specifically for them like respondent. they instead came through surveys asking for my email addresses and names saying they'll email on x date and time with a link and I got through on most of them my last research group was more of a WhatsApp type of group chat discussing future products that could potentially be released for Nike and we had to thoroughly evaluate the items and type our views into the chat luckily I've not had a video chat one yet but if they do arrise I'll be sure to add my experience from them also
I'm sure there's a few other things I can cover but my head's already fried from writing this so if anyone has anything else they can recommend for the best earning tactics please share as I'd love to hear them
Happy hunting!!
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2022.01.29 00:49 Miyuu_6 Fan made cookie!<3

Fan made cookie!<3 my first time trying fanmade cookie
hope u like it!<3
just a simple sketch i tried
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