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I’m pregnant and my husband is convinced he’s not the dad even after the paternity test

2021.12.08 23:05 ThrowRAkate00 I’m pregnant and my husband is convinced he’s not the dad even after the paternity test

25F here married to 29M. We have 3 kids under 5 (youngest is less than 1) and I’m currently pregnant. We have unprotected sex everyday at least once a day and I’m not on birth control. I feel like it’s pretty obvious that he’s the dad. The thing is he always accuses me of cheating. This happens all the time and he never even has any proof.
I don’t know why he thinks that considering I barely even have time to shower and I have 3 kids constantly needing my attention. I have gained so much weight with my last 2 pregnancies that I don’t even think any man would look at me. I’m surprised he’s still even attracted to me. Anyway now he thinks the baby is not his even though the paternity test says he’s the dad. This is causing so much tension between us and I’m just having a very hard time with this. What can I do at this point? How else am I supposed to prove him that I’m not lying? I don’t know what to do.
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2021.12.08 23:05 eillow What happens if you cash a check you thought was lost after having accounting put a stop payment on it?

I never got my check in the mail this month so Monday I talked to personal and had accounting put a stop payment on it and I'd get a cash advance when they confirmed it wasn't cashed. Well I finally got the check in the mail tonight and I still haven't heard back from accounting so I'm guessing they are still in the process of figuring out if it was cashed or not.
Could I just cash it tonight and talk to them in the morning informing them I no longer need it stopped?
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2021.12.08 23:05 TrapTarzan LF: Grimer, Scyther FT: any eevee exclusives you need

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2021.12.08 23:05 BorkIy I need thy help locating the current lobby posters, (before the Pacific Cold Front Update)!

I just want such for personal room design. I thought they looked neat, though I know they're property of the devs.
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2021.12.08 23:05 AnxietyPrime98 Panther/hard mode/4 gold. Who wants to run?

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2021.12.08 23:05 Biscuit109 LF Spiritomb and Touch trade dialga for sinnoh dex completion

I really can't look for the underground people necessary to activate him anymore, I will give a Bagon for your troubles
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2021.12.08 23:05 Traditional_Sea_1513 Skateboarding lessons for adult

Hi. Does anyone know where you can sign up for skateboarding lessons ?
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2021.12.08 23:05 mindlessMiss found an album of used stamps, anything special here?

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2021.12.08 23:05 russianturtle31 Missed On Campus Housing Contract Deadline

Hi all, I am not smart and just checked my email to see if I had gotten a housing offer for winter quarter. I was offered a housing contract but I missed the contract deadline on Dec 6. I was looking forward to living on-campus because I am a 2nd year (and my dad thought this would be a good change for me!), so should I even bother emailing student housing? Is my best bet just to find off-campus housing now? I would appreciate the help. Thank you in advance :)!
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2021.12.08 23:05 const_optim What's something that's normalized in society but actually really fucked up?

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2021.12.08 23:05 tallorai Is couch co-op for battle royale gone?

Ever since the update, we havent been able to use the same console for multiple players to join the battle royale. Is it just temporary since the update or permanent? When is it going to be fixed?
It feels like a horrible thing to get rid of.
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2021.12.08 23:05 UnknownCaller420 They never burn down

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2021.12.08 23:05 snooshoe In memory of Pir Xidir, a great intellectual, a generous man, an example for the Yazidi and for the world, a dear friend

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2021.12.08 23:05 PrinceTaj97 What’s your favorite piece of chicken?

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2021.12.08 23:05 RealAnthonyCamp Couple's 2nd Baby Needs Heart Transplant, Too: 'We Are Broken'

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2021.12.08 23:05 KiwimagnoliaA The show should have ended on the second last episode

I’m not sure if this is a popular opinion or not but I wish the show had ended with Bojack dying in that second last episode it was so emotional and made me feel so many things. The way he talked to Diane on the phone it just had be sobbing and then the last episode happened and I felt nothing. I didn’t cry at all it felt like they were wrapping everything up in a nice pink bow and I hated that! What do you guys think?
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2021.12.08 23:05 No-Pea468 Bartesian barely dispensing water

We just got our Bartesian and all drinks that it makes are insanely strong even on the light setting. It appears as though not enough water is being dispensed, the drinks coming out are only about 4oz. Is this normal? When running the first cycle only about an ounce of water comes out. Any help would be awesome, we want to like the cocktail mixer, but this is a big hiccup.
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2021.12.08 23:05 THEZUKUS Book Bunk: In Kenya, these women are restoring and reclaiming Nairobi’s dilapidated, colonial-era libraries

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2021.12.08 23:05 Catus_Maximus Harbor Freight Pittsburgh Metric Stud Pilot Pins Review

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2021.12.08 23:05 ProphetWasMuhammad A Short Primer on Ranged Weapons

This is part of my series of short guides on Rimworld.
First of all, how ranged weapons work.
Weapon Cycle
Weapons have an aiming time, a firing time, and a cooldown. Pawns have to aim before firing. During this time, the firing action can be canceled. After the pawn starts to fire, his action can no longer be canceled. He will continue to fire until either he has shot off all his rounds, or his target goes down. After that happens, the pawn is still immobile and uncontrollable until the end of the cool-down period.
Weapons have different accuracy for the 4 ranges: touch, short, medium, long. Touch range is less than 3 cells. Short range is between 4 and 12 cells. Long range is between 13 and 40 cells. Long range is anything greater than 40 cells. Note that even though all weapons have accuracy stats for all 4 ranges, they still cannot shoot farther than their max range. Specifically, only the sniper rifle can hit in the long range.
A Pawn's chance to hit is equal to the product of pawn accuracy, the weapon accuracy at the relevant range, and other multipliers. When we talk about weapon DPS, we refer to the DPS if pawn accuracy and other multipliers are both 1.
Pawn accuracy is equal to shooting accuracydistance. In other words, pawn accuracy decreases exponentially. Better shooters have a slower decrease. In particular, this means that shooting skill matters more at higher ranges. If your pawn has a better shooting accuracy than your opponent, you want to fight at a longer range. If your pawn has a worse accuracy, you want to engage at a shorter range.
Now, on to the weapons.
Heavy SMG
This is one of the more misunderstood weapons. I've heard a lot of statements like "Heavy SMGs are better for worse shooters". This is not strictly true.
Regardless of shooters, the Heavy SMG is about 5% better at short range and about 60% better at touch range. A bad shooter would do better at shorter range, which is where the saying that heavy SMGs are better for bad shooters comes from.
Heavy SMGs are significantly earlier on the tech tree than assault rifles. You should mass produce this until you can get assault rifles.
Chain Shotguns
This weapon is slightly better than the Heavy SMG at touch range and about 50% better at short range. The downside is that this cannot shoot past range 12. This is out-ranged by grenades.
The fact of the matter is, most gunfights occur at longer than 12 range, effectively making this weapon have 0 DPS unless you move the pawn forward. In general, you want your enemies to come to you, not the other way around.
It should also be noted that your enemies also have higher chance to hit you when they are closer. Because your shooters will almost always be better than the enemy's on average, you want to engage at a farther range.
Don't use this in general unless you have nothing else.
This is both heavy and extremely inaccurate. The DPS of this weapon is terrible. The weapon is scales quite well with quality, however. That said, the minigun does everything better than this weapon.
It should be noted that because centipedes are large, you have an extra accuracy modifier of 1.8x against them. This makes the LMG a lot better against the centipede. However, it still falls behind better weapons even in the optimal case.
Don't use this weapon unless there are nothing else.
Assault Rifles
Once you've researched this, this should be your weapon of choice, replacing heavy SMGs. From now on, your weapon progression goes from assault rifles to better assault rifles, to even better assault rifles.
So, why is it so good?
Even though the heavy SMG is about 5% better at short range, and 60% better at touch range, the assault rifle is a whole 63% better than the Heavy SMG at medium range.
Most gunfights happen at medium range. And with enough colonists, almost nothing happens at touch range. So the assault rifle is just 60% better.
Not only that, the assault rifle has 35% more range, doing infinitely more DPS between 23 and 31.
This allows you to engage at a longer range which allows you to do force concentration significantly better. Your killbox can also hold more people, and you are significantly less likely to miss and destroy the walls of your killbox.
It should be noted that assault rifles out-range or match basically every other weapons in the game. Specifically, it out-range both lancers and centipedes, which means you can stand behind cover and force them to come to you.
This weapon is good. Use it.
Charge Rifle
This weapon has about the same DPS as the assault rifle at medium range, but has a HUGE armor penetration bonus. That means it does a lot more DPS against armored enemies. For example, from the penetration alone, the charge rifle would do about 33% more DPS against centipedes.
However, this has 4 less range than the assault rifle. This matches the range of centipedes and is outranged by lancers. Force concentration is significantly harder against these foes.
In general, which weapon to pick between assault rifle and charge rifle is a matter of preference if you have both at equal quality. However, charge rifles are significantly more expensive, while assault rifles only need steel and components. This means that we usually default to assault rifles.
Sniper rifle
This has 45 range, compared to the 31 range of assault rifles. However, it does terrible DPS, meaning your enemies can easily overwhelm you. Also, your pawns will usually miss at long ranges, making the range less useful.
There are uses for this, but you don't want to use this as your weapon of choice.
This weapon does the most DPS by far. It's really good against centipedes. However, against human targets, it's 25 rounds per firing cycle will usually overkill, and once the target has been downed, the weapon will stop firing.
It also has a long aiming time and cooldown, making this super clunky. I recommend giving a few to your trigger happy pawns.
This weapon is also extremely expensive, costing 20 components. I recommend making these with creativity inspirations.
Charge Lances
These things are the charged version of the sniper rifle, except these things are also outranged by assault rifles. It's DPS is terrible. It has high armor pen, which technically makes it better than the assault rifle. However, it doesn't scale as well with quality. Not only that, because of it's high single shot damage and armor pen, it's far more likely to one-shot your own colonists with friendly fire.
It's also even more expensive than the charge rifle.
Don't get this.
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2021.12.08 23:05 Traditional-Fan-1559 First time making “Japanese” breakfast. I’m forever making my omelettes this way.

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2021.12.08 23:05 devilinsideofme1 Rate how much you want my soles

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2021.12.08 23:05 ElliotsRebirth AMD RX 590 OpenCL not working can't get DaVinci Resolve to work.

Hey all I'm having an issue. I just built a new PC with an MSI B500 mobo, Ryzen 5600X CPU, and I have an older RX 590 GPU that I'm using. My problem is with the latest GPU drivers I can't get OpenCL to work and thus I cannot get DaVinci Resolve to work.
Any idea how to get this to work?
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2021.12.08 23:05 whydoittome123 I’m genuinely just, bored.

For Honor just feels stale atm. All my favorite characters are either ass or just have been turned into unblockable spam.
Nobushi is impossible to play against people with half decent reactions, and Zhanhu, while she can be fun it’s annoying to 1v1 someone who can either not react to the unblockable light or someone who can react to it 100% of the time. It gets stale doing the same mixup for 15 reps after a while.
The game just doesn’t feel that special anymore besides it’s core mechanics. It’s either bash, unblockable or undodgeables up the ass. I’m obviously gonna keep playing, didn’t put it 200+ reps for nothing but I hope the new hero (coming in fucking January btw) really shakes up the playing field and is actually fun to go against and play as.
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2021.12.08 23:05 Fun-Advertising-4847 Greetings to a wonderful community, day 7 m28 and this time we’re winning

Greetings to everyone in here, I’m very fortunate to have found this community as a long time smoker, quitter and relapser. Reading your stories has helped to give me the confidence to make the plunge and become who I want to be. A week ago I did not believe that I could ever be free of the plant I loved but now that couldn’t be less true and I am happy and excited to begin my journey of self rediscovery. I intend to post here somewhat regularly to contribute to the community and hopefully I can provide some support and inspiration as you have to me. I wanted to start with a bit of background and then hopefully make some future posts updating my journey.
The timeline goes:
2008 started smoking socially 2009/10 smoking every day with friends and soon all day every day on my own and with others, smoking as much as I could afford/was put in front of me continuing to 2012 until I cut ties with everyone around me. I was stealing, taking other drugs and in a cycle of complete self destruction. I started working in mental health and finally saw my way out and returned to education. 2013 relapsed for 6 months following relationship breakdown 2013-2015 sober then a few occasions socially which led to mini binges 2016-2018 every night 2018-2019 9 months sober back with parents 2019- Feb 2021 herb vaping every day after work / all day weekends at home Feb 2021 to June 2021 4 months sober to persevere a relationship June 2021 to Dec 2021 smoking all day every day peaking at 3.5g a day from September onwards after relationship ended due to the inevitable relapse
And here we are, day 7 of this next chapter in my story, and feeling more positive and excited for this than ever before. I have spent huge swathes of my life in the haze we know too well. I have made lists as long as my arm with reasons to quit (one for another post) and despised the perpetual decisions to grt high, but I have thus far failed to quit or moderate in the long term.
So what is different this time around?
This time around, for the first time, I am quitting for me and me alone; I am not under any illusions that moderation will ever be an option for me; I have reforged important relationships and created a support network; I am working to understand my story and my psychology and planning for the future; i have finally let go of the shame of smoking and at last replaced it with love; i am genuinely looking forward to reaching my potential; I believe in my ability to succeed, to be secure and to finally live a happy life. I deserve a happy life. Finally, this time around I am posting here, to you all, who understand why I am here. I’m pushing through the familiar withdrawal nice and slowly, meditating every day and setting myself some small goals while pouring love back into myself.
This is the time that I succeed.
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