Exodus Crash GM Real cheese

2021.10.19 22:47 Pastor_Jump Exodus Crash GM Real cheese

For some reason this cheese at the top is still not common knowledge, so I recorded raw gameplay footage.

  1. Yes I know Fallout posted a cheese video an hour ago.
  2. Yes I know his video is better than mine.
  3. Yes I know it’s not good quality, post your cheese vid plz.
  4. Yes I know it’s not the most efficient way, but it is the safest.
  5. Yes I know I should have changed my load out.
  6. No, no time stamps, just don’t have the time.
  7. No I don’t care if you like or subscribe.
  8. No, this GM isn’t difficult at all, just long. 9.Yes there were a lot of clickbait videos posted today about the GM, but this is not one of them.
  9. Yes, I do hope it helps, and i almost know it will.
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2021.10.19 22:47 yoghurtjohn NPC movement

How do you handle moving and attacking for NPC where no further specifications are given in the monster description.
The text of the books defines movement as follows: Movement: "Movement determines how far the a creature can move in a single turn."
So is an NPC with movement short able to move a short distance and attack, or should it be able to only move immediately to be able to still attack? For a comparison: PCs can only move an immediate range with attacking, short as a full action and long if a speed task lvl 4 is succesfull.
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2021.10.19 22:47 AffiliateLeakz We NEED to focus on BBIG stock... (I'm excited) | SHORT SQUEEZE UPDATE 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.10.19 22:47 Burner90909909 Anon makes a terrible mistake

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2021.10.19 22:47 KGrady27 [PS4] [12/32] League for Beginners

PS4 league for beginner players. Lots of good teams available like Chiefs, Bills, and Packers. 72hour sim. S1W1
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2021.10.19 22:47 Outrageous_Mousse_35 mmm cheese

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2021.10.19 22:47 Beginning-School-807 Giratina 5806 6660 8912

Be online
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2021.10.19 22:47 chubchubnotblubblub more proof of me being a fascist

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2021.10.19 22:47 BowlLoose5158 It's a beach ( wah ah ah ah wave? Yeah )

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2021.10.19 22:47 chilledbooks The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde

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2021.10.19 22:47 Optimal_Perspective2 ASIRT: Investigation in RCMP officer-involved shooting causing death continues

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2021.10.19 22:47 anorexis_the_regrety did anybody else get a weird ad

it was over a minute, silent, of just white food, maybe cottage cheese, white noodles, white soup. im so confuesed?
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2021.10.19 22:47 AdImportant4476 P4H AOTY

This might be Mach best work. Right there with HBO.
My AOTY Nominees:
P4H Haram (Armand Hammer) Bo Jackson (Boldy James) Kings Disease 2 (Nas)
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2021.10.19 22:47 kawkface Uncanny

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2021.10.19 22:47 Inevitable_Bobcat520 Chest always feels tight. I thought it was the humid weather but today it's cold and its still tight. How do I improve it? Running on a treadmill? would that help?

So i had asthma a long time ago when i was much younger but it went away on its own, and a year and a half ago i was at a friend's house and i stupidly smoked, had a really bad asthma attack and my lungs have never really been the same since then. when i walk up a flight of stairs i am out of breath. its terrible. it improved a little bit. but then we had what was the hottest and most humid summer of my life, and it was tight like every day, that was terrible, and now its starting to get cold, and its still tight. HOW do i get it back to normal? does running on a treadmill help it??
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2021.10.19 22:47 Stud_Ice [Xbox] [H] 2 crimson aethers [W] offers!

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2021.10.19 22:47 essencedata Ativos de TI

Fala pessoal, beleza?
Estou na procura de um software para gerir ativos de TI das empresas que são atendidas pela minha empresa. Estou a semanas procurando, mas acabo me deparando com software com várias funções (as quais não preciso) o que acaba encarecendo demais o valor do produto.
Por gentileza, vocês conhecem algum software de gestão de ATIVOS que seja voltando para pequenos/médios negócios? Pode até ter outras funções, desde que não seja tão caro ou voltado para grandes organizações

Eu agradeço a ajuda! tmj
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2021.10.19 22:47 sereniti81 Press Conference Oct 19, 2021

Starting Oct. 25, indoor sporting events, concerts, theatres, movie theaters, dance, symphony, and other indoor events like weddings will be allowed at 100% capacity. Changes apply to places where proof of vaccine is required.
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2021.10.19 22:47 ReganLynch Arthur Chu thinks Alex wanted Ken to be the next host.

In this Newsweek story, former champ Arthur Chu says he thinks Alex's top choice for the next host was Ken Jennings. https://www.newsweek.com/jeopardy-didnt-respect-alex-trebeks-wishes-host-choiceformer-champ-1640383
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*LAST WARNING* SHIBA INU CEO ANNOUNCED CRAZY PLAN ON HITTING $1!!! - EXPLAINED submitted by AffiliateLeakz to StockMarketLeakz [link] [comments]


*LAST WARNING* SHIBA INU CEO ANNOUNCED CRAZY PLAN ON HITTING $1!!! - EXPLAINED submitted by AffiliateLeakz to StockMarketLeakz [link] [comments]


*LAST WARNING* SHIBA INU CEO ANNOUNCED CRAZY PLAN ON HITTING $1!!! - EXPLAINED submitted by AffiliateLeakz to StockMarketLeakz [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 22:47 VeneMage My Greatest Triumph Against the Machine

I’m a recent subscriber to this sub and wanted to share my most satisfying moment against an employer and its backstabbing management. Sorry, it’s pretty long (tl;dr at the end).
Back in 2012 I was in my third year working for a very famous credit-checking company. Up until that point I really enjoyed my job, it was pretty niche being one of 3 employees who were able to train a specific area of software to our customers. My department’s workmates were fun to work with but almost all of them always had their eye on the money they brought in for commission and seeking promotion at any cost.
I saw an opportunity for a role that I or one of my 2 ‘niche’ colleagues could move into, so I spent ages building a business proposal to put to the business. Being pretty naive I needed support in building it, so I ran it by a couple of managers whom I trusted to give me some advice. They were very helpful and I managed to secure time with the big boss to put my proposal forward. He looked it over and said he’d give present it to the board - I was thrilled!
Jump forward a month and I’d heard nothing despite chasing. End of year was coming up and an announcement is made that a new position was opening, to be managed by one of the managers that I’d trusted!! She had taken it upon herself to put forward the adjusted proposal as her own and make it part of her team (nothing to do with the ‘niche’ software). The proposed - and justified with ROI - salary, grade and benefits were completely stripped. This role was sold as a ‘player manager’ role i.e. be a manager on top of the work I was already doing. It involved as much travel as I was already doing but they removed the company car (which my role was given?).
I was livid! I met with the traitor manager and my current management to argue that this role is unfeasible and is a transparent manipulation of a job title to have someone do twice the work for barely any more pay and no company car. I got pathetic responses and patronising grins as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. One example, it was company policy that if you drive more than 10k miles a year, you are eligible for a company car. I said this role will be doing such travel as proven by my driving record. They asked what my current mileage was this year and I said ‘9k’ - cue patronising ‘see? It’s not enough’. To which I pointed out I had another 2k driving booked in before end of year. No acknowledgment that they hadn’t thought it through, just stubbornness and fear of having to go back to the board to ask for a change to the role requirements.
The joy starts here. My 2 ‘niche software’ colleagues both handed in their notice stating they were disgusted with the way the (my) proposal and role formation had been handled. one time even stating in writing that they were cowards for not challenging the board and fighting for what the role deserved. I was still quite young and didn’t know what to do, scared to speak out and lose my job but also furious at this shambles of a role and the betrayal. It then dawned on me that I was the only person left who knew the software and my /antiwork spirit bloomed.
I handed in my month’s notice precisely to coincide with end of year. My manager (who was one of the patronising ones) gave me a look of ‘oh don’t be silly’ when she read my letter. I didn’t cave and left the room after what little was said.
Cue the desperation. The days that followed involved meeting after meeting with various management trying to persuade me to stay and go for the role, including the betrayer! I just shrugged, said it would be worse than a step down, that I was far from pleased to have my proposal taken and mangled, and that I’ll continue working my notice thank you very much. I remember these meetings with much glee.
One week before end of year and I’m pulled into a room with the betrayer. She’s red in the face and asks me is there anything they can do to change my mind? I say yes, make the role offerings as per my original proposal. ‘It’s too late now’. Not my problem you were too yellow-bellied to challenge the board with my stolen proposal and obviously bowed to their redactions like a quivering lackey.
Then, I had an idea. I’ll become self-employed and charge my services to the company on my own terms. Her face couldn’t have gotten any redder. She leaves the room to consult and comes back after around half an hour. She accepts and proceeds to tell me how much they’ll pay me. … Oh HELL no!! I know they charge customers £1500 per day for my time, I require £750 of that each day worked. She’s now looking like she’s about to burst at the seams. Another 10-15mins out the room and back in. ‘We can offer £150’. Say whaaaa? That’s nowhere near the money they’ll make from my time and skills. This, back and forth until we reach a decent figure (it wasn’t £750 but wayyy more than I was earning daily before). Plus all fuel and expenses paid, higher rate as I’ll be using my own car. Agreed.
I tell you, I was on cloud 9! I could have danced out of the office feeling like I had finally stood up for myself, recognised my self worth and stuck it to the man.
Epilogue: they struggled to recruit anyone for the new role (surprise) so they extended my 3 month contract another two times till they could find someone. Even then they thought I’d come in and train this guy free of charge. I refused and they refused to pay so on my last day I handed my equipment in and had the new hire practically clinging to my ankles the whole 15 mins I was in the office trying to glean any info he could off me. I felt really sorry for him but I stood my ground. That company was undignified to the end.
Tl;dr: company steals my proposal for a new role and creates a shambolic version of it. Everyone quits, I linger till the last minute and quit. They cling to my ankle trying not to show their desperation begging me to stay. I quit anyway and contract back to them charging way more than they paid me for the next 5 months.
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