REVIEW LURA Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator - Mini Blow Dryer with Dual Voltage

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2022.01.29 01:18 unboxinggal REVIEW LURA Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator - Mini Blow Dryer with Dual Voltage

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2022.01.29 01:18 a_singular_fish Can we appreciate the fact that our hair doesn't have nerves. Imagine trying to get a hair cut or just getting it stuck somewhere and feeling it. That would be painful

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2022.01.29 01:18 Tresav12 Grinder advice

I’m kinda boring i guess we’ll, i haven’t had penetrative sex since like 2018 and i haven’t been on a dating app to hookup since like 2015. I’m 27 now and I’m trying grinder but I’m not having any luck because i guess i forgot how to flirt…
i find myself asking guys “are you from the area” 😕 and it pretty much goes no where. I’m a attractive guy but kind of a shy and self confident… so i kinda cut myself of socially so I’m trying to get myself back out there.
I tried tinder but I’m not really looking to get into a relationship (i never got to explore myself sexually out of fear of being labeled a hoe) because i feel like that the vibe…. Can you guys give me some advice as far as how i should approach guys who message me? I do have just a body pic on my grinder
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2022.01.29 01:18 Sic-knight Ship from Store

Does anyone find this program absolutely over-the-top? I mean today we mailed a can of Pringles half way across the state…. What the hell? We had 2 U-boats full of all packages of a bunch of common items, just one or 2 things people were too lazy to step out of the house for. Seems like we’re overloading the postal system because people are just lazy! Someone please tell me I’m not crazy
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2022.01.29 01:18 WebSwiftSEO 5 Zombie Tiger vs Giant Buffalos Animal Fight Buffalos Save Cow Cartoon From Zombie Tigers

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2022.01.29 01:18 v_atran Hand Sculpted Tribunal Pyramid by Valara Atran

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2022.01.29 01:18 zoro_dono_senpai Practicing when bored...

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2022.01.29 01:18 TheGreatIndo I live bikinis 👙

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2022.01.29 01:18 silveryspoons Walzin Castle is a castle in the province of Namur on the River Lesse, Belgium.

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2022.01.29 01:18 YussinBoots Nathan and Carrie

I feel sooo uncomfortable watching that scene at tric when carrie thinks nathans jealous. In fact this while carrie nathan angle makes me incredibly uncomfortable and even a bit anxious for haley and i just need to know - does/will nathan have a crush on carrie ????!!!
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2022.01.29 01:18 GANGDADDY69 What is your furthest back memory you have?

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2022.01.29 01:18 zhadn Reflecting on the story so far... [spoilers]

I really like what they did with moenbryda this expansion, but it got me thinking: * was moenbryda intended to be a main scion but cut (i.e. killed) for other reasons, like likability? Or was she always intended to be introduced just to be killed for more emotional weight? * minfilia... granted it's been a while since I played ARR but her exit always felt forced and strange. She's the leader, then all of a sudden she disappears for a long time (i think?), only to be killed off-screen. Ryne is a great addition, but I don't think Minfilia joining the crystal was a set up for Ryne, though I could be mistaken. Could she have potentially been cut for popularity / likeability reasons too?
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2022.01.29 01:18 Dark_Crystal01 I feel creepy as fork

I have this boy at school and ive saw him like last year and he was decent looking. When i saw him this year my reaction was like i just saw my idol or some shirt. Hes the cutest guy ever and ive been kinda stalking for a week... Even tho i could ask a classmate who knows him to introduct me to him...
And i feel like a total creep but i think he noticed me a few times and if i go talk to him he'll think im weird
Btw im a bisexual boy and that's why i was afraid in the first place to talk to him but also, last year he was making fun of because pepole said that he was gay... Soo.....
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2022.01.29 01:18 ICANT_90 After 5+ Hours Dean Finally Speaks to Brian Knight

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2022.01.29 01:18 TB8S 5x5 for January

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2022.01.29 01:18 Soul_Man2004 reeves 🎸

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2022.01.29 01:18 phyfts Essays/thoughts on the ethics of pet ownership?

Are there any philosophers who thinks owning pets is unethical or are there any important discussions about this topic?
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2022.01.29 01:18 RedRum_1598 🌸 Furby Baby Glamor Shot 🌸

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2022.01.29 01:18 Dogknee Has anyone owned or used a Comet CHA-250B vertical antenna?

Looking for reviews from people that have ACTUALLY owned and used the Comet CHA-250B.
Please don’t respond if you don’t actually have experience. I’ve read enough hearsay from people.

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2022.01.29 01:18 batmanfan12321 Your suggestions on which game to play first?

I'm no good with tabletop games and I've been watching some lore videos on Warhammer 40k and absolutely love it, the orks are probably one of my favorite fictional faction ever. I have the battle sister VR game which I'm going to finish playing but I also want to get a game on my playstaion to play also. Thing is, I've got no clue which ones are good and which ones are dogshit. The ones available to buy are Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground, Chaosbane, Battlesector, Vermintide 1&2" (these two I think look the best), Inquisitor Martyr, Space Wolf, Warhammer Quest 1&2, Necromunda: Hired Gun, Mordheim: City of the Damned, and Necromunda: Underhive Wars. Thanks
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2022.01.29 01:18 HolyCLAMPS16085 [XB1] H: Caps and Trades. W: Any* Dragon.

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2022.01.29 01:18 NokCha_ [Letourneau] “I want to stay in Golden State after this season, for multiple years until it comes to the decision where I’ve got to retire here,” GP2 said. “I know I’ve said like 10 times now that this is a good fit, but I honestly think this is home.”

Source Article by SF Chronicle's Connor Letourneau - How Gary Payton II transformed his ‘you can’t shoot’ tag to lights-out buckets GP2 Has Found a Home in the Bay:

It should help, however, that Payton feels a sense of loyalty to the team that allowed him to finally find his NBA footing. In addition to plucking him out of the G League and giving him a rotation spot on a title contender, the Warriors did what no other franchise even came close to attempting: They let him shoot at will.
I want to stay in Golden State after this season, for multiple years until it comes to the decision where I’ve got to retire here,” Payton said. “I know I’ve said like 10 times now that this is a good fit, but I honestly think this is home.
Why Other Teams Waived GP2 and Why GP2 Spent Majority of His Career in the G League:
For much of his basketball career, Warriors guard Gary Payton II has heard some variation of the same criticism: “You can’t shoot.”
The frustrating part for Payton was that, thanks to his reputation as a poor shooter, he struggled to find extended opportunities in the NBA. And even when he got a chance, he was often told not to shoot.
This made it tough for Payton to carve out a lasting role at the sport’s highest level. Even though he is an elite defender, rebounder and athlete, few teams wanted to bank on a 6-foot-3 guard with a career 3-point percentage of 25.6%.
How the Coaching Staff (Mainly Jama Mahalela) Worked with GP2 & Found a Nice Spot in the Corners:
Through Payton’s first five NBA seasons, he totaled 86 3-point attempts. Now, in just 46 games, he has 79...This is a testament to the Warriors’ belief in Payton’s jump shot. Unlike previous stops, where coaches got upset with him for hoisting 3-pointers, Golden State’s staff encourages him to spot up whenever he is open.
Therein lies a key part of head coach Steve Kerr’s player-development philosophy: empowerment can help someone tap into abilities he didn’t even know he possessed. It also doesn’t hurt, though, that the Warriors put Payton in positions to succeed.
During stints with the Bucks, Lakers and Wizards, he tried to be a traditional point guard — even though he doesn’t have traditional point-guard skills. With the Warriors, Payton has moved away from the ball, curling off screens as he trusts the likes of Draymond Green, Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole to find him.
It is no coincidence that the bulk of Payton’s 3-point attempts have come from the corners. When he joined the Warriors on a 10-day contract in April, coaches noticed that he had far higher career percentages from those two spots than he did at the top of the arc or from the wings.
Now after practices and shootarounds, Payton gets up hundreds of shots with assistant coach Jama Mahlalela from the left and right corners. Payton’s directive during games is simple: Execute certain actions that will get him to those spots at just the right time.
If he is open, he should shoot it. And if Payton is not, he can hit a cutting Green, Curry or Poole for a layup or floater.
Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson on GP2's Hard Work & Shooting:
“He put the time in with his shot, started the season with a lot of confidence,” Kerr said. “He’s doing a great job of shooting the ones he should shoot and passing up the ones he should pass up. Just understanding what his role is. As a result, he’s getting great looks. The shots he shoots, he’s generally open and in rhythm.”
“I’ve seen Gary working on his shot every day since he came here,” guard Klay Thompson said. “His athleticism is insane, and he’s going to be in this league for a long time and be a great player — especially if he’s knocking down 3s consistently. What a find from our front office.”
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2022.01.29 01:18 Wernher_VonKerman I’m a burgher in 19th century Pottsville, Pennsylvania. How is the beer I drink different to what I’d find on tap today? What current brew would be closest to what I’m used to?

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2022.01.29 01:18 myfakyfake Do you like my anklet?

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