kts3r dkn73 ssfrk erkr5 e4d99 nezyf 884r2 et9tr 3977n hb6ys z3f43 fd653 b425f i93is d9r97 6f835 ris2b e6ea2 7bry7 z76ie ire4r My kilo, the recoil is controllable but it's like fr .556 where you can't control the recoil if you spray it |

My kilo, the recoil is controllable but it's like fr .556 where you can't control the recoil if you spray it

2022.01.29 02:02 XenoJaden My kilo, the recoil is controllable but it's like fr .556 where you can't control the recoil if you spray it

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2022.01.29 02:02 probablythrowawayyy Do your work in a library instead of a coffee shop

I’m a student but this can apply to anyone who has work they do away from the house/office!
I struggle to study when I’m home so I go to coffee shops to get stuff done, which means I’ll probably spend $7 on a drink and tip (3x a week = $21). Instead of that, I can bring my coffee from home in a thermos and study in the public library, saving me that money! Seems dumb, but it’s been a big spending issue recently.
Plus that way I’m not being rude by taking up a table at the coffee shop all day :)
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2022.01.29 02:02 tf2memeswillrule Who REALLY liked Ronald Reagan…not this guy.

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2022.01.29 02:02 VibinPieceOfPaper Idiotic question; is there any way to get a "level slide" like this in the level editor without naming it something like "Ambush"?

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2022.01.29 02:02 notproudbutok Is WoW free and where do i get it

I wanna check out world of warcraft but where can i find it and is it free
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2022.01.29 02:02 TheInfamousMaze Just bought Arkham Knight. Question about starting mods and gameplay.

I wanted to use the 1989 Batmobile throughout the whole game so i was going to get a mod that lets you do that. Aside from that, I know very little about this game. Should I get the community patch? a visual mod? Anything else you recommend?
Do I need a mod to choose what skin I want at the start or can I choose it normally? I remember in Arkham City, you had to beat the game before you could change your skin.
I'd like to know how soon into the game do I get to drive the batmobile? (free modes, story mode, etc). Is it hours into the game or is it near the beginning? Do you think this is the best batmobile video game experience out there? Saw some gameplay and I'm pretty hyped, ngl. It was either this or GTAV, but in this, you also get to be THE BAT!
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2022.01.29 02:02 Foad087 Airdrop Master shiba

Airdrop Master shiba Very Legit Don't miss airdrop For join Get 50milion token master End Airdrop 14Feb 2022 Distribution 24 Feb 2022 https://t.me/Master_Shiba_Airdrop_bot?start=r0444142450 Contract bsc: 0x8df955b391b63a8f503d0af02e092e271e872b4e
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2022.01.29 02:02 emms2020 Alguien va a ir? Quiero ir pero nadie me quiero acompañar. No quiero ir solo 😭

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2022.01.29 02:02 Leboy2Point0 Impossible!

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2022.01.29 02:02 Sadishist Hermosa Beach Restaurants to pay for dining decks, but rent’s modest, at least for now

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2022.01.29 02:02 AdministrativeDrop50 What we know about Kia Stinger 2022

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2022.01.29 02:02 itsjustmedee22 Sweet soles

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2022.01.29 02:02 Comfortable_Bunch_11 ESFJs, what are you like as a kid?

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2022.01.29 02:02 ze_kop I had One Job

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2022.01.29 02:02 Sphexus Why are people still saying Arthur is 17 when his new body is like two months old and he has the mind of a 50+ year old?

I'm really confused at how people talk about Arthur's age. His old body was completely destroyed when at the physical age of 17. His new body is completely different.
I don't get why people are using the age of his old body on his new body, but they don't do the same for when Grey reincarnated as Arthur. If you think about the situations aren't that different, one body dies and Grey is reborn into a new one with the same soul.
So my question stands: Why are people saying Arthur is 17 when his new body is like two months old, and he has the soul of a 50+ year old? It's not like his new body is described as physically being 17 years old, just that he looks like a young man.
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2022.01.29 02:02 MilesLee_ My new dorm room setup, any advice?

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2022.01.29 02:02 steve236 Possible to buy End of Dragon from Gem store?

Turns out purchase from Area net is region locked so i am unable to preorder the new expansion. But will I be able to purchase the expansion from the Gem store on release? or am i doomed to wait till Steam release?
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2022.01.29 02:02 takhfifekhob کفش ورزشی Nike مردانه مدل Rastin

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2022.01.29 02:02 Thestarhunter Error code P0172 and P219C

Hey y'all, I've got a 2017 with 77k miles on her and I just had error codes P0172 and P219C pop up. Took it to a local shop to look at it but they couldn't find the culprit. I'm taking her to a Honda dealer on Monday but was wondering if anyone else has had this happen?
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2022.01.29 02:02 YuZhengTheXie This text on a file took me about 5 mins to figure out

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2022.01.29 02:02 Michelmermaid What is your worst neighbors story ?

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2022.01.29 02:02 TiceShark Sedgwick Leave End and Payment Question

Some of this may have been answered already in other posts, but all of the other Sedgwick posts I've seen are about other payment questions
On Jan 13 I started developing a worsening cough during my shift, on Jan 14 I developed other symptoms and had a Covid test done. That day is when I originally filed the Covid Leave with Sedgwick and put in the estimate return from the health screening of Jan 18. On Jan 17 I got the result back from the test and it was Positive. I uploaded the result and extended my Return date to Jan 24. Sedgwick had approved the leave, the start date was Jan 15, but the end date has stayed at the original estimate of Jan 17.
I have since returned to work, and confirmed that my return to work was Jan 24. However, Sedgwick still lists the claims as "Open - Approved" and that the leave ended on Jan 17. After the original approval went through, it created the companion Emergency Leave claim that has the benefit information in it. This is where the confusion starts.
It says Benefits run from 1/15-1/17 and the "Benefit Plan" has three entries. The first one is 1/15-1/17 at $590, the second is 1/18-1/28 at $590, and the third is 1/29-7/29 at $295.
Today, Jan 28, is when the payment information showed up. However, the payment issued says it is $126, and is for Payment through 1/15-1/17.
My questions are

  1. Why is the payment only $126 when it says the benefit rate for that period is $590?
  2. Why was my leave end date not extended after changing my return to work and uploading the positive test result?
  3. Why is the claim still marked as open, even though I've confirmed the return to work date?
I was never removed from the schedule during my leave and I ended up missing 4 shifts in total, all of them falling into the same pay period (so I only worked 2 out of 6 shifts in this pay period)
Thanks in advance for any responses/help
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2022.01.29 02:02 MissLivia I promise he's much more......lean......than this. (And what's with the tongue?)

I promise he's much more......lean......than this. (And what's with the tongue?) submitted by MissLivia to WhatsWrongWithYourCat [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 02:02 MrKushandCoffee The first of many 😸

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2022.01.29 02:02 wuanlai65 Totoro Inu - The Most Underrated Inu Project! | Launching Now on BSC | Amazing community and unique utility! | Audited | Reflections | The next moon shot!

They will be listed on LBank!- Global Exchange with $840M in daily trade volume that will allow investors from all over the world to join the Totoro titans!
Live on CMC and CG!
High $ daily volume!
No team tokens
Supportive and close-knit community, active team, awesome utility, huge marketing budget and low market cap are only few reasons why you should check Totoro Inu project.

Why is Totoro Inu unique?
$Totoro is a utility token which will be used on the upcoming launchpad, TotoroPad, a multi-chain, anime themed launchpad with a refund system to ensure your security and satisfaction. The team aims to develop a whole brand, ecosystem and to become a reference among the biggest projects with major partnerships and innovative functions for the token.
- - - -
- 4% goes towards liquidity.
- 6% goes towards a marketing wallet
- 1% goes towards holders as a reflection
Liquidity is locked for one year to start with, and the team commits to 100% transparency to make you, our community members, feel safe. We are always open to feedback, ideas and suggestions via our social media channels.
- - - -
Our extended roadmap includes the following - audits, promotion Youtube videos, Twitter and Telegram marketing, contests and giveaways, CEX listings, crypto influencer marketing, strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, and an Anime themed Launchpad.
- - - -
Our tax system is designed to ensure the longevity of the token and to make sure that the team has the ability to market Totoro Inu to the standard it deserves. Totoro Inu’s tax per buy and sell is 11%: 4% of this goes to the liquidity pool to ensure stability, 6% goes to the marketing wallet to give us the ability to spread the word about Totoro Inu and 1% is reflected among the Totoro Inu holders!

Safe and Secure:
Our contract was written by experienced developers with an intricate knowledge of both Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Contract has passed TechRate audit and has been already renounced making it rug-proof.

We aim to provide a fun, fair, and safe space where projects can launch and survive through any market. $Totoro will be the BSC utility token used on our upcoming launchpad - TotoroPad.
The team is dedicated to creating a brand, an ecosystem and to secure a spot among the biggest tokens in crypto. Totoro Inu was born to educate and democratise DEFI. Thanks to its intuitive, secure and guided system

Static Rewards System:
Totoro Inu holders earn tokens simply by holding them in their wallet. 1% of all the taxes on each transaction go directly to the holders
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Contract Address: 0x4F29710843caA8A62bC22C95a62cf013f49a3f2F


Website: https://totoroinu.in/

Telegram: https://t.me/TotoroInuEN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TotoroInuBSC
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