The more time passes the further away she gets from me and the more painful it is

2021.10.19 22:27 jimymerej The more time passes the further away she gets from me and the more painful it is

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2021.10.19 22:27 ryguy3305 Substitution Help

Hello! after working on substitution I finally got all my code to work, but I can't seem to pass this check. I have tried to figure out why, but with no luck. Can anyone help?

I am only including code that has to do with actually encrypting the text.

string key = argv[1];
for(int z = 0; z<26; z++){
key[z] = toupper(key[z]);

string phrase = get_string("plaintext:");

printf("ciphertext: ");
for(int t = 0; t < strlen(phrase); t++){

for(int d = 0; d<26; d++){
if(dictionary[d] == phrase[t]){
printf("%c", key[d]);
}else if(islower(phrase[t])){
char u = toupper(phrase[t]);
for(int d = 0; d<26; d++){
if(dictionary[d] == u){
printf("%c", tolower(key[d]));

printf("%c", phrase[t]);


the character that was switched
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2021.10.19 22:27 FJ6855 [PATTERN] The Binding of Isaac

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2021.10.19 22:27 Colm_Bucha Can I Get An ID? San Miguel de Allende, Central Mexico

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2021.10.19 22:27 Thesavagehyena Oml

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2021.10.19 22:27 GRIMLOX367 Nope, didn’t have a haunted manor that was supposed to be done by Halloween. TOTALLY. -cries-

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2021.10.19 22:27 Mareste_mi_pensia Acum la A3 se bate moneda armistițiului si USL 2.0 care nu e așa rău

Florin Roman zice că trebuie să facă armistițiu 6 luni și să pună un guvern de uniune Sanchi adică PNL plus PSD egal love
Si ăștialalți de.prin studio susțin că ce așa mare tragedie USL 2.0 că și USL inițial a fost bun că lupta cu Băsescu și ar fi bine sa se împace PNL cu PSD să scăpăm de neomarxisti care sunt vinovați de tot ce e rău
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2021.10.19 22:27 WrapWrapWrap How to stop getting bullied by girls?

I don't say anything in school, I very nice if someone talk to me. I have never bad to anyone boys or girls but there is a group who always makes fun of me when I have not even done anything to them. I cannot talk to parents because bully by girl is make they sad.
They make letters and hide them under my desk, laugh in front of me on me, push me and sometimes surround me to talk abusive words. They have left trap love letters many time when I come to class look under they all surround and ask what letter is that when they know they are the ones who wrote this. I have say I know this is them writing but they make me cry and laugh I don't think so. I really need help, I have stopped going school and my attendance also low I think I fail if I don't go to school that is why I really need help.
I have push one girl but now they say they will go to teacher and tell everything. I only defend not offend so why am I a criminal? I told do what you want and they told the teacher I had pushed her and she fall when she did not fall, nothing happen, I only push light. Teacher say she will call parents and get me kick out because my attendance is already low but I think she lies but I don't want take chances so I cannot hit them.
They have recorded me doing the same thing and if I say something they can show the proof to teacher and throw me out of school. They also make video look like I am bad because they cut part where they abusing me but only keep part where I am abusing and I say very bad things too
Please help I don't understand why this keep happening to me. I don't see road ahead I see end of street. Anything help is appreciated.
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2021.10.19 22:27 DeadlyNightmayre (Fanmade) Clan of the Falcon : Vedrfolnir

Other Fanmade content:
Clan of the Hound : Garm
The Southern Nations : Normands
So most of you've seen by now the big bird hanging around Northgard, usually sprawled deadbeat drunk on the ground until your viking "healers" knock it back into the sky so it can scout for you. Well a certain clan of warriors worships this bird and has finally made it to Northgard's shores. Vedrfolnir's very own clan is renowned for what the bird itself is most famous for: they can move fast around the map and scout. However, now that they've reunited with their patron bird, they have other interesting abilities as well...

  1. Scout faster and more efficiently. They also get guaranteed Vedrfolnir spawn to supplement their scouting even further. Gain bonuses from scouting in a similar way to Raven.
  2. Control the Four Winds by accumulating a new resource, Vedr (similar to Kraken's Wyrd). The way Vedr works is as follows: once you build your Skjotar Hall (unique building, replaces Brewery) and assign Windstriders to it, you begin accumulating Vedr. From a Skjotar Hall, you may select one of the four Winds and its intensity. When a Wind is selected, your Vedr goes down (faster depending on the intensity). At low intensity (1-5), the Winds provide beneficial bonuses to you, but as you increase the intensity up towards the maximum, you lose those bonuses and instead hit your enemies with penalties.
  3. Specialize in Farms, in the same way that Kraken and Bear clan specialize in Fish and Lynx gets extra mileage from Hunters. You can increase your Farms' output with one of the Winds under your control, and even spawn more Fertile Lands for you to take advantage. This makes the clan an economic powerhouse in the summer, letting them stockpile Food then generally reassign Farmers in the winter to other tasks.
Now that you know what the clan's all about, here are the gameplay details:
Starting Bonuses:
  1. All your units move and run 30% faster. This bonus is lost if enemy units are in the same zone.
  2. Scouts' scouting and exploration speed increased by 20%.
  3. There is only 1 Vedrfolnir on the map, and always starts in a land within a 2-tile-radius from your base. Verdfolnir scouting speed increased by 50%. 5 months after Vedrfolnir leaves Northgard, it will return to one of your territories at 50% HP, and if you heal it back up to full, it will resume scouting for you (2nd time onwards does not grant Lore).
  4. Your Farms gain 15% bonus production during summer (June - August) and 10% production penalty during winter.
  5. Your Breweries are replaced with Skjotar Halls. Villagers assigned to Skjotar Halls become Windstriders and generate Happiness and Vedr.
  6. You gain a special Vedr panel, where you can choose one of the Four Winds to apply. After choosing the Wind you want, you also choose its intensity. Having a Wind active consumes Vedr at an increasing rate depending on its intensity. Below are the Four Winds and their effects:
    1. Nororivedr, the Cold Northern Wind: at lower intensities, reduce the chance for neutral units to attack your territory. At higher intensities, slows the attack speed and movement speed of enemy units.
    2. Suorivedr, the Warm Southern Wind: at lower intensities, increases Happiness and reduces Firewood consumption. At higher intensities, reduce your enemy's Wood production, and once per month, one of their buildings will catch fire and need to be repaired.
    3. Austrivedr, the Rainy Eastern Wind: at lower intensities, increases production of your Farms during summer, and every few months generates Fertile Land on one of your territories. At higher intensities, causes your enemy units to suffer attack and resistance penalties while far away from their territories.
    4. Vestrivedr, the Fast Western Wind: at lower intensities, increases production of your Sailors (causes your ships to travel faster). At higher intensities, decreases production of enemy Sailors.
Fame Bonuses:
  1. Falcon's Boon (200 Fame): increase production of Farmers, Sailors and Windstriders by 10%.
  2. Ruler of the Sky (500 Fame): increasing the intensity of a Wind past 5 no longer causes you to lose the associated bonus, which remains the same as intensity 5. Your military units gain 3% bonus attack and resistance for every 1 intensity of your active Wind.
The relic of the Clan of the Falcon is Vegvisir. It gives you +5 passive Vedr production, and allows you to have two Winds active at the same time.
Top #1: Sharp Axes
Top #2: Colonization
Top #3: Eradication
Top #4: Rich Harvest: +15% Farmer production during summer. +1 Happiness per Farm during summer (+2 if upgraded)
Top #5: Medicine
Top #6: Long Summer: Summer now lasts from May until September and gives you +10% bonus to all production. Additionally increases the bonuses provided by Suorivedr.
Top #7: Shiny Happy People
Mid #1: Weaponsmith
Mid #2: Summer Spirits: your military units gain +15% attack and resistance bonus in summer
Mid #3: Defensive Strategy
Mid #4: Military Strategy
Mid #5: Feeling Safe
Mid #6: Legendary Heroes
Mid #7: Winds of War: increase the benefits and penalties of your Nororivedr and Austrivedr to military units.
Bot #1: Offerings: your Farmers and Sailors also produce +1 Vedr (+1.5 if upgraded)
Bot #2: Shipbuilding
Bot #3: Bartering
Bot #4: Erudition
Bot #5: Carpentry Mastery
Bot #6: Negotiation
Bot #7: Riches of the Sky: If Vestrivedr is your active Wind, you gain 5% bonus Commercial Influence per its intensity (max. 25%)
Summary: so, there it is. As a clan Verdfolnir is my attempt at creating a rather complicated gameplay, similar to the Kraken or Lynx experience where you tend to have a lot of variables to manage. Obviously needs a lot of tweaking and tuning. The idea is to juggle between boosting your eco in peacetime and then switch to military boosts in wartime. In this sense it's somewhere between Kraken and Squirrel. You also have to be pretty thoughtful with your Food with this clan, as if you don't ensure you stockpile enough in the summer, you will really die during the winter.
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2021.10.19 22:27 MrZero42069 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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2021.10.19 22:27 Expensive_Worth_4071 Is the difference between these two that big? Gigabyte is 100$ cheaper.

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2021.10.19 22:27 ESAsArek988 Bhad bhabie october 2021 updated collection link in comments

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2021.10.19 22:27 willow-mist If teen parents lose custody grandparents shouldn't get custody.

If a teen has a baby and loses custody because of drink/drug use or neglect and abuse the grandparents should not get custody. The grandparents are the ones who raised the parents and couldn't or wouldn't get them out of destructive behaviours, if they can't manage their own children they shouldn't get a do over with a grandchild. The grandchild should have a chance at a life with adopted parents away from the birth parents.
I'm not demeaning teen parents I was raised by a single teen mum and she was wonderful, I'm talking about the ones that are self destructive and can barley care for themselves let alone a child.
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2021.10.19 22:27 sllewfam 41 weeks tomorrow with a stubborn cervix

I'm posting in hopes to hear other people's experiences with my situation.
I will be 41 weeks tomorrow FTM. My doctor says my cervix has not budged a bit. Has not opened nor has it softened. My son is measuring quite large, 9lbs 7oz and I have extra amniotic fluid but nothing to be to concerned about. Before pregnancy I weight roughly 113lbs at 5ft 2in and have gained about 50lbs during this pregnancy. I've been tested for gestational diabetes 3 times, failed the first and passed the second two tests (last test was a blood test just to make sure I was in the clear)
My doctor has given me the option to either take medicine to help soften the cervix before we started inducing. The concern here is, if I try to delivery vaginally, I risk my son getting stuck which can cause shoulder dysplasia. This would require him to go through physical therapy which doesnt guarantee full mobility of his arm. Or I could get a 4th degree tear which can take multiple surgeries to fix. The cord could also get wrapped around him since I have so much fluid. Theres other risk factors here but these were a few she vocalized to me.
Second option is to schedule a csection (my husband and I have chosen this option) It sounds much less riskier of the two. But I am having a hard time mentally letting go of the idea of trying vaginally first. I certainly dont want to put my babys life at risk.
I never had a set birth plan bc I knew things could always change but I definitely did not anticipate having the option to skip labor and go straight to the surgery table.
I'm curious what everyone's own experience was with having these options ?
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2021.10.19 22:27 Calel1111 Daily Gift

Has anyone gotten any characters from the daily gift pack? If so, which ones? The only ones I’ve gotten are High Tech Jacqui and Sun God KK.
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2021.10.19 22:27 fartsniffer95 dubl07penguin11 being extremely toxic and rude

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2021.10.19 22:27 ttfub1600 Who’s the best out of these 3 as a Striker in a 4222. Take price and chem into account

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2021.10.19 22:27 Jana_catqueenxx Trading rev HL DOUBLE LEG sol for good offer! (ignore the name) 😜

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2021.10.19 22:27 Defiant_Race_7544 #TGODTUESDAY The Green Organic Dutchman Maple Kush Review

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2021.10.19 22:27 ScottishShitposter97 World War Z should be a TV series not a movie

Anyone else agree with this? I think it should follow the same format as the novel, perhaps where each episode or two follows the story of whatever character from the novel is being interviewed, and greatly fleshes out their story.
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2021.10.19 22:27 Regit_Jo I Think the Front Office Handled this Situation Incorrectly

Ben acting like a little child is not good for other teams wanting to trade for him. Some teams probably don’t feel any differently about him now than two weeks ago, but his behavior indicates that he is willing to be a nuisance to the Sixers to get what he wants. That means for some teams, they see a future where he is unhappy because of a losing situation and pulls this same stunt.
I understand wanting to wait until other teams are more desperate due to underperformance, but this was not the right strategy. This has only ruined his reputation which lowers the perception of his character which makes him more difficult to want to trade for.
They should have paid Ben to sit at home until they traded him, because that’s player friendly but also keeps him semi-happy.
This strategy would be perfectly fine if Ben was the best player, and Jo wasn’t a top 10 guy, but that’s not the case. Instead we actively lower his value so that we don’t bend to the whims of the player, setting what is a precedent for future situations like this.
What the Sixers are doing is good for the league, but bad for the Sixers.
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2021.10.19 22:27 aangeled Probably one of my best fanarts yet! Timeskip Boruto by me.

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2021.10.19 22:27 jvlianwashere New MJ single Circus Clown is out now

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2021.10.19 22:27 Pretend-Bite4069 If you could make one change in your country’s history, what would that change be and why?

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2021.10.19 22:27 aim2734 Day 19 : Loop

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