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Alt Tabbing issues

2021.12.08 22:31 8Bitwolves Alt Tabbing issues

Game is randomly Alt-tabbing anywhere from a few times an hour to a few times a game.
Things I've tried:

Any NEW suggestions would be much appreciated. Going to try and reinstall discord to see if that changes absolutely anything. Maybe something with chrome next? Unsure.
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2021.12.08 22:31 jaydog9696 Once a rebel chapter 2

Chapter 2
If Kendra'ha was a human, many would say she was going stir crazy. She had been cooped up in this sensor station for months, and while they had weely time off there was very little to do. You get 'Crash' - the base's shuttle pilot - to fly you to one of the cities, but that was only if you wanted to spend most of your time off in a shuttle, and they weren't allowed to land at the smaller towns and villages anymore. After some stupid bitch down south had her shuttle stolen by rebels, Command had cracked down at landing in 'unauthorized zones'.
That left the on base activities; they had Wall-ball, Perzaak, and some human movies. Though the latter was not as fun as it sounded, for some reason when the L.T. asked a human friend for some movie suggestions to help pass the time, She had returned with a collection of the sappiest movies of all time. If Kendra'ha had to watch 'The Bridges over Madison County' or '50 First Dates' or, Empress forbid, 'THE NOTEBOOK' one more time she was going to pitch the human "TV" off of the shuttle pad. Mamma Mia was ok, but that was only because she liked to sing along with the songs.
So she was outside trying to enjoy the fresh air, made only slightly irritated by the uncomfortable cold and the perpetually happy Raffel. Kendra'ha didn't understand why the Rakiri was so happy recently. Her usual hunting trip had all bean failures, much to the chagrin of her fellow Marines.
Raffels hunts had broken up the monotony slightly, and while the meat wasn't good - especially to the Shil'vati palette - it was interesting and marginally better than the normal provisions. Goddess, she wished someone who could cook would get posted here, and was male, and wanted to fuck.
As Kendra'ha sat with her legs dangling over the cliff the outpost was built on, she daydreamed of a Shil'vati man cooking breakfast wearing an apron and little else. The other members of Aerial Surveillance Outpost 31 who weren't working, were playing wall-ball. The teams were The Lieutenant Kora, and the Shil'vati sisters Jiba and Sh'all against the massive seven-and-a-half foot tall black furred Rakiri called Taik'ya, her Shil'vati shift-mate Lestee'a, and the outpost mechanic Zenzmaturamaters… or "Zips'' as everyone called her.
Wall-ball was a lot like volleyball, minus the net. There was a line painted on the flat cliff face the group had picked. You had to bounce the ball off the wall above the line then the other team had to do the same. If the ball touched the ground or you bounced it below the line it was a point for the other team, this continued until a team got 30 points. You can't catch the ball or hit it twice in a row. The game was also supposed to be no contact, but the Marines had elected to disregard that rule.
"Point!" LesTee'a called picking the ball off the ground and tossing it to the L.T.
"Come on Jiba!" She shouted encouragingly at her younger sister who had tried to dive for the ball, and was currently lying face down on the ground in defeat. "We're only 3 points behind"
"It's not fair!" she cried standing up, "Taik'ya is way too tall!"
The Rakiri in question was trying to look as innocent as possible. The L.T. served the ball and she once again used her height to send the ball on a downwards angle causing the other team to have to dive for it.
"Not this time you overgrown Furball!" Sh'all shouted in victory
"That's not very nice! What would your father-" Zips responded in her teammates defense , punching at the ball,"-say if he heard you talk like that?"
"Our dad's light-years' away!" Jiba responded, setting up the L.T to spike the ball.
"To bad!" Lestee'a - the oldest of the group - teased "From the picture i've seen he'd be a treat to have around!"
" Eww, Gross!" Jiba shouted turning blue
Sh'all just rolled her eyes. This happened every time their dad was brought up, at least ever since Zips had gotten ahold of the picture her sister had kept in her locker. Said picture had made the rounds between most of the Marines at the outpost by this point, an unsettling prospect for the pair - to have their father serving as possible rub-fuel for the team.
"Come on now" Zips chimed in "He's only got your two moms to keep him company, could probably use a nice strong, young new wife"
"Or two." LesTee'a added.
"Or three." Taik'ya responded to everyone's shock. It was an uncharacteristic jab for the usually quiet Rakiri's, which caused Jiba to miss the ball.
All but the sisters bursts out laughing at the remark, annoyed glances being shot around by the duo.
"Hahaha you could start calling her Momma now!" Zips weezed between breaths.
"And she could tuck you into your bunks at night." LesTee'a said with a giggle, struggling to stand.
The sisters stared at the Rakiri who was looking quite pleased with herself. They then looked at the L.T. - the woman usually got them to cut it out - but she was busy doing her best to hold back laughter, only letting out the occasional chuckle. The sisters then looked at eachother nodded and tackled the off guard Rakiri.
"I'm never calling any of you MOMMA!" Jiba cried, going for the legs as her sister went for the giant's torso.
The three landed in a pile and Zips quickly joined, not wanting to be left out.
L.T couldn't hold it anymore she burst out laughing as the dog pile rolled in the dirt
"They're pent-up Ma'am," Lieutenant Kora stood at attention in the control room.
Captain Risman was not impressed that she had to fill out an accident report for an injury that happened unders her second in command's supervision.
"Pent-up? So they have taken to knocking out each other's teeth?" The Captain scolded loudly, clearly incensed by her units' overwhelming lack of military bearing.
The dog pile had ended when a stray elbow had collided with Sh'alls mouth, dislodging one of her teeth. She was now being flown to the base in Vancouver to have it replaced.
"The brass is very curious about how we had such an injury. They thought the local rebels might have attacked!" The commanding officer continued, scoffing at the annoying situation.
The idea of there being locals, let alone local rebels on her outpost was laughable. She took this posting because it was in the middle of nowhere, and that meant she would have to do very little… When her subordinates weren't injuring each other, at least.
"What do you suppose I should tell them? Perhaps my Girls have too much free time on their hands?" She was hoping for the L.T. to come up with a better solution than double shifts, but unfortunately, no better ideas had come to mind.
"NO!" The lieutenant cried before she regained her composure. Continuing, she cleared her throat: "I mean no Ma'am. The girls are just antsy. We haven't had any activity for a year and being so far from anywhere is starting to get to them. The Rakiri are fine, however, they seem to enjoy the surrounding forest and open land."
Raffel’s ear twitched slightly in irritation as she sat at the nearby Comms station at that comment.
"But the Shil'vati girls need to get out and blow off some steam Ma'am '' L.T. continued
"So take the shuttle and go to Calgary, all of the Marines on this outpost have had that option available." The Captain said,e aiming a scowl at the Lieutenant. She herself often went to the city to partake in the 'entertainment' district.
The L.T. knew of these week long trips that the Captain took, and knew she wouldn't understand that two days wasn't enough time to really unwind. Hell, after the travel time you barely had 24 hours to find a place and get some fun in before you had to pack up again. But how was she supposed to explain that to the Noble born Captain without sounding disrespectful?
Sincerely hoping the Lieutenant would solve her problem for her, Risman stared at the officer. When it became apparent she didn't have the answer to give, the Captain spoke:
"I'm going to inform the brass that Private Sh'all's injury occurred during our new weekly hand to hand drills," She pointed her finger at the Lieutenant, continuing, "Weekly hand to hand drills that you will personally instruct from this point forward." She stood up from her chair and made to leave the room.
"Yes Ma'am!" The L.T. answered in response. She sat down in the recently vacated seat, apparently her shift was starting… an hour early.
Raffel was torn after hearing the L.T. 's reaming. She had intended to keep Philips existence a secret of omission. But if things were really getting to a boiling point, it was her duty to help them. She also wasn’t sure about Philip. He was nice, if a bit awkward, but he almost certainly fought against the Shil’vati. He never admitted to it and always danced around the subject, but she knew. The cobbled together gun and the robotic arm spoke volumes.
Raffel, the Lieutenant, and Linhe sat in the control room in awkward silence for almost an hour. Until Raffel stood and walked to the command seat. The Lieutenant looked up from the new training regime she was making.
"What?" She asked, more harshly than intended.
"I have found a place while hunting" Raffel hesitant for a second "It may help the others 'Blow off steam'."
"I appreciate you trying to help Raffel," she lamented, "But I'm not sure your idea of fun is the same as theirs''
Some of the girls had gone with the Rakiri on her hunting trips, but Shil'vati just didn't get the same enjoyment out of the outdoors as Raffel. Hell, even Taik'ya didn't enjoy the mountain and forest nearly as much as the smaller Raffel. Taik'ya had even told L.T. that Raffel was extreme even by Rakiri standards. None of this bothered L.T., however; Raffel was the only one whom she never needed to worry about keeping out of trouble.
Raffel pretended to look disappointed. She knew what the L.T. and the others thought of her. Being from the reaches L.T. probably thought she wanted to show them a swimming hole or a cave. She suppressed a mischievous smile.
"Right Ma'am," she said a half heartedly as she could "I guess the human beer is an acquired taste." she couldn't help but let her tail wag slightly as the look of realization and embarrassment came across the Lieutenants face.
The Shil'vati clawed her way towards the tree line with her one good arm. There was so much less of her than there should be. Her legs and her right arm along with most of her guts had been spread across the road and she was leaving a trail of blue blood in her wake.
Philip walked towards her with a calm determination he couldn't explain.
She looked up, seeing him approach and redoubled her effort as she clawed at the ground desperately, her fingers bleeding as she tore out her fingernails trying to outcrawl the avatar of death that followed her.
"DAD!" She cried as tears and blood clouded her vision "Dad I'm sorry!" She made the treeline. But her hope was crushed as she felt the strong hand grab her and turn her over "NO!" She screamed trying to tell her arms to fight and her feet to run.
But then she looked at him with those golden eyes. He saw her give up, saw the hope leave those eyes.
"I'm sorry dad … I shouldn't have left home." she spoke shakily, tears forming in the corners of her eyes
Philip raised his rifle and fired. He watched for a second and watched life leave those eyes. Those golden eyes.
Philip woke in a cold sweat, panicked as he threw himself upright, and then tried to stabilize himself with his non-existent arm, as he fell out of the bed. He sat there on the floor panting for a minute, trying to push the thought of those eyes out of his head. Of course he couldn't.
He reached for his arm, which sat with his leg on their charging pad next to his bed. He reattached both limbs and quickly grabbed his boots, pants, and a shirt. He checked the time; 4:13 am.
The Henderson's cabin needed to be demolished, and he had been putting it off till he really needed it. He ran to grab a sledgehammer from the shed. If he was busy he didn't have time to think. He needed to be busy. He ran down the still dark road towards the burnt building. It wasn't working.
"Come on Philip you have a lot to do" he said, trying in vain to take his mind off the blood.
"Need to get the work-light out" he said, the moment of her eyes losing hope playing on repeat in his mind.
"Get a fire going to burn what I can't use." He self-directed, feeling that empty nothing rising from within as he remembered the ambush.
"Come on Philip!" He shouted!
'I'm sorry dad … I shouldn't have left home.'
Why did he learn what those words meant? He remembered the look Fin'a gave him when he asked her. "I'm sorry dad … I shouldn't have left home..." She had said sadly, and now his nightmares had started to translate the words to English, twisting the knife further.
"Fine! if busy won't work, I'll just have to go for tired!" he said the words out loud in hope they would replace his thoughts.
He stormed into the building, not bothering to start the fire or set up the lights. It was dark, but he didn't need to see. He picked a wall and started swinging, his Shil arm doubling the power of his swings. He made quick work of the wall and the next ones.
He looked around at the rubble. He had worked up a sweat and the sun was starting to rise. Tired worked… this time.
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2021.12.08 22:31 SatisfactionOk350 How often does the AI convert counties to their culture or religion?

Pretty much what the title says. Doing a Hispania run and gave away a bunch of my newly conquered territory to knights that fought well for me, and now ~75 years later not a single one (or their heirs) have changed a county. Does the AI eventually do this?
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2021.12.08 22:31 No_Veterinarian_3576 Taxes in US

Hi everyone I have simple question Do I pay taxes on earnings if I sold crypto but not transferred it to my bank account? If yes, why?
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2021.12.08 22:31 johnrock001 Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List

Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-girl-names/
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2021.12.08 22:31 Friday_Lucas What all main characters have in common?

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2021.12.08 22:31 ichbinrollschuhe Question about moving from logo to outdoor sign.

I have design this black and white logo for a business for promo and branding stuff. I am now tasked with further designing the outdoor display sign which will be in color and have maybe some 80's vaporwave throwback text effects.
The owners are still shopping around for a sign company and have not decided the final sign type e.g. full backlight or individual components. What are some things I should keep in mind when doing this? What questions should I have them ask the sign company?
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2021.12.08 22:31 Project_ECO How to get smooth body?

Hey hey! So I'm not really a femboy, but I hate having body hair (literally any hair below my neck bothers me) and constantly shaving is of course a pain in the butt, what are some better options? Should I get Nair?
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2021.12.08 22:31 MSOTruliever Canadian Securities Exchange plans new tier with stricter listing rules, opens door to ETFs

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2021.12.08 22:31 NerveNegative6151 Transfering Between Sections

I am trying to transfer to a different section for one of my course but it says the section is already full. What is the best chances for me to get into the section? Do I email the department or the Professor? Thank you!!
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2021.12.08 22:31 mindful20something IBS / GERD

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2021.12.08 22:31 Skyyg TIL if you get to The Angler on your first character, after you win the first round he will just cheat

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2021.12.08 22:31 zemogwai [WTS] JMAC RRD-2C 26F X37 with JMAC blast shield (TX)

New $160 shipped. Will work with ZPAP rifles/pistols. Perfect suppressor use.
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2021.12.08 22:31 johnrock001 Most OP Anime Characters - Strongest Anime Characters

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2021.12.08 22:31 New-Junket-5599 H: MouthMan Throne BP W: Offers

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2021.12.08 22:31 Oscar5434xdx What's more the more popular style of assassins creed game?

Do you prefer the newer style of assassins creed games. They are more RPG based and you typically fight health-bars instead of enemies. The world's are humongous and could be seen as more detailed and alive. The more 'traditional' style of assassins creed games, in my opinion, have more stealth and a full fledged parkour system. The traditional style is counted as pre-origin. Some could argue that the series is having an identity crisis or some could say it's evolving into what it always wanted to be, nevertheless what's your favourite?
Try not to let nostalgia bias your opinion too much.
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2021.12.08 22:30 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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