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Sitting pretty before being your sissy maid 💋

2021.12.08 23:17 ClassyMantle Sitting pretty before being your sissy maid 💋

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2021.12.08 23:17 Classic-Trainer-8860 DA games is grunt from madness combat confirmed!?

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2021.12.08 23:17 peachy_2 It’s hump day. 💕

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2021.12.08 23:17 Magpie_tamer One of my ribs is lower than the others and sticks out more, I find it giving me pain while sitting frequently. Is it just a weird rib?

age: 31 sex: M weight: 110lbs Height 5'8
I've been having this problem for a couple of years, and it's been getting worse, it can be rather uncomfortable, and I find myself stretching to the right to try and relieve it. It's a bit hard to describe.
I took this photo where you can see, it's on the left side that has the issue.
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2021.12.08 23:17 Xpinkkbunnyyx Leaving my 10 month old with a nanny for up to two hours 3x/week

I’ve never left him before. The only other time I left him was with his dad for 3 hours and he did great.. I’m an anxious mess just thinking about leaving him but I need to take care of my mental health and get back into the gym. I am having the nanny over for the first month 3x a week while I stay home and do chores or we all play together so he gets used to her. Please tell me your experiences with leaving your babies at home with a sitter for a few hours a few times a week. Did you notice any change in your baby? Was it beneficial for them? It’ll probably be harder on me than it will be on him but still..
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2021.12.08 23:17 SwoleNads When an FPS main plays Phasmophobia

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2021.12.08 23:17 thousand56 Got my badge of honor from someone on the main sub after saying wattson heirloom is good

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2021.12.08 23:17 entalert Sold out at the OCS (Wednesday, 9:16 p.m. EST)

😢 Gone (for now)
Product Price
Slurricane 3.5g by Kolab Project $11.41/g
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.12.08 23:17 ClarkesBoutaine Mastered Preview of Lolla Martinelli @ Le Moulin Full soon on RED

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2021.12.08 23:17 jd15dj Discuss below. Which are better: hard shell tacos or soft shell tacos?

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2021.12.08 23:17 ShootingSun Why/Is Winter Break Skyler so hard to find?

I wasted a stupid amount of time on one of my precious few days off trying driving to two different Targets trying to find her. One supposedly had her 'in limited amounts', or however they phrase it online, but she was nowhere to be found. An employee checked the sku number or whatever, and she came up empty.
Are collectors in other areas not seeing her on shelves? Is she the most popular, or one of the more popular of that series? I've been looking once in a while over the past couple of weeks at various stores. The last time I saw her was at a Kohl's a month ago, where they had at least 3 in stock. That was the first time I saw her in person, and the first time I ever took an interest in her.
It doesn't really matter now, because I gave in to doing the logical thing and simply bought her online from Walmart, where she happens to currently be on sale. I'm just curious as to her availability or lack thereof, and to how she 'ranks' among the Winter Break dolls.
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2021.12.08 23:17 ghybers TIL that Kerin Bell is in the NFL HoF and has the highest career passer rating in the NFL

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2021.12.08 23:17 Santafea CNBC story was great- I hope they follow up. There’s a a lot of nuances to everyone’s experience. Like, what happens with our false taxation transaction histories? Not like the IRS is going to be okay with nonsense coming from Coinbase

Barely touched the facts of Coinbase’s manipulated charts, data, and histories in GYEN that persist on their exchange accounts still. Or, the huge volume spike, after the freeze, using investor funds to stabilize GYEN. That’s the real story. A trusted NASDAQ company engaged in gross negligence and possible fraud
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2021.12.08 23:17 Best_Artichoke3315 Shadowplay issue

i have my game in borderless and shadowplay just records the desktop and not the borderless game for some reason, even if i put the game in fullscreen and i save it, it just shows the desktop in the recording. .-.
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2021.12.08 23:17 piratepilates Kendall didn’t die. Talk about something else!

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2021.12.08 23:17 notagentcooper Naomi's thoughts on our current pandemic

Haven't made it through all of Leviathan Falls, but was interested in hearing your take on Naomi's thoughts on going Dutchman in Chapter Six. In it, she reflects on the difference between individual risks/rights and threats to the larger community around pages 65-66 in the hardcover version. For example:
"The colony worlds were acting like their safety could exist separate from the wellbeing of all the other systems and ships. It couldn't be so hard to see how accepting a little restriction and regulation could benefit everyone." (p. 66)
I'm not asking about the politics (mask/anti-mask, vax/anti-vax etc) but more about if you felt that fit into the chapter or not? Or if it added much? This page or two just stood out to me tonally without adding a whole lot of new insight.
I was also wondering if it might have been the authors telegraphing to the audience to get on board with community mindedness. (I.e., a Belter would think of others; so if you want to be like a Belter...)
I'm not trying to complain; I just don't know many other folks who are reading the book and wanted to hear your opinions! 👍
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2021.12.08 23:17 Mrmgb MK8 GTI test drive

So today I test drove a MK8 GTI manual in red and this is my impression :
- interior : Touch control aren't that bad and I can see myself getting use to this quickly and even liking it. (I also work in IT and in general always ready to opt in for new tech and discover).
Sterring wheel does have a good grip and nicely thick, the heating is really good also.
Plad seats are really comfy, keep you in place, nicely heated and in general best seat I did try. In general the interior doesn't really feel cheap to me and I like that the look is clean. The digital gage was also really nice.
- driving : Roads were icy so that limit a bit this test but was easy to test the diff and it seems to work very well. Sterring feel isn't amazing (coming from hydraulic) but it is sharp and the ratio is good. Brakes felt good in general no issue there.
The engine does have a lot of torque everywhere and it goes, gearbox and clutch were easy, not a lot of clutch feel but the shifter felt pretty good (can't really complain we stil get a decent manual and thats what matter to me) You still get a bit of sound but it's not to much.
In general, while driving it is fun, punchy, feels really solid and sharp, and sometimes you get some pop from the exhaust and it does add some character and it's mainly when you drive hard.

In general I was really happy with the test drive and it's one hell of a car and even more one hell of a daily : a sharp, good looking hatch (the car looks better in person, the red does look a bit darker in person but there wasn't really any sun so that can change), comfy (amazing for tall people) and sporty and the diff on ice or snow does help also (with winter tire) and the price is good (at least in Canada).

I will probably order one, base, manual, no sunroof, in red and enjoy this perfect day hatch in color with a manual and be a happy petrol head. I certainly don't want a grey CVT SUV
I also did test drive a 2022 BRZ and 2019 STI, but as far as a daily and value for money the GTI win for sure and I even got more fun than in the BRZ, FWD can really be good and fun. The STI is more fun, but cost more in every way and is harsh, doesn't feel as nice and don't come as a hatch. And the 2022 WRX I don't think I even need to talk about it...
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2021.12.08 23:17 qwerrewqasdffdsa Tendon cyst

I (20M, 122lbs) have tendon cyst on my index finger and was wondering if the paraffin wax treatment would be effective (also possible side effects too?).
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2021.12.08 23:17 TyTyCrewZ are you macgdonals

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2021.12.08 23:17 Mysterious-Status546 Katiana Kay shacking big boobs Video

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2021.12.08 23:17 lifeLolLol Hu tao has found a more convenient way to catch qiqi thanks the new event

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2021.12.08 23:17 arsenicandaconite More Baby Bat pics from 1994-1997

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2021.12.08 23:17 shawnaj89 My brother finds the way I tear off the corner of candy bags mildly infuriating.

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2021.12.08 23:17 kabooken Switched to MSI motherboard, boot device menu empty?

So I upgraded my pc by replacing the motherboard/processor, (MAD B550 Tomahawk) but now the BIOS can't find the boot drive.
There shouldn't be anything weird with my drive, I was running standard Windows 10 this morning. It is connected to the mobo with a SATA cable
BIOS can identify the drive just fine if I go to Settings/System Status. When I hold f11 to enter the boot device menu, there is nothing to select.
I've already flashed a new bios version to the mobo, and my boot drive is the only drive connected.
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2021.12.08 23:17 ogismyname Robinhood Free Stock

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