mr starter pack

2021.10.20 00:10 Wasp_Rick70 mr starter pack

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2021.10.20 00:10 Squinters8 Bagley’s Agent on Bagley’s Situation in SAC

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2021.10.20 00:10 vg7965 Canadians, were you able to buy airline tickets with your CDC card?

Basically title...
I tried buying my tickets online with my ruby card and got error prompts. This was with WestJet directly through their website.
Funds were loaded and available/international use turned on.
Anyone else have this problem?
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2021.10.20 00:10 Alleycat_Central Since Sora is in Smash, I made Sea Salt Ice Cream, Enjoy!

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2021.10.20 00:10 maddyrosefu is it against our contract to staple a note to the customer's bag?

i want to write something simple like "thank you! have a great day!"
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2021.10.20 00:10 Legitimate_While6195 someone please tell Troy and Jerry this works!!! I'm testing now if they want results

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2021.10.20 00:10 Still_Log641 Dm me to jerk on camera

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2021.10.20 00:10 DragonTek21 Right game?

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2021.10.20 00:10 SlitWrit I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time

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2021.10.20 00:10 okafour One meme for every chapter: 8

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2021.10.20 00:10 Bangbrooms Help Please.

I can't log into PU. I logged out of my ships bed not knowing that was a known bug. Have tried every suggestion of fix on this app but no good. Even deleted user file still won't work. Please help I just bought a freaking constellation I just wanna play this freaking game
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2021.10.20 00:10 Pingo-Pongo Two weeks in. Checking out my tiny lil vellus hairs, excited to see what’s coming!

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2021.10.20 00:10 Apprehensive-Car3624 how can i be honest with my friend without upsetting him?

this is going to be a bit of a long post, so i apologize. a tl;dr will be at the bottom in case it is.
i don't want to give out any names or ages in fear of this somehow biting me in the ass, but basically, i'm in a pretty rough situation with my best friend and i don't know how to go about talking to him about it without him getting upset.
whenever me, him and his girlfriend all hang out together, he never wants to do ANYTHING. he literally tells us he just wants to sit and do nothing and there have literally been times when we've been out and he's complained about wanting to go home so we can do nothing. this normally wouldn't be an issue, but it is (for me) for a few reasons.
1. whenever we're just sitting at his house doing nothing, he either almost always ends up just falling asleep for hours and it's a pain in the ass to wake him up, or we just end up legitimately doing NOTHING - we don't talk, react, ANYTHING - just quite literally nothing. we also just sit in the same room every time. 2. he's very affectionate with his girlfriend to the point where it makes me uncomfortable, and i sometimes want to leave because of it. i've told him this a few times, and he said he would tone it down, but he never did. it's pretty unbearable when we're at his house. 3. his girlfriend and i are very outgoing people - we're the type of people who like to do things and go hit the town and stuff, but we never do because he never wants to do anything. another big problem is that when we are genuinely honest with him and tell him that we're bored of just sitting here literally doing nothing, he gets upset. i know a big part of hanging out with your friends is not doing anything, but if i haven't stressed it enough - we literally do NOTHING. nothing. nada. that really sucks for me because i never get to do anything at home because i don't live in a very fun town, so all i really do is sit in my room and do nothing there too. i thought hanging out with them would give me a way to actually go out and do fun things with my friends, but it doesn't. when i'm here, i feel like i never left my bedroom at all.
how do i talk to him about this in a politely honest way that won't upset him? because this whole situation makes his girlfriend annoyed and it almost makes me annoyed. any advice is appreciated.
(tl;dr: my best friend never wants to go anywhere or do anything and it annoys us)
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2021.10.20 00:10 Moon_squid How do you gather internal customer feedback?

Hello hello!
Just as the title says, I'm curious how you gather feedback from internal customers. We've done usability tests and interviews and surveys. I'm looking for something I can use to create a baseline measurement of satisfaction to measure against before and after launching new features and/or iterations. I've seen some articles about adapting the NPS or CSE. Thoughts? Thank you in advance! You all are always super helpful.
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2021.10.20 00:10 SoonToBeAnIntern Emailing a program director

Hey guys I wanted to ask if it’s okay to email a program director for a research opportunity. I’m genuinely interested in it, but I don’t want it to look tacky. Like I’m trying to get advantage of something lol. I’m not even applying to this match. Idk, I read somewhere that’s a little tricky emailing program directors. What’s your advice
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2021.10.20 00:10 El_Taco_Sloth Polygon T8 vs. ???

I think I've settled on the T8 for my first full suspension. But wanted to see if there's anything more bang for the buck around the same price? Or anything I should know about the T8? Thanks.
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2021.10.20 00:10 sephirothreturns I think he has permission

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2021.10.20 00:10 Pan1cBlaze Spain PokeMap Snipeing

Does anyone have a Spain Pokémap website?
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2021.10.20 00:10 maurocarlos Any good recs?

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2021.10.20 00:10 Maru_Chan_drawings_2 THE THUESTHE MOST WONDEROULTHE CARETAKER

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2021.10.20 00:10 GraveyardGuide On the ecology of Big Bird

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2021.10.20 00:10 apple_jam_infinity THE GENSHIN COMMUNITY IS NOT TOXIC...'s horny
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2021.10.20 00:10 RedSmileGroup cross post from r/RedSmileGroup :-)

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2021.10.20 00:10 mrchu001 CosmicNvim ✨- A lightweight and opinionated Neovim configuration for web development specifically designed to provide a COSMIC programming experience!

Hi all,
Over the last few months, my obsession with Neovim has seemingly only increased. Soon as I saw that LSP received its last performance update that addressed my issues with using tsserver, I knew it was time to switch over. For me, that was the catalyst that would cause me to finally revamp my config.
I've been a CoC user for a long time and as AMAZING as that plugin is, it conflicts with my minimalist personality. So, I strove for a native solution that could provide me still provide me with an IDE-like experience, all while keeping a minimalist approach and aesthetic. Naturally, being IDE-like and minimalistic are conflicting paradigms, however I believe I've hit my perfect medium.
My hope is that this config can serve as a starting point for those (particularly web developers) looking to finally move over to native LSP.
And with that, I'd like to present to you CosmicNvim!

A lightweight and opinionated Neovim configuration for web development specifically designed to provide a COSMIC programming experience!
Please feel free to share any feedback, comments or questions!
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2021.10.20 00:10 In_Distress143 Skar Audio scams customers here's what happened to me

I bought a 2400 watt speaker and amp setup that Skar advertised as a pair except Skar Audio only sent me a 1200 watt pair ! I got the equipment installed by a pro and a few months later 1 speaker failed. I inquired about my warranty and Skar told me to send the equipment back at my cost ($150.00) and send a return shipping label ($150.00) costing me a total of $300.00 when I bought the entire set-up for $299.00 ! They use that tactical maneuver to get out of warranting defective equipment. After inquiring about my warranty I found out from the company that installed it that Skar only sent me a 1200 watt system not what I ordered 😱so I brought this to their attention and they tried hustling me by saying it is capable of 2400 watt 😤 Advertised 2400 and no warranty not exchange on the correct equipment nothing from Skar Audio except hung up on. I posted the same review on Skar Audio's website but it doesn't appear so they are picking and choosing reviews on their page so they look good ! Once again a con game I will make sure to never let anyone buy from Skar Audio again taking me for $299.00
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