Buying a house in Papakura

2021.10.20 00:03 UniversityUnlikely27 Buying a house in Papakura

Hi, which areas in Papakura are good for buying our first home. We have been looking and it's really expensive everywhere. We have also been looking into Clendon Park. Obviously we can't afford Flat Bush, Botany, Papatoetoe or other "safe" areas.
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2021.10.20 00:03 helloimmark86 Haters are real and they will put you out of business.

This goes out to any entrepreneurs that might be dealing with haters. I ran a business for 7 years and it came to an end. It was a construction business in subdivisions/residential homes. If the site is large enough it can have up to 30 companies of the same field. The business I choose is a risky business where 85% of the people fail. But me being an over thinker and constantly telling myself “there’s always a faster way to do this”…. I was actually becoming successful on my 3rd year. We had production and quality. Some of the other businesses around me were struggling. Struggling horribly. They were literally losing thousands weekly. I was finally making a company profit of $3000 weekly. When you are making that kind of money at 27 years old, people are going to hate. Not to go into too much detail, the week I made $3000, the company down the street lost -$2500. I also had those weeks in my first year. Anyways, long story short, they literally signed a petition to have me kicked out or all those other companies would leave. With deadlines around the corner, they took that petition seriously. I couldn’t believe it so I spoke to the site supervisor and head office. Head office literally said and I quote “you make people look bad.” They we’re on my side apparently, but still hit me with “what do you want us to do? If they all leave can you pick up the slack?” Obviously I couldn’t compete with that many companies, so I got kicked out. All those companies closed shortly after because they went out of business. How is this even possible? My pockets aren’t deep enough to take people to court, so I had to leave. I was apart of a union and they know when your making money. So I had to deal with union reps looking for handouts or they will make your life very difficult. Me being the street guy that I am, they never got a penny from me. But boy they did everything to mess me up. I had to legally change my name, open a new business because I still had debt. After years of stress, I finally paid off the debt and still managed to work long enough to acquire enough for a down payment for a condo. But eventually I was taken to court, and destroyed by the union. I had to work 15 years to save money to start my business. All that hardship for nothing. At least I made enough to buy property in a very expensive city. Now I work by the hour for a massive company that hired all those ex-business owners that closed down. These guys are all working to pay of company debts now and struggling in life. Living in motels etc. I get into fist fights at work for literally saying good morning. f’n haters. It’s been 4 years since my business closed down so I thought I’d share my story. There’s nothing more I could of done that didn’t Involve spending more money that I didn’t have. This is my story, so anybody starting a business, make sure it’s worth it and be prepared. I’m still waiting to legally change my name back to what it was haha.
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2021.10.20 00:03 Kitsunekko I am looking for good sources to self-learn Farsi

Hello Iranian, I am a Chinese Canadian student who, for years now, have found myself to be absolutely in love with Iranian culture and history. Your history is one that I would even dare say surpasses even ours in terms of age, given Cyrus created the extremely progressive Achaemenid Empire almost 2 and a half centuries before we finally established a stable centralized state in the form of the Han dynasty. Our cultures and histories have long been linked through the Silk Road, and this can be seen even today in many of China’s Tang era and earlier artworks, which showcase many Persian influences. The friendship of our people is one that has lasted millennia, with countless economic and cultural innovations in and between, and no history of war between our two states (excluding the battle of Talas, which was technically an Arab campaign seeing as it was headed by the Abbasids rather than a proper Iranian dynasty). There are even many Chinese people who have Arsacid blood running in their veins, those who don the surname ‘An’ (安) (one of my closest friends actually has this surname, and her grandfather essentially confirmed their Parthian roots with me). Even my own name, in Chinese, can be directly translated into a Persian name, ‘Shah Rukh.’
I have recently discovered Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, and combined with my deep rooted love of Iranian culture and history, I thought perhaps it’s time I tried learning Farsi, especially since I plan on travelling across Iran in the future. I want to know if you guys have any good sources that someone like me without real knowledge of the language can use to start learning Farsi effectively.
I’m also open to discuss anything else regarding Iran and China in this thread, current and modern, though I will admit my knowledge of modern Iranian geopolitics is not as deep as my knowledge of older Iranian civilizations.
Thanks very much in advance!
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2021.10.20 00:03 billbraski17 How to watch Samsung’s surprise Galaxy Unpacked 2021 Part 2 event -- 10/20 10am et

How to watch Samsung’s surprise Galaxy Unpacked 2021 Part 2 event
"The company [Samsung] could also announce special collaborations [AMD RDNA2?] for its current and upcoming products during the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event."
YouTube 10am et on 10/20:
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2021.10.20 00:03 freemanx89 Survivors Of Plane Crash Near Houston Were Headed To Astros Game – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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2021.10.20 00:03 DuskPinely Friend of mine had one of THOSE players. Suuuuuper toxic.

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2021.10.20 00:03 Comfortable_Major_14 What to do when wife refuses to talk.

Wife and I had moment in our marriage where we had decent amount of arguing but our marriage was good but due to arguments she refuses to answer any of calls or texts and doesn't wanna see me. When we did talk she said I try to * Fix things* to much but I tried to explain to her that I don't wanna just sweep things under the rug but talk about them so if things like that pop up in the future we can move better and don't have to turn into arguments between us. I text her good morning and goodnight texts daily so she knows I care and thinking about and so she doesn't feel like I just dropped her off the Earth or ignoring her. Don't want it to come off like he's ignoring me because i'm ignoring him like something petty or should I just match give her place and let her be the one to reach out if i'm being to available. She moved back in with her mother. Also the arguments started over small things and blew up because other topics would start getting thrown in the mix making one subject into many.
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2021.10.20 00:03 x_Super_Noob_x ich_iel

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2021.10.20 00:03 moonpiguk Forged turbo build nearly ready for the first crank!

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2021.10.20 00:03 PtPrashantTripathi Any one interested to work with me on a bhojpuri Translator tool #bhojpuri #developer #python #git

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2021.10.20 00:03 chessc Victoria: 1841 local and 1 overseas new cases and 12 new deaths; +39,222 vaccinations (20-Oct-2021)

Victoria: 1841 local and 1 overseas new cases and 12 new deaths; +39,222 vaccinations (20-Oct-2021) New cases and information reported in the last 24 hours
  • Local cases:
    • +1841 new locally acquired cases:
      • Further case information will be provided this morning
  • Overseas cases:
    • +1 new overseas cases recorded.
  • Lives Lost:
    • Sadly, 12 people with COVID-19 have died
  • 💉 Vaccinations:
    • +39,222 additional vaccinations were recorded for yesterday (only includes vaccinations being performed at Victoria's immunisation hubs).
Victoria Vaccination Coverage (among over 16s)
Yesterday Today Increase
At least 1 dose 89.2%
Fully Vaccinated 66.5%

DH Infographic 20 October 2021

⚠️ Case alerts – public exposure sites ⚠️ As the list is constantly being updated with new location and details, please always refer to the DH website for the most up to date and accurate information.
Restrictions From 11:59pm Thursday 21 October, non-household primary close contacts (PCCs) who are fully vaccinated will only need to quarantine for 7 days. For more information, see Safe and sensible isolation changes as we hit 70 per cent.
Lockdown (and the curfew) will lift in restricted areas across Victoria at 11:59pm Thursday 21 October.
For more information on eased restrictions across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria from this date, visit Victoria's Roadmap.
For information on current restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne, visit How we live: metropolitan Melbourne and Mildura Rural City Council.
Cases to date
Last 24 hours TOTAL
Confirmed cases + 69,257
Doses administered (at state hubs) + 4,236,152
Active + 22,476
Recovered + 45,810
Deaths + 981
Test results received + 12,485,487
Hospital 784
ICU 149
Ventilated 100
Outbreaks - Recap from Yesterday Of the 1,749 locally acquired cases reported yesterday, the following Local Government Areas in metropolitan Melbourne recorded more than one newly diagnosed case:
  • 25 cases in Banyule
  • 22 cases in Bayside
  • 4 cases in Boroondara
  • 127 cases in Brimbank
  • 20 cases in Cardinia
  • 153 cases in Casey
  • 77 cases in Darebin
  • 40 cases in Frankston
  • 25 cases in Glen Eira
  • 132 cases in Greater Dandenong
  • 25 cases in Hobsons Bay
  • 145 cases in Hume
  • 32 cases in Kingston
  • 20 cases in Knox
  • 21 cases in Manningham
  • 37 cases in Maribyrnong
  • 11 cases in Maroondah
  • 62 cases in Melbourne
  • 111 cases in Melton
  • 19 cases in Monash
  • 43 cases in Moonee Valley
  • 68 cases in Moreland
  • 19 cases in Mornington Peninsula
  • 7 cases in Nillumbik
  • 21 cases in Port Phillip
  • 13 cases in Stonnington
  • 15 cases in Whitehorse
  • 135 cases in Whittlesea
  • 122 cases in Wyndham
  • 26 cases in Yarra
  • 16 cases in Yarra Ranges
There were 483 new cases in Melbourne's northern suburbs, 527 new cases in the western suburbs, 496 cases in the south-eastern suburbs and 87 cases in the eastern suburbs.
There were also 145 new cases notified in regional Victoria yesterday. The total number of active cases in regional Victoria stands at 1,846. New cases in regional Victoria yesterday were:
  • 5 cases in Ballarat
  • 1 case in Bass Coast
  • 18 cases in Baw Baw
  • 1 case in Benalla
  • 1 case in Colac-Otway
  • 1 case in Gannawarra
  • 13 cases in Greater Bendigo
  • 18 cases in Greater Geelong
  • 13 cases in Greater Shepparton
  • 24 cases in Latrobe
  • 2 cases in Macedon Ranges
  • 6 cases in Mildura
  • 4 cases in Mitchell
  • 2 cases in Moira
  • 9 casesin Moorabool
  • 1 case in Moyne
  • 2 cases in Murrindindi
  • 1 case in Swan Hill
  • 3 cases in Towong
  • 6 cases in Wangaratta
  • 1 case in Wellington
  • 13 cases in Wodonga
Data on Victorian coronavirus cases is available at Victorian COVID-19 data.
There are currently more than 64,800 active primary close contacts in isolation in Victoria.
At midday today, there were around 115 published exposure sites in Victoria.
For more information on each exposure site, including dates and times of exposure, please visit Case alerts - public exposure sites.
There may be occasions when the Department is unable to make contact with a business or residential premises before their listing as an exposure site. At all times, we take the decision of when to publish these sites in the interests of public health.
The Department regularly manages exposure sites that it doesn't publish online, particularly if these sites represent lower-risk exposure, or if they have comprehensive record-keeping and contact-tracing measures, or if they identify small, private locations - including smaller apartment or townhouse complexes.
The Commonwealth Government publishes a weekly Common Operating Picture, which includes the effective reproduction number for all states and territories. For more information, refer to Coronavirus (COVID-19) common operating picture.
Victoria Third Wave
Date Outbreak cases Outbreaks Total Notes
13-October-2021 +1571 36,920 13 new deaths
14-October-2021 +2297 39,217 11 new deaths
15-October-2021 +2179 41,396 6 new deaths
16-October-2021 +1993 43,389 7 new deaths
17-October-2021 +1838 45,227 7 new deaths
18-October-2021 +1903 47,130 7 new deaths
19-October-2021 +1749 48,879 11 new deaths
20-October-2021 + 48,879 new deaths
💉 Vaccinations
Week beginning Weekly Increment Total Vaccinations
20-Sep-2021 +268,639 3,428,368
27-Sep-2021 +244,219 3,672,587
4-Oct-2021 +251,544 3,934,131
11-Oct-2021 +258,021 4,192,152
18-Oct-2021 +36,884 4,234,036
Yesterday, 36,751 vaccine doses were administered by Victoria's state-commissioned services.
The total number of doses administered through state-run services is 4,234,036.
89.4 per cent of Victorians aged 16 and over have now had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 67.2 per cent have had two doses. This excludes most recent Commonwealth data.
New community pop-up vaccination sites will open this week offering walk-ups at the following locations:
  • Victorian Pride Centre, St Kilda
  • Queerspace, Carlton
  • East Reservoir Senior Citizens Centre
  • Our Lady Guardian of Plants Chaldean Catholic Church, Campbellfield
  • Kingsbury Bowling Club
  • Craigieburn Sports Stadium
  • Fawkner Community Hall
  • Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda
  • EACH Building, Yarra Junction
  • Bunjil Place, Narre Warren
Victorians are encouraged to book their COVID-19 vaccination through their local GP or community pharmacy, community health service or state vaccination centre. To find a GP or pharmacy provider and make a booking, visit Australian Government Department of Health.
Wastewater testing COVID-19 viral fragments have been detected in wastewater samples taken from the following regional areas:
  • Yarrawonga – unexpected detection for the period 12 - 14 October
  • Mallacoota – repeated unexpected detections for the period 5 - 13 October
  • Lakes Entrance – repeated unexpected detections for the period 6 - 15 October
  • Cobram – repeated unexpected detections for the period from 29 September onward
  • Apollo Bay – repeated unexpected detections for the period 28 September - 8 October.
The detections could be an undiscovered new case or cases or could be the result of one or more people in these areas who have recovered from COVID-19 but are still shedding the virus.
Anyone who lives in, works in or has visited the areas above is urged to watch for the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms and get tested as soon as possible if symptoms develop.
For more information on wastewater testing, visit Wastewater testing.
Update: Border Permit changes The Chief Health Officer has declared that at 11:59pm 19 October there will no longer be any red zones in New South Wales.
  • All Local Government Areas in the Greater Sydney region - including Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Shellharbour and Wollongong - will become orange zones.
  • All Local Government Areas in the remainder of regional New South Wales, plus Jervis Bay Territory, will move from red/orange zones to green zones.
  • In addition, Broken Hill in New South Wales and Shepparton in Victoria will rejoin the New South Wales-Victoria cross-border community area.
  • The ACT remains an orange zone.
These changes will come into effect at the same time as broader changes to Victoria's travel permit system announced last week: Permit overhaul to make safe border changes.
This means after 11:59pm tonight, if you have had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and you have been in the Sydney area (which will become an orange zone), you can enter Victoria on an orange zone permit without any quarantine or testing requirements.
People who are not fully vaccinated entering on an orange zone permit must isolate on arrival, get tested within 72 hours, and stay isolated until they receive a negative result. Information will be published online at Victorian Travel Permit System at 11:59pm when the changes are in effect.
Current border settings apply until this time. Current active red zone permit holders in Victoria will be considered orange zone permit holders at 11:59pm.
People travelling to Victoria must follow all Chief Health Officer Directions in place while in Victoria.
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2021.10.20 00:03 The_8-Bit_Eater The show was ok but this is just...

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2021.10.20 00:03 OttoKretschmer What if you give oxytocin antagonists to someone with high empathy?

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2021.10.20 00:03 ZikGod Kay-o flash bug in a crucial round

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2021.10.20 00:03 DreamPix Is my Monti okay? When I first bought him he was bright green, and now he looks like this. I’m just confused because he doesn’t look dead and has been growing as you can see.

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2021.10.20 00:03 Gat_Gat_Habitat For those who work(ed) for Amazon. Was it as bad as it is made out to be, at times?

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2021.10.20 00:03 ZoolShop Lakers to start Westbrook, Bazemore, DeAndre Jordan

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2021.10.20 00:03 karmagheden CyberDemon by sick666mick

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2021.10.20 00:03 Sovetika Jayne Mansfield - h642

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2021.10.20 00:03 Raidernationprez Does this look legit?

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2021.10.20 00:03 AscensionUndefined Baked Mac and cheese but I used cheese itz instead of breadcrumbs

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2021.10.20 00:03 WhyTheTuck My hair cut gets made for of for 9 minutes while I play CoD Vanguard
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2021.10.20 00:03 kihweh Series X update happened?? (still a lie)

Logged into my series x and breakpoint is now officially listed in my Series X Enhanced section. The details page says series x enhanced too! Unfortunately my recently installed queue doesn't show any update recently to breakpoint so...... Still sounds like a lie to me. But I'd be happy to be wrong.
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2021.10.20 00:03 ACE415_ Senate Spending Proposal Removes ‘DC Rider,’ Maintains Existing State Medical Cannabis Protections

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2021.10.20 00:03 willss3 7/8-14 thread forming on our Star SR-32J sub spindle. 55% thread for an extremem low load nut.

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