Trade? Looking for clips

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2021.10.20 00:08 cakelynncake Trade? Looking for clips

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2021.10.20 00:08 GrowthHackerInfX Anyone wants to refer me and earn $50?

Thinking of opening the account in NavyFed. Anyone wants to refer me and earn $50?
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2021.10.20 00:08 vithesecond Why, oh why do the loading screens take so long?

Alright, I’ll be the first to say that I only meet the minimum requirements for the game, and not the recommended. Despite this, I’m fairy certain that my PC isn’t that bad. Keeping this in mind, my loading screens take anywhere from 13-22 minutes to load, NOT INCLUDING the loading period that takes place after the loading(“Extra load”).
I’ve been able to predict how long certain screens will load: From launcher to main menu: 6-7.5 minutes (15 seconds of extra load). From main menu to gameplay: 11-17 minutes (3-5 minutes of extra load). From loading a save in-game: 15-22 minutes (1-3 minutes of extra load).
I’ve optimized my nvidia settings, switched back and forth from Vulcan to directx, lowering all graphical settings to their lowest possible settings, turned off some pesky windows 10 settings, and yet the screen times are nearly unplayable. I know that getting newer computer parts would be the most effective course of action, but I don’t have the money for that atm.
It’s to a point that I’ve made this entire post during one of these loading screens at the 30% completion mark of the loading bar, from my cellphone no less, and we’re already 20 minutes in!
Is this the game’s fault? Something wrong with the optimization? The only other time I’ve had this issue was in Cyberpunk 2077 at launch, which was tame compared to this game. Since it’s early access, I’m not too upset; I understand making games takes a lot of time and effort, don’t get me wrong. But if it is the fault of the game, I’d certainly like to know.
tl;dr - My game takes waaaay too long to load on every conceivable loading screen.
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2021.10.20 00:08 Aleriann What’s the acceptance rate in Gestion et Finance in Paris 1?

I’m trying to enroll for my first year of university and I would like to get some advice on it
Thanks for your responses in advance
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2021.10.20 00:08 plugindeals Liny EQ by Blue Cat Audio - 40% Off - Only $59 - You get HUSTLE 2 - Virtual Beatmaker for Trap by UJAM for Free

Liny EQ by Blue Cat Audio - 40% Off - Only $59 - You get HUSTLE 2 - Virtual Beatmaker for Trap by UJAM for Free
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2021.10.20 00:08 fdkorpima $CPR set to commence trading again before the end of October 2021!

$CPR set to commence trading again before the end of October 2021! Allied Copper Corp. ($CPR $CPRRF) is a copper exploration company with an asset in Nevada, focusing on acquiring and developing long-life copper-gold assets in low-risk jurisdictions.
It is important to note the stock was halted earlier this year at the request of the company pending news following consolidation and name change but they're back in the news after a big announcement yesterday!
$CPR is set to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of BCCo, a private company whose sole asset was an option agreement to earn 100% interest in the Silver King Project in Nevada.
This transaction is expected to close on October 27th, 2021, and $CPR is expected to commence trading shortly after!
Here's info to reflect on why $CPR seems to be a solid investment:
  • Capital structure shows 57% of ownership being insider holdings
  • Majority of shareholder value will be coming from the management team
  • Cash position of about $7M
  • Tight float
  • Executive Chairman Warner Uhl has over 30 years of experience as a senior mining professional.
$CPR was last trading at $0.405 with a MC of $16.05M and it's definitely a stock to watch out for IMO.
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2021.10.20 00:08 Guilzz8 Daqui a pouco, as coisas vão estar assim.

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2021.10.20 00:08 HOTKATBOOM Streak 201: L'ansia

L'ansia è una reazione naturale allo stress e ai forti sentimenti di paura. È il sistema di allarme del corpo che viene messo in standby. La reazione viene dal sistema nervoso e non è qualcosa che si può controllare da soli. Oltre alla maggiore prontezza del corpo, aumenta anche la frequenza cardiaca, la respirazione diventa più veloce e gli ormoni dello stress nel sangue sono aumentati. L'ansia può essere vissuta come sgradevole, ma non è pericolosa - anche se al momento sembra così. Di solito va via dopo un po'.
Il sistema di allarme del corpo è sensibile alle situazioni che percepiamo come pericolose. Può essere innescato quando ci si sente impotenti e minacciati, o può essere innescato da un pensiero o un sentimento che ci spaventa. Sentimenti di colpa, vergogna o paura di essere abbandonati sono altri esempi di ciò che può scatenare l'ansia. Può anche essere dovuto a richieste elevate da parte di se stessi e degli altri. Anche il solo pensiero di avere paura può spaventare e scatenare l'ansia. La paura è più facilmente suscitata quando il corpo è costantemente in allerta.
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2021.10.20 00:08 oddly420 Spotted in Eastern U.S. Still unsure what they are?

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2021.10.20 00:08 calcarmal My brother spilled water on my keyboard, so I got the old one out of my closet and..

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2021.10.20 00:08 mattdonn77 1 qb dynasty

I have mahomes starting over herbert. Should I make this trade as an undefeated contender?
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2021.10.20 00:08 Embarrassed_Curve158 🌕 GoldenXRP | Launching Now | 7% XRP Rewards | Leading Cryptocurrency Into A Golden Era

Let's face it, we've all had our fair share of losses in the BSC before, no matter how carefully you invest, you still have to go through a steep learning curve to be able to recognize value and legitimacy in projects. But even then, you may still lose money whether it's due to the dev's shadiness or sometimes simply because of missing the pump.
GoldenXRP is here to make a change in the standard of BSC projects, as it aims to lead cryptocurrency into a golden era and provide both, short and long term profits for all investors by revolutionizing reward base utility as well as shortening the gap between the community and the developer team through sheer transparent work and open communication. After all, it's for the benefit of both parties that the token succeeds. Future long-term plans include Golden NFTs and Golden Game Arcade.
💸 Automatic XRP rewards airdropped hourly to all holders' wallets. No need to claim anything!
🎯 A carefully prepared marketing plan is being implemented at the moment, one that aligns with the roadmap, to achieve the token's short and long term targets.
⚙️ 8% tax on every buy that is redistributed in the following manner:
5% to holders,
2% to the liquidity pool
1% to the marketing wallet
🔒 Liquidity locked :
CONTRACT: 0x54d478c6925705abbf0d3c6d3842079a91e6f0c4
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2021.10.20 00:08 WvBlackguns My wife hand paints dolls and her studio be creepy.

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2021.10.20 00:08 -roshy [EU] Vulkan eSports, is looking for a team to pickup

Vulkan eSports, is looking for a team to pickup We are looking for a team that is orgless, that we can take under our org.
What we want: - 4-5 Players in your team - Age of players over 13 years old. - Avg faceit level 4+
What you can expect from us: - Free Prac server - Free entry to multiple Tournaments and Leagues - A Great community - Other Vulkan teams to play against - Team logo - And much more.
Are you interested, please do send me a DM either here or comment on my Profile, and we will discuss the rest. Thanks 📷
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2021.10.20 00:08 LasckyMan [No Spoilers] is that a kitewing skyray skull???

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2021.10.20 00:08 zsreport All That and a Bag of Chips: The History of Frito Pie

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2021.10.20 00:08 Toxidran Despair among the stars (part 20)

A massive white squid like creature with long purple tendrils swam through the stars with exceptions ease, followed by many more of its kin. Easily reaching a thousands of individuals said squids were commonly known as Carrier bugs or carrier Asit, a rare species capable of intergalactic space flight as well as carry a large number of swarms.
Carrier Asit have a unique method of propulsion they used to fly in outer space and occasionally land on planets with bodies of water. Thanks to numerous orifices in their bodies and tendrils they could generate thrust, using water steam to speed up or slow down while when descending on a planet they had a set of folding wings which they also used to get back into orbit after refilling on water.
These massive creatures weren't merely flying through space for their own amusement, they were instead dragging an ancient spaceship with them, inside that sat the most important creature among them all, the queen of the white swarm, the queen of all Asits. Formerly a human the queen had now been reborn into a new form and yet still craved the company of humans, so, after awakening her conscience from the hivemind she had embarked on a journey toward her planet of origin, or at least her former kin.
During her travel she was able to coordinate the carrier swarm to pass close to colonized planet where the exhausted ones could be replaced with fresh ones, allowing for each one of them a fair amount of rest.
The journey itself wasn't an easy one, the whole species was moving across galaxies to follow their queen although at a much slowed rate.
After around four months of deep intergalactic travel the swarm had finally managed to reach the outer regions of the GFA en masse, much to their horror. These systems were mostly formed by backwater planets with no means of defending their own territories, for that they heavily relied on the protection from the GFA space force but even them weren't used to dealing with anything more then the occasional space pirate. As intergalactic communications flared up like never before they had to involve the 1st Salarith Armada, the only one with real combat experience against the Asit.
Despite the panic rising among the inhabitants of the outer regions the massive swarm simply ignored those planets and kept pressing forward deep in the belly of the GFA. Finally after much negotiations and under the counter deals the 1st Salarith Armada made its move along with an auxiliary Terran flotilla consisting of a few star destroyers, despite the vast numbers of spacecraft they were greatly outnumbered against the thousands upon thousands of Swarm Carriers.
The human commander in chief immediately moved their units into formation right next to their xeno allies but just as they were about to engage in combat something happened that halted their plans. Among the various Swarm Carriers there was a small spacecraft sending an outdated radio signal at a constant interval.
"Wait, something's not right. Hold the attack but keep them in our targeting systems..."
The communication officer aboard the flagship of the 1st Armada couldn't believe the human commander but nonetheless relied the message to their captain.
"This is madness! What are the humans thinking about? Why haven't they launched their attack?"
Comments like these were spoken quite loudly among the command bridges of the various Salarith spaceships but out of respect for human military prowess they decided to halt the attack for a little longer.
"Captain, why is there a human vessel among the Asit Swarm?"
Doubts had been quickly building up as more of the alien vessels picked up the weird human made spacecraft among their dreaded enemies.
The human commander was sipping on a hot mug of coffee while watching the ancient man made spacecraft being displayed on the large bridge screen.
"Can't you enhanced the image? I think I can read something on the hull."
"I'm on it commander...just a moment aaand.."
The commander furrowed their brow while taking a larger sip and clearing there throat
"I do not recognize the name, do we have something on our databases?"
"Yes sir! The search pulled a few results but there is a single ship perfectly compatible with that one. ICARUS VI of the European Space Agency, 2039, it was a spaceship fitted with experimental warp drive technology, according to the recovered pre war data the whole mission was a fiasco and the vessel was reported MIA along with the three crew members."
"Well, now we know where they ended up, the other side of the universe. What about the warp drive technology?"
"It was a military secret sir, probably most of the data has been purged right after the war but if the documents here are to be believed the warp technology of that time was based on fallacious theories and the creation of mini black holes with no way of controlling the point of exit."
"COMMANDER! The ICARUS VI is attempting to open a communication channel, the signal is weak but it is consistent. Should I accept the transmission?"
The commander slowly placed the coffee mug on the armrest of their seat and hummed quietly before nodding and moving his hand in an affirmative gesture.
"Yes sir, we are connected. Displaying video signal and audio."
The large screen showed static and a little lag before adjusting completely, then the shaded visor of a pressurized astronaut helmet. The figure wearing the helmet moved a little back showing the torso of the matching piece of suit, right there on the chest was a worn out plastic tag.
'LT. Astrid Johansen'
"Greetings, it has been so long since I've seen a familiar face. My name is Astrid Johansen, first lieutenant of the ICARUS VI. How have you been?"
The crew of the command bridge quietly observed the figure on screen moving and articulate like a human but no one of them believed that under that suit was a real human, much less the original lieutenant.
"Welcome back, lieutenant, I'm the commander of the Arcturus. Forgive my skepticism but I find it hard to believe that a human could have survived for a little over 500 years. Are you truly human, 'Astrid'. "
The figure wearing the ancient astronaut suit hesitated for a few seconds before replying with a sigh.
"As a matter of fact, No. I'm not human, commander, but I truly am the same Astrid Johansen who embarked aboard the ICARUS VI together with Captain Rocchi and Specialist Fedorov."
The officers on the command bridge erupted in muttering and whispers before the commander sternly ordered to quiet down.
"we can talk about that later, for now I want to inquire on your relationship with the swarm of bugs"
At that question Astrid, or at least the creature on the other side of the screen, turned around as if to check behind her shoulders. Upon turning back she was holding a rough sketch of something similar to the smaller Asit bugs.
"You are wrong on that commander, they are not bugs, least of all insects. I could go on and on explaining our biology but I can sense impatience in the aliens you brought with you"
'our' biology? 'sense'?
These words gave a very bad feeling to the commander but before he had time to think about it an urgent transmission reached him from the Salarith Armada.
"Human, what is going on here? Why haven't you opened fire yet and what is one of your ships doing among the enemies?!"
The Captain's voice was clearly upset and rightfully so, choosing a diplomatic answer the human commander would give a vague reply trying to buy some time.
"That vessel is one of our first models, lost a long time ago. Right now there's someone communicating with us through it, we believe that by talking with them we could avoid a conflict."
"Avoid a conflict?! They're mindless beasts! A plague afflicting us since 300 years ago! "
"Apparently not, Captain. Having the capability to communicate must account for some degree of sentience. "
"Commander! Humans are the youngest of races to join the GFA so you may not know of their viciousness and brutality, but we do! "
An hour of silence followed as the Terran star destroyer detected a large volume of communications being exchanged among the Salarith spaceships. Finally after what could be interpreted as a debate among them, the Captain of the Flagship opened the channel with the human commander.
"We contacted the GFA high council and after subjecting the matter to their attention somehow the human councilor took the initiative and managed to convince a group of other species representatives to attempt a diplomatic approach...but let me tell you, commander, I do not like this one bit, and I want to partecipate in your conversation."
The human commander let go of a sigh before agreeing to the Captain's request, adding them in a conference call with the Icarus Vi.
"Ah. I recognize their species, we've met on numerous planets"
Astrid commented while seeing the Salarith captain joining the call, the xeno wasn't pleased in the least to hear that from her.
"Heinous beast! How can you address me so casually after slaughtering so many of my kin! After threatening everything the GFA stands for? Why did you invade our planets?!"
Astrid took a lot more time to answer then usual, most likely she was reviewing the collective consciousness of her swarm to get a much clearer idea, after all she had been unconscious, if that is the right term, for the majority of time.
"Alien. I do not know who attacked who first, my memories are hazy and scattered among the swarm but one thing I'm certain of, your GFA landed in one of the planets claimed by us. So, if my logic is correct, you are the invaders"
"What do I have to hear?! You're mere savages! You have no right to claim anything! It's insane that I'm even talking with you!"
At that point the human commander seeing that things were not proceeding as intended butted in, interrupting the two of them.
"This is not the time or place, we are here to ascertain your intention toward the GFA. Let me be more clear. Do you come in peace ?"
Astrid slowly nodded before confirming her intention verbally
"Yes. Despite everything that has happened, we do come in peace. My only goal was to find my original species among the universe and now, I just was to visit Earth again"
The commander was plenty satisfied with her reply while the xeno captain couldn't be more infuriated, he didn't have the full picture but from what he could gather of their conversation it appeared that the creature inside the ancient human vessel, was or had been a human themselves.
"Visiting Earth could prove difficult right now, first we would like to settle things between the Asit and the GFA once and for all."
"I agree. Feel free to set a date for a formal meeting with them, I'll be personally speaking with them myself."
The commander was a little perplexed
"A moment please, what do you mean by personally? How can you speak for an entire species?"
Astrid smiled under her helmet and crossed her arms while relaxing back on her seat, she could feel a sort of guilty pleasure coming form what she was about to say.
"I am the Queen of the swarm."
(To be continued)
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2021.10.20 00:08 trapster565 [For Hire] Minimal and Professional logo designs

I'll make this short and quick.
I'm a Logo Designer who mainly specializes in making minimal yet professional looking logos.
here's a quick preview of what I can do :
I charge 20$ per hour for a project and of course we can discuss any budget you have in mind.
Your satisfaction with the project is my No1 priority. I'll do whatever I can to deliver you the logo that you envisioned.
Please message me if you're interested and I'd be more than happy to help you out!
Hope you have a wonderful day! :)
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2021.10.20 00:08 SquareRecording5708 My hamster jumped out of my hands and fell

So I adopted a hamster about 2 months back, Billy. I take him out twice a day, he has a beautiful big enclosure one of those storage bin enclosures and he loves it.
Anyways I was holding him to get to know him a little bit more because he is a baby and he is still kind of scared and skiddish. Well as I was picking him up he decided to yeet (jump) out of my hands onto the wooden ground in my room. He looks shook at first like kind of scared but then now he's running around fine. He doesn't look hurt, he wasn't screaming or crying after. I was wondering if he will be okay.
He fell on his four paws, like you caught himself on his four paws like how a cat will land on his feet when they fall. Just wanted to make sure that if there's anything to worry about. He's back as in his enclosure on his wheel eating and drinking fine. This happened about 5 minutes ago, but I just want to make sure everything's okay.
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2021.10.20 00:08 Following-Wonderful Best Track Torunament SF2

Vote for your favorite track! winner meets Yokohama, who won by 3 votes over Milan, in the final !
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2021.10.20 00:08 voyamatarme Online order pickup question

Have to order something mildly embarrassing from Walgreens and was planning on ordering online and picking up in store. Is this a discreet process? Like do they just hand it to you in a bag?
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2021.10.20 00:08 pestelikki CitizenM Hotels Coupon Code

Here is the CitizenM Hotels Coupon Code
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.10.20 00:08 Stunning_Strike8566 FS cheap or trades for Firebirds, Felons, Destroyers(and equivalents), open to others

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2021.10.20 00:08 Izzydog Ann Davison pulling away in latest polls

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2021.10.20 00:08 Wyr96 Use the word “bank”

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