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Unpopular opinion

2022.01.29 01:34 SnackyGG Unpopular opinion

Do we have to have the replays posted here so long?
And including the loading screen..?
People really ought to cut their videos.
I like watching the silly replays people post, but dang I don’t have 7 minutes to watch lol
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2022.01.29 01:34 fishandtuna tip for how to deal with low sex drive from medication?

i have to take psychiatric meds again and of course the side effect of the drugs is low sex drive (i have to take it because of my safety. i stopped medication for a year and it was dangerous to myself) i have a long term partner. when i wasnt on my med, i could make myself cum by being on top with a normal sex drive. i initiated the sex as well before the meds. and now because of the medications, i dont feel horny at all and i cant cum. i mean the sex feel good but i cant cum at all. my partner wants to try new stuff and he wants me to have orgasm too but my body is super sensitive. i get ticklish easily. i didnt even let him eat me out or let him finger me although he always begs for it. now, i dont even know how to make myself feel good sexually anymore. he is my first partner and i am his first too so we dont have much experience at all and i am too shy to try new stuff. omg idk what to do anymore
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2022.01.29 01:34 Concerned_Logic Does anyone know any good fanfics?

I just finished the entire healed AU
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2022.01.29 01:34 TaterSalad3333 How to crap do you map directories!?

For the life of me I can't figure this out. Currently its downloading in the correct directory, but sonarr can't rename, move, or delete the file.
I'm running Sonarr on an Ubuntu server and my media resides on a Synology NAS (yes I know about docker on the NAS, I'd rather not go that route if I can).
I have a mount to my Synology NAS on my server at /PlexMedia
qbittorrent downloads to /PlexMedia/Downloads/
Sonarr is pointing to /PlexMedia/TV
What am I missing here?
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2022.01.29 01:34 simply__aesthetic Trading winter 2021.

I’m literally desperate at this point lol
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2022.01.29 01:34 capercrohnie AITA for referring to myself as European American

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2022.01.29 01:34 Mateo3508 Metaverse and nft have been hot topics in crypto space. Do you know metaverse's connection to NFTs. The metaverse will allow individuals to exhibit digital forms of art and property, while NFTs will enable them to price that content using proof of ownership. Here is list of meterverse nft project

Metaverse and nft have been hot topics in crypto space. Do you know metaverse's connection to NFTs. The metaverse will allow individuals to exhibit digital forms of art and property, while NFTs will enable them to price that content using proof of ownership. Here is list of meterverse nft project submitted by Mateo3508 to Crypto_Talkers [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 01:34 Vixennamations How should I approach coming out?

My current plan is to get a debit card and a small job babysitting my cousins for now(im 13). Then, I'll wait until I turn 16, come out, ask for hormones, and then start changing my wardrobe and using my new pronouns around others.
The thing is, my parents are homophobic. They probably wont kick me out but i probably wouldnt be trusted with anything at all. Im out to some friends and my sister, but I want to be out of the closet fully. If I do, I can wear pride pins outside without paranoid thoughts about my parents seeing me or finding out by someone else. Any ideas on how to improve my transition plan?
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2022.01.29 01:34 rossiconsurplus [WTS] KAC BUIS & P&S VFGs [SC]

5x - KAC 600m Rear BUIS, like new/unissued, 'USMC' marked - $85 shipped each
4x - P&S VFGs (KAC licensed copy), new in bag - $35 shipped each
paypal f&f, g&s+fees, venmo, or zelle
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2022.01.29 01:34 davidisalreadytaken Chop's a snuggler

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2022.01.29 01:34 Jigga_Justin Cockpit Recommendations? Ordered CSL DD

I’ve just bought a CSL DD 8Nm wheel base, which of course is just a pre-order and won’t arrive until April. That gives me some time to plan for and consider simultaneous upgrades, one of which I expect will need to be this entry level cockpit I’m using. Any recommendations on a long term cockpit that can easily scale with my future upgrades, and handle load cell pedals/DD wheel bases?
As I’ve slowly upgraded my sim rig parts and components I often find myself outpacing one component with the upgrade of another. I currently have T-LCM pedals, a TM-X wheel base, and a playseat evolution alcantra, driving with a Valve Index/VR for display. I’ve already found that mounting the T-LCM pedals on the pleayseat evolution is a bit on the limit in terms of flex, but I’ve made it work by flattening the pedal base and placing a sturdy object beneath. I’m also highly considering upgrading to at the very least Clubsport V3 pedals as an upgrade (I know, a bit silly after owning T-LCM already, but it seems there is nothing else significantly better in the sub-$850 price range).
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2022.01.29 01:34 mountainofentities Ongoing contact with 'other beings' recorded along with UFOs

I am a fortean researcher. I have had many personal encounters with the paranormal. Worked with a team and also helped do clearings with a medium in Vegas (when I lived in America). Have well over a decade doing ITC communication as well. They call me by my name from wild areas where there are no public trails. It is dangerous terrain, dense and slippery. I nearly broke my knee when I sliped and busted a kneepad. Take some time to watch this video I put out not long ago. I suspect that the phenomena (at least the BF part) has followed me across the world after encounters by Skinwalker Ranch in 2013. https://youtu.be/1F4o7oI1NjI
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2022.01.29 01:34 akku19 Flat near blue line metro / roomate?

Me and my friend are looking to rent a 2bhk preferably near the last 5 stations of blue line. If anyone is interested. We can rent a 3 bhk which will be cheaper per head. Lmk
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2022.01.29 01:34 boro654321 Indecisive about future, I want to work in the tech industry ($$$), but not necessarily hunker down and code in front of a screen all my life

Finally trying to grab ahold of my life, and making something out of it. Problem is, I am suffering from major career indecisiveness rn. I’m usually a decisive person and quick to take the plunge, but I have had many regrets up to this moment. I suppose I just want to get it right and be happy for once.
I know I’m a pretty extroverted person now, and thrive better in people-oriented roles. Issue is that I like money, which doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with these kinds of jobs/ careers. The opportunity and freedom that money brings to the table is awesome, there’s just a lot of things around to world to do and see, y’know? Anyways, roles like project manager, business analyst, sales engineer, etc started inevitably popping up inside my head, since it’s the tech field that pays well, not necessarily software engineedev roles right?
I suppose my question is, would a CS degree be a wise endeavour to achieve my goals, or would there be a better way to approach it? Maybe a business degree of some sort instead? Thanks in advance yall
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2022.01.29 01:34 itsthedalton Fan art of the Hello Fresh Life Dedicator

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2022.01.29 01:34 TunesMedia AstroSwap (ASTRO) Introduces Multi-Chain DeFi Ecosystem

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2022.01.29 01:34 -ccherwa3 New sg starting bench

I currently have pd Jaylen Brown as my starter with no backup I was thinking about looking at Hondo any other suggestions?
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2022.01.29 01:34 FangAgito Who wins? Atomic Samurai w/Sun blade vs Mihawk seriousness

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2022.01.29 01:34 Ben-Bartley We are super live

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2022.01.29 01:34 Anointed33 Has anyone else experienced synchromysticism?

Hello, hope all is well. I had a weird day yesterday and I wanted to share it. I can only think of it as synchomysticism, which is the art of realizing meaningful coincidences in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance. P
So I should preface this post by saying that I have been in a negative mindset and angedepression has been leaking into other facets of my life. Mostly, how I have been treating my family. They are great, loving, and supportive, yet because I have been depressed lately, I have been neglecting my relationship with them. Sometimes I think .negative things about them while driving and it is quite a negative mindset.
So the other day I came home from work and I'm rummaging through my pantry. My mom calls me to get my attention. She tells me to look at a gift my family from Sweden sent over through the mail. It's a glass vase in the shape of a heart. "Isn't it pretty? They said it was $250." my Mom says. I thought it was weird that they sent us something so expensive, when we barely talk to them and something so random. a glass heart vase? Then she said "It looks so nice, you can see that it reflects the light." Immediately, I thought of synchromysticsm. I understood the symbolism the universe was presenting me with. The act of love family does for one another. Simple gestures that signify love. The way love can reflect the light in all of us. The moment was surreal and I felt like a dick for how I have been treating my family. I understand the importance of treating my family better now.
Then my mailman comes to drop the mail. It was so weird because they don't usually come at this time, but he came at 5:55 PM. I looked at the significance of 555 and all the results said major changes are imminent.
Then I went to get gas and my neighbor's car that was parked in front of my car had a license plate that read "666777." From a numerological perspective, I interpret 666 as duality, inner-opposition, low consciousness, ego, etc. I interpret 777 as having your thoughts, emotions, and actions in alignment, completion in the human domain, higher ordered thinking, perfection, etc. So my neighbors license plate read "666777" meaning stepping out of ego and duality into a higher state of consciousness. 777 is a number I see often, it is even in my cellphone number and it was in my exes' phone number too. I always see it, pretty much everyday.
Another weird thing was that I turned on the TV and was just spaced out not even paying attention. And my mom and sister started talking about "Mind control and technology and how people are under it's control." I didn't realize what the heck was going on but heard glimpses of their conversation and realized that mindlessly watching TV wasn't and their conversation was weird and off putting and I stayed in my room.
I know this sounds weird, I'm still weirded out by it. Has anyone else experience this? Is the universe trying to communicate with me? Sometimes I think I am in a simulation or my family is in on something that I am not aware of.
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2022.01.29 01:34 AHHHHHPLSAHH A Dessert house i made for my NPCs, Feedback?

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2022.01.29 01:34 TunesMedia Reflecting on Facebook’s Hilarious, Well-Deserved Crypto Failure

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2022.01.29 01:34 flyfish6000 (IKTR)

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2022.01.29 01:34 EnvironmentalWay920 The perfect city POV:

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2022.01.29 01:34 WrongEstablishment21 I love her politely placed paws move ♥️

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