My textbook making me rethink how I view working with deities (for the better)

2021.10.19 19:49 allelvesaregay My textbook making me rethink how I view working with deities (for the better)

From Lisa Maurizio's "Classical Mythology in Context":
"When Zeus is bound to meet his obligations to other immortals, he often cannot respond to human prayers and sacrifices. Because these divine obligations may be unknown to human beings, his actions appear fickle, unclear, even cruel" (page 106).
I actually needed to get up and take a break from studying after reading this, it stood out to me quite a lot. The passage is about Zeus, but applies to all the gods and goddesses.
(Ramble: start!) Lately I've been feeling disconnected from Aphrodite. I still harbor a reverence for her, and my altar stays up, but it's starting to gather dust. The rose bush I planted is barely holding on because I don't have the right fertilizer.
I had begun thinking to myself, perhaps I should switch my focus to Hermes? I've prayed to him multiple times, and my requests were answered rapidly. I had started to think that Aphrodite doesn't like me, or at least remains indifferent towards me.
But this passage has made me realize, I don't know anything. There are so many factors that are out of my control that I could never even fathom, what I'm perceiving isn't her fault. I didn't ever think she was the problem, but perhaps there's no problem between us in the first place. (Ramble: over!)
Whether my personal experience is relevant to you, it felt good to talk about, and hopefully the quote can be helpful for others, and you too can see your dedication from a new, better angle ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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2021.10.19 19:49 Ok-Rutabaga2133 Attaching a ceiling medallion to a drywall ceiling...

Ok.. So I've NEVER installed one of these before but the organization I work for bought a house and I'm helping with doing some minor things here and there. One of the things that have been purchased are a few of those ceiling medallions that in this case are probably plastic or something -- they're not heavy enough for cast plaster.
So.. My question is how to these get attached to the ceiling -- can I use liquid nails or something similar or is there a better product to attach these with? Also, if I use some sort of adhesive to attach it to the painted drywall, will it stay put or do I need to use tape or a board propping it up or something to ensure that it doesn't start peeling off before the adhesive cures? Thanks in advance!
Here's a picture of something similar to what I'd like to install..
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2021.10.19 19:49 Embarrassed_Curve158 🌕 GoldenXRP | Launching Now | 7% XRP Rewards | Leading Cryptocurrency Into A Golden Era

Let's face it, we've all had our fair share of losses in the BSC before, no matter how carefully you invest, you still have to go through a steep learning curve to be able to recognize value and legitimacy in projects. But even then, you may still lose money whether it's due to the dev's shadiness or sometimes simply because of missing the pump.
GoldenXRP is here to make a change in the standard of BSC projects, as it aims to lead cryptocurrency into a golden era and provide both, short and long term profits for all investors by revolutionizing reward base utility as well as shortening the gap between the community and the developer team through sheer transparent work and open communication. After all, it's for the benefit of both parties that the token succeeds. Future long-term plans include Golden NFTs and Golden Game Arcade.
💸 Automatic XRP rewards airdropped hourly to all holders' wallets. No need to claim anything!
🎯 A carefully prepared marketing plan is being implemented at the moment, one that aligns with the roadmap, to achieve the token's short and long term targets.
⚙️ 8% tax on every buy that is redistributed in the following manner:
5% to holders,
2% to the liquidity pool
1% to the marketing wallet
🔒 Liquidity locked :
CONTRACT: 0x54d478c6925705abbf0d3c6d3842079a91e6f0c4
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2021.10.19 19:49 realsubxero Status Mirror medal

Has anyone else had trouble with this medal? It says "if the equipped bug gets hit with a status effect, the caster gets the effect as well". But when an enemy puts my guy to sleep, the enemy remains uneffected. And I'm not in a boss fight, just against basic mooks it isn't working.
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2021.10.19 19:49 Goodspike Phone Ring/Vibrate/Silent Toggle Apps

I was having problems with these apps on my wife's 4a 5G, but not my 4a. The problem could occur with any phone though.
If you cannot get one of these apps/widgets to cycle between the choices, or show the changes if they do cycle, try turning off battery optimization for that app/widget.
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2021.10.19 19:49 foreducatio Why would she say this?

I'm very sociable and likeable at work. I'm the only guy working with a bunch of women. I thrive in it, since I come across as masculine and it is clear that I am an expert at my job. I do not get uncomfortable when they talk about sex with each other or to me. One Bisexual chick asked me to be the sperm donor for her and her wife. This one chick openly admitted that she'd fuck me and always sits on my lap. This other older chick thinks I look great in my clothes. These are those who openly say things. Everyone trys to pry into my sex life I avoid it. Don't play at work. I hug everyone and they all talk about me smelling good. This is the back drop. The hottest girl there, I give the least attention. She tries to act as though she is not interested, but I've been noticing certain things recently after she made this remark "We don't know anything about you or your life." She started asking me about my family etc and I notice she's been trying to share things about herself when I am around. Asking me about my horoscope sign. Then the other day the chick who is always in my lap asked me something and of course I dodged the question and she was very irritated and remarked "You're always trying to act mysterious but you're not." I ignored her and acted like she said nothing, since everyone was talking. She is pretty quiet by the way. Not innocent, but relatively quiet. I do remember this one time she asked for help in 10 minutes. She didn't return, so I didn't go to help, so after she did whatever she sarcastically says "thanks for helping." So I said "It's not my fault you didn't come back for help." Her response "No. You should come find me." He looked at her and said "ha. You're funny." What are your ladies and gentlemen thoughts?
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2021.10.19 19:49 TurboTime68 Feels like the ground is moving.

In the last few years I’ve abused adderall on and off. Been completely sober for a week now and trying to keep it that way. But several times a day I get the feeling that the ground/floor is shifting. Like I’m on a boat almost. Anyone else experience this?
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2021.10.19 19:49 jetro30087 Free Token Airdrop from NFTSea

NFTSea is a hardfork of the OpenSea platform that claims to address the flaws in OpenSea. They claim they are going to have a platform that has cheaper fees and cross-chain NFTs.
But more important then that, they are having a free airdrop for anyone with an ETH address. They are only airdropping until October 10th, but you can get 10 NS tokens by entering your eth address at their website.
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2021.10.19 19:49 waterloograd 88% of the SFU community has declared their vaccine status, 97% of them are fully vaccinated

From an email I just received (and probably most of you reading this):

It is mandatory for all students, faculty and staff to declare their vaccine status using SFU’s Vaccine Declaration. More than 88 per cent of our community has completed their vaccination declaration to-date. Of those declared, more than 97 per cent are fully vaccinated.
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2021.10.19 19:48 AFlyinDeer Diablo remastered doesn’t slap like the original.

Diablo is one of my favorite songs from mac but after the faces remastered it just doesn’t sound that great imo. I don’t really like how the beat keeps cutting in and out and it almost sounds like the beat was layered over his vocals. Idk man I just doesn’t slap like the original.
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2021.10.19 19:48 marcus-y Some of my bad trades this year

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2021.10.19 19:48 Reddit-Bot-MK_II Making a homemade firework

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2021.10.19 19:48 thearies009 here i introduce coincircle which okt 2021

here i introduce coincircle which i have been following for a long time where i get free bitcoins every day just by doing very easy tasks and can earn $200 usd per day
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2021.10.19 19:48 johnwilldestroy Negro

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2021.10.19 19:48 tonimalonzo Thai Coconut Pork Meatballs with Lime Rice and Roasted Green Beans

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2021.10.19 19:48 phi4ever Saskatoon mayor 'surprised' to hear premier's comments on 'broken down' communication

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2021.10.19 19:48 Ranii_7 PC is getting sudden bsod since 2 days, specs: msi b450 gaming plus, rx 580, ryzen 5 3400g, realtek audio and lan, anyone encountered this?

Error codes include:
1) Driver IRQL not less or equal
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2021.10.19 19:48 Cwlcymro Pixel 6 Opinions from People Who've Used Them

With the strict embargo meaning most reviewers haven't said a word about how good or bad the phones actually are, here are some Twitter quotes from people who have stepped slightly over the embargo. If you find anymore, positive or negative, throw them in the comments.
"Yeah Google's not playing anymore. This phone is incredible"

"I can say it's absolutely amazing, both devices"

"I'm basically swooning over it. It's been a long time since a non-folding -screen phone captured my heart so quickly"
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2021.10.19 19:48 epicfortnitemanuwu Nigger

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2021.10.19 19:48 PetulantScreamer Arrow drop: am I going crazy?

Just went back to LE after a few years of playing SE and I can't hit shit with a bow. The arrow drop is insane. I'm hitting the ankles of targets 50ft away when aiming at their shoulders. It's not the half draw glitch, I'm sure of it. I guess I got used to the bows in SE which were basically modern sniper rifles. This is like playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance all over again.
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2021.10.19 19:48 sara123db I want to quit my new job and I feel stupid, lazy and lame

It's 1:30 here where I am and I just woke up crying.
I got a new job recently after not having one for a while. Looking for work has been depressing and stressful. Worrying about money has also been depressing af.
But now that I have a job I already hate it even though I'm still in training. It's 9h shifts with 2 15m and 1 30m breaks. I have to be awake and alert the whole time. It's too much. I have covid right now and all I want is to sleep 20 hours a day. My life now is work, eat and sleep. I hate it. They don't want to approve me moving to part time.
I don't like anything about it. It's a call center where every interaction is very heavy on script. I don't want to kiss customers' asses all day. It looks like most of the issues come from their software glitching, it happens all the time.
If I quit now I don't get paid for what I worked so far. I'll have to stay with them for another 12 weeks to get paid.
The good things about it are that it is from home, so I get to sit with my cat all day, and it pays more than any other job I had in my life.
These 2 things make me feel very stupid and lame. Why do I want to quit a well paying job that I can do from home? What's wrong with me? I don't know what to do.
If you read all this, thank you.
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2021.10.19 19:48 Fllixys What’s better then spending a cold, snowy day playing Half Life 2 on the Triniton?

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2021.10.19 19:48 BabyYodaIsGod42069 I want one of these with a 455 in it. That would be one fast brown.

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2021.10.19 19:48 Flyersandglitter13 Ready for orientation at my new job 27

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2021.10.19 19:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Susan St John: Time we had some bold action for children | NZ Herald

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