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2021.12.08 22:12 Wilfruff11 Sassenach

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2021.12.08 22:12 Etovia How to set grace period for retribution/penalty transaction? [crosspost]

There is some time limit in which my node (or a friendly watchtower at least) must be online to close channel with penalty in case if other side of channel tries to close it himself with an old channel state.
What if I know my computer can happen to be down for eg 5 days in a row? How to configure node to make sure all channels have that timeout for unilateral closure set as 5 days?
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2021.12.08 22:12 N3TGIRL [JP > EN] Can someone please translate this short manga panel?

Here's the image:
I can make out bits and pieces of what the characters are saying, but the handwriting makes it hard for me to understand. So... can someone translate what they're saying?
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2021.12.08 22:12 mcgillburner Past Phil 210 Final

How has the final been in the past? Specifically, the short-answer theoretical questions. Thanks!
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2021.12.08 22:12 SirScreamsA_LOT Had a bit of a realization today and I’m not sure how to feel about it

So, I’ve been AroAce for the past two years now. I really enjoy romance songs and really sappy stories for some weird reason. Anyways, I was coming up with my art portfolio for art class and I was talking to my friend about my comic idea. The teacher told me to do a bit of research on my favorite songs and try to find something that connects them. I found out they are all sappy, sad romance songs about wanting to be with the person forever.
I really don’t like the idea of dating in real life or anything like that. I specifically think I might be fray romantic, also been thinking about that for two years. But just thinking about how much romance stuff I actually consume is a bit of a slap to the face I guess? Like, I hate irl romance but it’s alright when it’s fictional? I don’t know, it just honestly makes me question myself even more even though I know I’m definitely AroAce. It’s just really weird for me to think about is all and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it.
Tl;Dr: Questioning being AroAce again due to liking fictional romance.
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2021.12.08 22:12 nomoresmokepaul4317 Day 4 - Not Smoking - Quit Date 12/5/21 -

I quit 12/5/21 and just wrapping up 4 day. Still emotional but I made it through the day without an out burst at the office. This was a challenge as it was a busy day. It was a better day than yesterday. I did think about buying a pack at the gas station when I was fueling up the car. But I didn't. I have to avoid temptation. Avoiding booze is the BIG one and Friday is coming up very soon.
The first three days are the hardest and then it really is mostly mental. All physical need is fully gone in a week.
I still need to figure out how to reset my flair.
In the past coming and writing a short story has helped me push on through the discomfort. I am committing to checking and reporting my progress. If you are struggling keep pushing and make it through today - tomorrow will be better!
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2021.12.08 22:12 tuffman007 Hello

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2021.12.08 22:12 AngryDuck1313 Main Eni in Illyzael thinking of changing class

I started playing back in February, I play Eniripsa on Illyzael, now level 151.
I am getting bored, and feel like healing is useless. I love to play support in games normally but here I heard that at lvl 200 healing is not helpful. I used to love Panda in 1.29 for the support with placement. I am thinking of switching class.
When I first started the game, 2 class interested me, Xelor and Eni, especially for the 2 AP I can give allies..
Now can some people tell me if Xelor is good in PvM or in Dreams?
Or if you can tell me that Eni is more usefull or fun later too?
And yes I know Xelor is more complicated, I've been watching tutorials since I play because it look cool.
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2021.12.08 22:12 Inorai [Roots and Steel] Chapter 10 - A Good Weapon

[Roots and Steel] Chapter 10 - A Good Weapon
Cover Art| First Chapter | Patreon (~60 chapters available) | Map
The Story Trapped helping the family business instead of hunting fiends, Trellin can't advance within the Hunter's Guild. But when he sneaks out to claim a kill beyond his rank, his rulebreaking puts him dead in the sights of a senior hunter. She offers him a second chance instead of expulsion - join her in the bloody competition for guildmaster. But the contest is tied up in conspiracies and a decade-old murder, and Trellin soon realizes his new benefactor's true goal: Revenge.
I stumbled to a stop, my eyes wide.
The forgeyard stretched out before me.
“Wow,” I breathed, starting to smile. Avira had finally given me a shred of time to myself, and I’d made the most of it. I was no longer sweaty, and my stomach was no longer growling. Refreshed and revitalized, I grinned out across the neatly-arranged, fenced-in yard mounted atop a plateau at the back of the Hunter’s Quarter—and the very back of Mersali.
At the back corner stood the forge itself, belching smoke and heat in dizzying, acrid waves. Racks had been arrayed out from there, loaded up with weapons of every imaginable type. Training dummies stood behind those—and everywhere I looked, I saw hunters. Picking up weapons. Chatting with each other. Whacking at dummies.
A hand settled onto my shoulder, and I jumped. Avira stepped up alongside me. “Don’t just stand there,” she said, grinning mischievously. “Go play. Or shall I call the forgemistress over? She’d be able to-”
“I-I got it,” I said, shooting a look toward the looming, muscular woman hammering away at a fold of steel. A woman like that could snap me in half with her pinky finger, and, well, I already had Avira tormenting me. She didn’t need help.
And so, taking a cautious step forward, I leaned toward the first shelf, peering at its contents. “There’s much.”
I heard her chuckle behind me. “Aye. But, well, it’s not all to be concerned about, is it? Unless you were thinking of learning the spear?”
A laugh bubbled from my chest. “Hardly. No.”
“Still.” Avira strode into the racks, one contemplative hand pressed to her chin. “Now is a good time to take stock.” Her yellow eyes flicked up to meet mine. “I’ll be straight with you. One of the reasons I took you on was your proficiency set. If you’re a defender archetype, that benefits a blademaster like myself.” She patted one of the many knife-hilts at her waist. “I can deal out a fair amount of damage on my own. But for the bigger fiends, I need support. So...There’s flexibility here, but I’d-”
“I’m not planning on changing out of sword and shield,” I said, holding a hand up to stop her. “This is what I picked for myself. I see no reason to change now.”
She chuckled, nodding. “Fair enough. I appreciate that, lad. Still…” She reached out, hoisting up an axe with a wide, razor-sharp blade forged out of blue-tinged, rippling steel. “It needn’t be a sword.”
I fought the urge to puff my cheeks out like a toddler. “Like I said, I-”
“Try some out,” she said, gesturing toward the training dummies. “They’re not to look at, you know. The guards will stop you from running off with any of the merchandise, but you have to hold the blades to really get a feel for them.”
I hesitated, my hand hovering over the axe she extended toward me. She...I believed her, and everyone else seemed perfectly comfortable playing with the weapons, but the axe she held out to me looked expensive enough to pay the city’s taxes on the Roots for an entire year.
Still...She waited, haft extended, until I begrudgingly took it from her.
“Use your aura,” she said, with a final wave. “Treat it just like you would combat.”
“Yeah, I know,” I mumbled. Tightening my grip around the axe, I keyed my aura up.
It was heavy. That was the first thought to cross my mind. I’d gotten quite used to my sword, and now, the difference between it and the axe was a constant annoyance. It was too heavy, and the weight of it was wrong, suspended too far away from me by the length of the wooden handle.
But if Avira wanted me to test the weapons, I would. I sank into a crouch, one arm extended as if holding up an imaginary shield, and launched myself toward the nearest vacant training dummy.
My energy bar flashed, the color passed down through my tattoos. My legs were like pillars of iron, pushing me onward faster and faster. Clumsy weight or not, my axe-arm came up. I grimaced at the sight of my energy bar draining with that, too. Adding weapon-strikes to the maneuvers I had to track and factor in was an added complication I didn’t want.
But when I swung, bringing the axe-blade down hard, it sheared halfway through the training dummy’s straw-and-wood torso with a single blow. My eyes snapped wide open.
A sound drifted over to me, rising above the chatter of the crowd—laughter. I spun, one hand wrapped around the haft of the still-trapped axe. “W-What?”
Avira stood a few paces away, leaning against one of the weapon racks. “The added weight will take some getting used to,” she said. “Weighted weapons are traditionally introduced once a hunter receives their iron-tag. Which puts you right on schedule, lad.”
“I’m not-”
“They’re trickier to wield,” she said—and reached behind her back, taking hold of the double-long sword strapped there. The tang of her aura coming alive prickled at my wrist.
I gaped at the sight of her angling it down, drawing it out. The sheath had been cut at the bottom, I realized, which was surely the only way such a feat was possible. Foot after foot, she slid it free, until at last she stood, the naked steel extending away from her.
All too casually, she lifted it, giving a quick, sharp chop. The whoosh of it swinging through the air sent ripples through the grass. “The added weight makes them slower, and it means your energy will drain if you try to use it for larger, stronger strikes.”
“Yeah, exactly,” I mumbled, looking down at the axe I held. “I don’t like it.”
“But in exchange,” she continued, shooting a look my way, “the blows you make with it, reinforced with your aura, can cut through even the strongest of hides. No scales will stand in your way. No chitin will stay your blade.” She gave a lopsided, one-shouldered shrug. “In time, anyway. It takes practice to master.”
Her lecture complete, she started the laborious process of resheathing her blade. I just wrinkled my nose, walking back to the assorted weapons, and settled the axe back into place. “Not...That one’s not right for me.”
Avira rolled her eyes, but the smile on her lips seemed genuine. “Very well. How about the mace?”
The mace was no better, I soon discovered. The weight of it was fine—having the steel concentrated into a flanged head atop a wooden shaft wasn’t much better than the axe, but the shaft wasn’t as long. None of that changed the fact the mace was a crushing, striking weapon. I had trained on the sword, meant to slash and cut. The dissimilar motions grated against my habits.
“Fine,” Avira muttered as I put the mace back down, and she strode toward a new rack. “A sword, then. Message received.”
Three swords, in fact. I tried three different variations, in total. The first Avira lovingly called a chopper, caressing the blade as she passed it over to me. The blade was more akin to a hunk of unpolished metal, with only a single edge ground into its side. As long as my arm, the thing was shockingly heavy—which I discovered the first time I tried to swing it. With a single cut, it sheared straight through the arm of my unlucky wooden target, but my arm ached with even that first blow. Worse still, my aura took a precipitous dip, flashing a warning.
Avira’s grin turned down into a scowl when I handed it back, It wasn’t right.
Next, I grabbed myself a longsword, closer to what Avira carried. Well. Not that long. The blade was slender and graceful, beautiful enough to put a smile on my face when I lifted it from the rack. I flicked it out, starting to grin. Yes, my energy bar shrank with every movement I made, and yes, the hunter-mark on the back of my hand was already flashing a warning yellow, but I had to look totally awesome. I was a hunter, a swordsman, a-
My wrist flicked a bit too far—and the over-long blade swung wildly, shearing through the leather wrapping on the target dummy. My arm went wide, and so did my eyes. “H-Hells,” I muttered, grabbing hold of the hilt with my other hand to steady it before I cut one of the many hunters crowded around.
“Not like that, lad,” I heard Avira sigh—but her words vanished under a muted bellow from somewhere else.
I looked up, my eyes still round, in time to see the forgemistress bearing down on me. Her chin was up, her braided hair flying out behind her. Within seconds, she was right there on top of me.
“Not that one,” she growled, and before I could so much as react, she’d yanked the blade from my hand. “It’s too long for a cub like you. You’ll hurt yourself.”
“B-But,” I said, shooting a look toward Avira. She had a sword half again as long as the thing, and she was well past a head shorter than me. No one was telling her she shouldn’t carry the thing.
The forgemistress wasn’t listening. She plunked the longsword back into its home, pausing for a brief moment to polish my fingerprints from the hilt, then whirled back to me.
“Hand,” she snapped. I don’t know why she bothered asking. She’d grabbed hold of me before she finished saying it, pulling my hand toward hers. Her palm slapped down against mine, squirming and searching.
My face reddened instantly, but just as quickly as it began, it was over. She drew my arm out, frowning to herself as her gaze swept me up and down. “Class?”
“P-Protector,” I squeaked.
“Sword and S-Shield.”
Her nose wrinkled. I didn’t know if that meant she disapproved of my choices, or if she was just deep in thought.
Before I could ask for any sort of clarity, she whirled away, muttering darkly to herself. Once, twice, and then again she paused before a rack, her hands passing over the hilts.
“No,” I heard her mutter, scowling, and shoved something back into place among the other blades. A clatter of metal crashed over the field as whatever had been there collapsed, carrying its fellows down with it.
Her eyes settled onto something, and lit up. She grinned, striding forward, and pushed another hunter out of the way.
My eyes widened at the sight of the blade she held aloft—not tremendously longer than the sword I already carried, but thicker, and with a wider blade. It was...well, it didn’t have the elegant beauty of the longsword, but it looked honest in a way that resonated to my core. Despite my reservations about this whole business, I found myself bouncing on the balls of my feet as the forgemistress strode back over to me.
She thrust it in my direction hilt-first, her ice-blue eyes fixed on mine. “This is yours,” she said.
I took it from her. “W-Well, I guess I can give it a-”
Without another word, she turned on her heel, stalking back toward the forge. The steady clanging of her hammering away at her project resumed.
I lifted the sword, inspecting it. The blade was as wide as I’d thought, a full hand’s width across at the base. It was plain steel, not totally unlike the sword I currently used, but the ripples within its polished edge told an entirely different story. The flat of it had been stained and dyed a complex mix of bronze and brown, painted as though the metal itself was little more than colored mists.
A smile played at my lips. Mists—or bark. “Well played, forgemistress,” I murmured.
“Ah, that was fortunate, wasn’t it?” Avira said, fighting back a laugh. I looked up. She was halfway across to the training dummies again—which explained why she hadn’t gotten caught in the forgemistress’s fervor, I thought sourly.
“A fat lot of help you were,” I said.
She tried to scowl at me, but her lips wouldn’t quite turn down from their grin. The combination of that and her furrowed, stubbornly-sullen brows was enough to make me start laughing along with her. “Trust a bladesmith, Trellin,” she said at last, shaking her head. “They spend their lives working the metal, hammering it into its final form to perfectly suit its owner. If she says that blade is right for you, well…” She gestured toward the dummies. “Best give it a go.”
I nodded. Raising the blade at the ready, I settled back into my crouch, savoring the feel of it in my hand.
Over and over again, I struck, falling back into the rhythm of my training routines. My arm ached almost immediately—the blade was still heavy—but somehow, it felt...right. Akin enough to what I was used to that I could work it, but different enough for me to recognize the refined workmanship. The purpose. With a blade like this, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about overextending myself. I wouldn’t trip over my own feet. I’d stay centered, ready for whatever came at me, from whatever direction it arrived.
Perfect for a protector, of course. I came to a stop at last, fighting to catch my breath, as my energy bar drained to nothing. The first droplets of sweat were just starting to roll down my back.
“That one, then?” Avira said. I looked up, and she wore that crooked grin of hers again. “You were smiling, lad.”
She was right, I knew. “I...I think so. It feels...better.”
“You’d look more impressive with an axe,” Avira muttered.
“No axes.”
She let out a tiny, amused huff. I chuckled, letting my hand fall at last. My energy bar flickered once, then started to recover. “It’ll take some getting used to. The weight of it...I’m going to have to adjust.”
“You’ll have to get stronger,” Avira said. She was still smiling, but her expression had turned more serious. “It’ll come with time. It always does.” She reached out to the side, brushing her fingers against the hilt of her sword. “It’ll be hard at the beginning, but...before you know it, it’ll be like another part of yourself.”
I nodded, crossing to the rack the forgemistress had so hurriedly plucked the blade from. Its sheath waited there, shaped from the leather of the same bronzed color. I slid the sword down into it, and my smile widened at the perfect fit of it. “I’m sure. I’ll get used to it.”
“You’ll get used to this, too.”
My head came up. I lurched, fumbling, as something small and hard bounced off my chest. A rock. No—a whetstone.
“W-What’s this?” I mumbled, lifting the stone. “I know how to sharpen my weapon, Avira.”
“You’d better,” she said levelly. “You’re about to get much better at it. The heavier weapons mean you get extra chopping power, but their edges will suffer for it. It probably hasn’t been an issue for you in the lower ranks, has it?”
“No,” I said, faltering. The whetstone rested there in my palm, perfectly innocent. “But then, you’re saying-”
“Most hunters have to tune up mid-fight,” Avira said. “It’ll be easier with the two of us there to make opportunities for the other. I’ll teach you that too, lad. Now, come on.”
“What, there’s more?” I said, before I could stop myself. “B-But, I’ve got my sword.”
Avira snorted. “What, did I bond with a duelist? I think not. I found myself a protector. And unless you’ve got something to protect yourself with, this bond won’t last very long.” She jerked her chin, already stepping away.
“It’s time for the second half.”
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2021.12.08 22:12 rus_pi Little Olivia being a 🍞

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2021.12.08 22:12 kaamibackup ULPT: School deadline coming up and got nothing to submit? Submit a corrupt file to gain yourself some more time!

We’ve all been there. Deadline coming up for a project or assignment and we haven’t even started. There’s this website called where you can upload a file and it will corrupt it for you. You can then submit this corrupted file into the necessary Dropbox online.
When the teacher or professor tries to open it, they’ll realize you have fulfilled your obligation by submitting it. It will obviously fail to open as a result of the corruption but as far as they know, it’s not your fault and you thus don’t deserve to be penalized for this.
Files get corrupted all the time on their own when uploading or downloading. Any decent teacher won’t assume it’s on you.
By the time they notice and get back to you, you would have finished your assignment and can send them the “correct” file for them to grade. All without being penalized for submitting late.
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2021.12.08 22:12 Itz_zukomi Plz read?

Hello! I'm in need of diamonds. Can anyone help me? I will trade you stuff ( fair trade )
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2021.12.08 22:12 zoowhop How to politely tell California's to keep their politics in their state?

Before you downvote read the post. I'm originally from California but I left when I was 15 I've seen the place I know decline into 3rd world conditions. Progressive policies are often good intended and sound great on paper but lead to disastrous results we can see everyday. I live in Texas now and see the beginning as more California's move in my city is actually the number 1 destination for Californians. How can I remind these people we gave shelter to that do not vote for the same place you fled? There's a growing trend to change Texas into a liberal hellhole but with growing popularity of keep Texas red growing how can I support these politics without offending someone's firmly held beliefs and their beliefs of their own moral superiority?
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2021.12.08 22:12 Cheezeduudle December 2021 Mod Memo

Hello everyone!
Back with our regular mod memo at the beginning of every even month. These posts are to encourage two-way conversation between the mods and the community, giving updates on policy changes and hearing any concerns you might have about the game. For reference, our Code of Conduct can be found HERE and guides all TagPro policy. You can also find the Code of Conduct on the TagPro homepage.
What’s new: Ban decay: - Long requested and supported by both mods and the community but complicated to implement. Ban decay involves the removal of old bans and mutes after a period of good behavior and was set to become a feature “in the near future” 5.5 years ago. More recently, we have finally come up with a solution that will go into effect by the end of the year. Due to discrepancies between mod tools and mod scripts we are unable to implement ban decay with the current infrastructure that would run automatically, this is the primary reason for the delay. Instead, ban decay will be opt-in and will require players to “request” decay using a discord bot, at which point we will manually apply decay to those who are eligible. To improve visibility and provide more in-depth instructions there will be a separate post to this subreddit when we are ready to begin receiving requests, if you would like to get a head start you can do so by typing !verify in the general chat of our Official TagPro Discord and follow the prompts. Players will be eligible for ban&mute decay after 6 months with no bans and no mutes and will have additional bans and mutes removed for each additional 3 months with no offenses. Players without accounts will not be eligible for ban decay.
Mute forgiveness: - In addition to implementing decay, we realize that a lot has changed in the mute structure recently and that overall there are a lot of players with bad histories who have since come around and are no longer problem players. With the help of our developers, we will be setting the mute count to 0 for all accounts whose last mute ended more than 1 year ago. This is a different process from decay and does not require an opt-in, it will be done automatically. We will also be setting the mute count of all players with more than 10 mutes down to exactly 10 (unless it is forgiven to 0 as explained) to make decay a realistic goal for players and to better integrate the following change to mute lengths. Players with active mutes at a count of 11 or more at the time of this post will have to serve the remainder of their mute but will be set to 10 when it expires.
Changes to the mute structure: - The biggest challenge we face while writing policy is trying to discourage long time problem players while not over-punishing day to day players when they slip up. With decay and mute forgiveness we are working away from over-punishment for non-problem players, the other side of this is increased punishments for players who choose to continue reoffending. Effective today, the 11th mute earned for any reason (keep in mind that everyone above 10 has been reset to 10) will result in a 2 month true mute. The 12th mute earned for any reason will result in a 12 month true mute. These are available for appeal and reduction as with any mute and are intended for players who have shown that they do not care where the line is drawn and often end up muted within hours of their previous mute expiring. There will be no change to the lengths of bans at this time.
Changes to the mod team: - We are sad to announce that long-time mod n00b will be retiring from the team after more than 6 years with us. We part on nothing but good terms and appreciate the guidance, effort, and personality she brought to the team, we will miss you n00b! On the other end, Catalyst has been officially added to the team with the intention of better integrating our tools through his role as Future Group Developer and so he can’t complain about me messaging him every week about new things I want to happen.
Things we are aware of: The replay extension is still broken: - After a recent (large) update was pushed to production servers we discovered that the staple TagPro Replays Extension is no longer functioning due to the new tile types added to the game. A solution has been created but we have not yet had any success reaching the creators of the extension for this fix to be added to the extension everyone has installed now. While we continue to sort this out we encourage everyone to install the VCR script which was recently updated to allow clipping straight from your replays. If you are new to scripts there is a walkthrough in our discord server as well as plenty of people who can help! Please note that VCR files can still be sent to the mod team unclipped for us to use the same way we have accepted recordings in the past.
Chat related to drug abuse/misuse: - At the request of a community member we have recently discussed the topic of drug misuse and players who might encourage or promote harmful use of drugs and alcohol. We decided that the current wording in our Code of Conduct covers all cases involving encouragement or promotion of drug or alcohol use that is likely or certain to cause real bodily harm to the user or to others. If you have any questions or concerns related to this topic please reach out so we can discuss and elaborate if needed. We don’t see many instances of this and we hope that remains true in the future.
In closing: Community Moderation: -We see a lot but we do not see everything. Please remember to make use of the report system for players going against the Code of Conduct, use the !mods command in game chat to call mods to your game for time-sensitive conflicts, and make use of the above VCR script to send us clips of players breaking the rules (and make some sweet montages). It takes everyone to build a supportive and friendly community and we hope that you will help us achieve that goal!
Thank you for reading, now it is time to turn things over to you. Have a policy recommendation you want us to consider? Not happy with something in the CoC? Concerned about a trend you have noticed recently? Want us to work with the developer team to implement something? This is the place to let us know. I encourage everyone to comment below but feel free to message me privately if that is more comfortable. Please keep in mind that the moderation team does not control things like base gameplay, map rotation, flairs, servers, or events so we may not be able to address every concern.
Link to previous announcements: October 2021, August 2021, June 2021, April 2021, February 2021, December 2020
-Cheezedoodle and the Moderation team
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2021.12.08 22:12 DICKA_Romeo [WTB] Genuine Save Phace Grunt Style Goggles

Hey all, title says it all.
The less wear on them the better
Looking to spend up to $28 for mint condition.
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2021.12.08 22:12 Accomplished-Issue89 Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl?

And why
View Poll
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2021.12.08 22:12 Useful-Lifeguard2043 "Michael Franzese is full of BALONEY!" -Kevin Maher reaction blog

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2021.12.08 22:12 teamunefy UNH researcher says seaweed may reduce methane from cow belches

UNH researcher says seaweed may reduce methane from cow belches Researchers across the Northeast are investigating whether feeding cows locally sourced seaweed can improve the quality of their milk while also reducing...
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2021.12.08 22:12 AnalTuberculosis discord_irl

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2021.12.08 22:12 BadJoke-Bot who would win in a rap battle Mr. Rogers or Bob Ross? why?

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2021.12.08 22:12 Flervio I made the event for HoI4's Soviet Civil War better

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2021.12.08 22:12 Minecraft_Momentz_ Lava Netherite Sword

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2021.12.08 22:12 No_Detective8161 5 more days! I can't wait for our man, Itto. Anyway this is my pre farming for him and I'm aiming at least C3. Please let me win 50/50 until C3. I really really love him no matter what people talking trash or sh*t about him. And also how's your pre farming for Itto so far guys? ^^

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2021.12.08 22:12 NeedleworkerFar3380 It's funny when people beg

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2021.12.08 22:12 Historical_Scheme_47 Abmeabi sexi 🔥🔥🔥

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